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Best Chew Toys for German Shepherd Puppies: For Your Teething Pup

Best Chew Toys for German Shepherd Puppies: For Your Teething Pup

German Shepherd puppies are powerful and energetic dogs that require plenty of playtime and mental stimulation. One of the best ways to satisfy both their physical and mental needs is through chew toys designed to withstand their strong jaws and active nature.

When choosing the right chew toy for a German Shepherd puppy, durability is the key. These pups can be quite strong, even at a young age, and an ideal toy would be one that holds up to their vigorous chewing.

It's also vital to consider the safety of the materials used. Non-toxic, BPA-free rubber or nylon toys like the ones in our list of balls for German Shepherds are preferred to ensure the health and well-being of your furry friend.

Size and texture matter too, as the toy should be large enough to not pose a choking hazard and should have varied textures to keep your pup engaged.

We understand that finding the perfect chew toy can be a challenge with the multitude of options available. Our goal is to help navigate this abundance by highlighting toys that meet these critical criteria—safety, durability, and appropriate size and texture for teething puppies.

After thorough research and hands-on testing with some of the most playful pups, we've curated a list of chew toys that can stand up to the vigor of German Shepherd puppies.

Top Chew Toys for Your German Shepherd Puppy

We all know how much our little furry friends love to chew, especially during their teething phase. Finding the right toy can make a world of difference for the health of their gums and the safety of our shoes!

We've pulled together a selection of the best chew toys that are not only durable but also super fun for your German Shepherd puppy. These toys are designed to keep them happily occupied and help soothe their sore gums. Let's jump straight into our top picks!

Chew Champ

Chew Champ


After testing this chew toy with our feisty German Shepherd pups, we think it's a game-changer for those who take their chewing seriously.


  • Mimics a real beef taste, which had our dogs chewing for hours
  • Made of non-toxic natural rubber with a forgiving texture to safeguard their teeth
  • Designed for large dogs, which means it withstands the mighty jaws of German Shepherds


  • Not all dogs were enticed by the taste, so some just gave it a few sniffs
  • Might be less durable for power chewers who can destroy almost any toy
  • Beef flavor excitement may decrease as the toy's scent wears off

After giving the Motusamare Chew Champ a go, we saw our pups literally not wanting to let go of it. Its beefy flavor was a huge hit. They could gnaw on this toy for quite a while without showing any sign of boredom or distraction, making it a top choice for keeping them busy.

When considering a dog's health, we keep a close eye on the materials. We felt reassured using the Chew Champ, knowing it's crafted from non-toxic natural rubber. A quick inspection post-chew sessions showed no concerning pieces that could be harmful if accidentally ingested.

Durability is essential, especially for a breed known to put toys through rigorous testing. Our German Shepherd pups played with the Chew Champ day after day without leaving more than a scratch on it. It's held up beautifully, signifying that it was definitely crafted with large, strong breeds in mind.

Xerath Chew Ring

Xerath Shark Ring Chew Toy


We think this is the go-to chew toy for keeping an energetic German Shepherd pup happily occupied and away from chewing your furniture.


  • Extremely resilient to chomping
  • Multifunctional, aiding in dental health and interactive play
  • Can be smeared with peanut butter for added engagement


  • Not indestructible as no toy is, with heavy use it will wear
  • Might be heavy for smaller dogs or young puppies
  • Some dogs may lose interest if not intrigued by the shape

I recently had the chance to let my German Shepherd puppy have a go at the Xerath Chew Ring. I noticed right away how the shark ring design wasn't just a hit for its looks; my pup was immediately drawn to the toy and began an enthusiastic game of chase.

The functionality of this toy extends beyond just a chewing distraction. As my pup worked on the grooves, I felt good knowing the natural rubber was helping keep his teeth clean. Plus, smearing a bit of peanut butter into the grooves turned it into a delicious puzzle, keeping him entertained for longer stretches.

The ring's durability is impressive. My pup is known to tear through toys like tissue paper, but this Xerath ring has withstood his aggressive chewing. It's still wise to keep an eye out though, as with any toy, some wear and tear does occur after relentless gnawing, and pieces can come off eventually.

Even though it's sturdy, do keep in mind it's a bit hefty. This wasn't an issue for us, but a smaller breed or a very young pup might find it challenging to maneuver. And while my dog was quite taken with it, not all pups might be keen on the texture or the shark design.

In the end, we've found our solution to destructive chewing with this chew ring. It's tough, useful, and doubles as a fun and interactive way to keep our pup's attention—highly recommended for those with a power