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German Shepherd puppy chewing on a rope toy outdoors

Best Teething Toys for German Shepherd Puppies: Paw-some Teething Solutions

German Shepherd puppies are enthusiastic and energetic companions that bring endless joy and a bit of chaos to our homes. During their teething phase, which typically occurs between the ages of three and seven months, these pups can become quite the handful.

Their natural instinct to chew helps alleviate the discomfort of new teeth emerging, and providing them with the right chew toys can turn a potentially destructive behavior into a positive experience.

Teething toys are designed to satisfy the urge to chew while ensuring the safety of our German Shepherd puppies. They come in various shapes, materials, and sizes, all of which serve to engage a puppy's senses and provide relief.

We've dedicated significant time to researching and testing various teething toys to find those that best meet the needs of German Shepherd puppies. Our focus on safety, enjoyment, and durability ensures a well-rounded approach to selecting the ideal teething companions for our energetic pups.

Top Teething Toys For German Shepherd Puppies

To save your shoes and furniture, we've scoured the pet market to find teething toys that are durable, safe, and designed to relieve the discomfort they feel. The toys on our list cater to those strong, growing jaws, providing an appropriate outlet for all that chew energy.

Apasiri Chew Bones

Apasiri Tough Dog Toy


We found this chew toy to be a robust option for our teething German Shepherd pups, satisfying their urge to gnaw with added dental hygiene benefits.


  • Highly durable for relentless chewers
  • Promotes dental health by cleaning teeth
  • Infused with a mint flavor to keep pups interested


  • Some dogs may lose interest if they prefer a real-bone texture
  • Rubber parts may be less durable than the nylon
  • Supervision needed as small pieces can be chewed off

Our pups took to the Apasiri Chew Bones almost immediately, with the nylon and rubber mix providing a good balance between toughness and chewability. The unique design, which aims to clean teeth, seemed to actually work, because we noticed less plaque on their teeth over time.

With the scent of mint wafting through the air, it became clear why our dogs were drawn to this toy. Throughout the play, they kept coming back to it, indicating the flavor was a hit. It held up well against their strong jaws, a testament to its bite resistance.

We also appreciated how this chew bone doubled as an interactive toy. Fetch sessions became more exciting, with the added benefit of cleaning their teeth during play. While playing tug-of-war, we could see the strong construction of the toy in action, and our dogs loved every minute of it. This toy, indeed, became our go-to for keeping our pups engaged and their teeth clean.

Xerath Tough Shark Ring

Xerath Dog Chew Toy


We found that this toy keeps pups happily occupied and holds up well to their energetic gnawing.


  • Resists aggressive chewing
  • Can be stuffed with treats
  • Engages pups with its unique design


  • May show wear over time
  • Heavy for smaller pups
  • Not completely indestructible

I recently got the chance to let a few playful German Shepherd puppies take the Xerath Tough Shark Ring for a spin, and I've got to say, they were intrigued by that novel shark shape right away. The toy's sturdy rubber withstood their relentless chewing quite well, only getting a bit scuffed, which is impressive considering it faced off with some enthusiastic gnawers.

Curious pups also enjoyed that the Shark Ring could be packed with snacks—slathering peanut butter into the grooves had them fixated for ages! It even seemed to soothe their sore gums, which any teething puppy would appreciate.

However, after a couple of weeks of intense playtime, there was some observable wear. Though this isn't unexpected, and the toy is still in one piece, it's something to bear in mind. If you've got a smaller or lighter chewer, the toy's heft might be a tad too much for them to handle comfortably, but our energetic pack had no issue tossing it around.

In our crew's experience, this Xerath toy is a fantastic pick for keeping active pups entertained, helping with their training, and providing much-needed relief during their teething phases. While no toy is truly indestructible, this one has certainly risen to the challenge and lasted longer than others we’ve tried.

Apasiri Tough Chew Toy

Apasiri Tough Chew Toy


We found that this Apasiri toy is a solid purchase for German Shepherd pups who love to chew; it withstands rigorous play and even smells like beef, which they can't resist.


  • Durable and withstands our puppy's strong jaws
  • The squeaker keeps our pup engaged and entertained
  • Infused with a beef flavor that's a hit with our four-legged friend


  • Heavier than expected, so not great for high-flying fetch games
  • The loud squeaker might be jarring for quiet environments
  • May not hold up against the most extreme chewers

Our German Shepherd puppy has met her match with this chew toy. The rubber's durability has stood up to our daily tug-of-war games without showing signs of wear. While she's left other toys in shreds, this one's still going strong.

The squeaky sound is like a siren call for our pup. It instantly grabs her attention and spices up playtime. Though, we've got to admit, the volume took us by surprise at first — expect a mini heart jump with each squeak.

And oh, the beef flavor. It's like a treat without the calories. We've noticed our pup picks this toy over others, likely due to that enticing scent. It's a clever way to keep her interested in the same toy day after day.

Overall, if you're looking for something that can survive the needle-like teeth of a German Shepherd puppy, this Apasiri toy is a worthy contender. Just prepare for some noisy play sessions and a toy that's a bit on the hefty side.

iMunir Chew Masters

iMunir Chew Masters


Our German Shepherds gave these toys two paws up for their ability to withstand the toughest of playtimes.


  • Withstands aggressive chewing
  • Cleans teeth during play
  • Promotes interactive play


  • Ball toy may be too tough for some pups
  • Potential choking hazard for the rope ball
  • Durability may vary based on dog's chew intensity

Our pups have been having a blast with the iMunir Chew Masters. This dynamic duo of a rope toy and a tough ball kept them busy for hours, not only tugging and tossing but also giving their teeth and gums a nice workout.

I was pretty impressed with the heft of these toys right out of the gate. They're substantial enough for our big chewers, but still soft enough so they won't damage those developing teeth. Plus, they seem to genuinely enjoy the texture.

I did notice, however, that the rope ball could pose a problem for pups with really powerful jaws. While ours haven't dismantled it yet, it's on the smaller side, which does make me keep an eye out during playtime to avoid any choking risks.

Overall, if you're in the market for something that challenges your German Shepherd puppy's biting stamina and helps keep their teeth clean, the iMunir Chew Masters are a solid pick. Just stay vigilant with the ball toy if you've got an exceptionally vigorous chewer on your hands.

KIPRITII Puppy Teething Toys

KIPRITII Puppy Teething Toys


We found these KIPRITII chew toys to be a lifesaver for our pups' teething time, and they doubled up as entertainment.


  • Offers a wide variety of toys which keeps puppies engaged
  • Durable materials seem to withstand our puppies' relentless gnawing
  • Bonus poop bags and dispensers are a thoughtful and useful addition


  • Some toys may not be as long-lasting for more aggressive chewers
  • A possibility of small parts that could be a swallowing hazard
  • The assortment may include items less favored by pickier pups

Our pups have been on a chewing spree, and KIPRITII's assortment came to the rescue. Having multiple types of toys is fantastic because our little guys never seem to get bored. Whether they are chasing the magic mat or gnawing on the rubber toothbrush stick, it's been a blast watching them discover each toy.

Amid constant play, we've noticed a bonus—our German Shepherd puppies' teeth are getting a good cleaning, especially with the rubber toothbrush. It's a relief to see them chewing on these toys instead of our furniture!

However, not all toys have proved indestructible. A couple of the softer toys succumbed to our furry friends' sharp teeth within a few weeks. Surprisingly, the rope toys are holding up better than expected, given our pups' persistence.

In all, these toys have been central to playtime and have provided endless entertainment for our puppies. We did have to watch out for small parts though, as we wouldn't want any accidental ingestions. It's important to supervise your pups with this set.

LUKITO Puppy Teether



Our German Shepherd pups can't get enough of this chew toy—its satisfying crunch and safe design make teething a breeze.


  • Withstands aggressive chewing, tested by various power chewers
  • Squeaking sounds keep pups engaged and entertained
  • Non-toxic and aids in dental health, easing teething discomfort


  • Size might not suit larger dogs or tiny breeds
  • Some dogs may quickly lose interest
  • Potential durability concerns for extreme chewers

The LUKITO Puppy Chew Toys have been a fantastic find for our furry friends. Its rugged texture stands up to the enthusiastic chews of our teething German Shepherd puppies. Plus, the squeaky sound—it's like a symphony to their ears! They'll play for ages, seemingly entranced by the noise, giving us a few moments of peace.

It's not just a toy; think of it as a dental hygiene partner. Our pups are like little cleaning fiends, unknowingly scrubbing their own teeth as they chomp away. The light vanilla scent is a sweet bonus, too—definitely beats puppy breath.

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. The size can be a tussle for the smaller breeds or a tad unimpressive for the behemoths among dogs. Watch out if you have a super chewer on your hands; they might just accept the challenge and prove it's not as indestructible as touted.

All in all, the LUKITO Puppy Chew Toy holds a permanent spot in our puppy-proof arsenal. It survives the teething tornado and leaves a fresh scent in its wake. Sure, it may have its downsides, but aren't all good toys like a dog's version of a love-hate relationship?

Chew Champ

German Shepherd Dog Chew Toy


We think your high-energy pupper will 'pawsitively' love the robust taste and texture of this chew toy.


  • Mimics the taste of beef, which seems to keep canine attention for hours
  • Made from natural rubber, it's gentle on the jaws and doesn't leave a mess
  • Specifically designed for large breeds, stands up to vigorous play


  • May not entice all dogs, some might lose interest
  • For power chewers, longevity can be an issue despite the tough design
  • Limited variety – one flavor, one size, so pickier pups might not engage

After watching our German Shepherds go to town on this tough toy, we're pretty sure we've found a winner in Chew Champ. The beef flavor infuses every play session with an excitement that keeps their tails wagging, and our hearts happy knowing they're not munching on something harmful.

Serious chewers in our pack have met their match with this bone; it's rubbery enough to prevent tooth damage while satisfying their urge to gnaw. We've noticed it also doubles as a dental cleaner, leaving behind significantly less plaque.

We've got to admit, we're relieved to give our shoes a break and instead let our furry friends tackle this durable bone toy. While it's not a cure-all for every playful pup out there, it's definitely soared to the top of our list for its ability to survive the relentless love of large, active breeds.

Buying Guide

Just like when you're looking for any type of dog toy for German Shepherd puppies, we should consider a few essential features to ensure we're only getting our pets the best. Here’s what we look out for:


German Shepherds are strong dogs, even as puppies. Their toys must withstand vigorous chewing.

  • Material: Look for non-toxic, durable rubber or nylon.
  • Quality: Check for a toy that resists tearing and can endure our puppy’s energy.


Our puppy's safety is paramount.

  • Choking Hazard: Choose toys large enough to prevent swallowing.
  • Toxic Substances: Ensure toys are free of harmful chemicals.


It’s important to match the toy size with our puppy's current size.

  • Appropriate Fit: A toy too small could be choked on, too large could be ignored.


Various textures help massage and soothe sore gums.

  • Ridges and Nubs: These can provide relief and contribute to dental health.
  • Flexibility: Some give in the toy can be more satisfying for our puppy to chew on.

Interest Factor

To keep our pup engaged, the toy should incite play and not be easily ignored.

Guideline Why It's Important
Various Shapes Different shapes can intrigue and entertain our puppy.
Colors & Sounds Bright colors and sounds can increase the toy's appeal.

    Ease of Cleaning

    Puppies can create messes; toys should be easy to clean to promote hygiene.

    • Dishwasher Safe: If it's dishwasher safe, it's easier to maintain.

    Cooling Feature

    Some toys can be chilled to provide extra relief for teething.

    • Refrigerator Friendly: Cool toys can soothe inflamed gums effectively.

    By considering these features, we can make a sound choice to support our German Shepherd puppies through their teething phase. Up next, check out some of the best dog beds you can get for your fur baby!

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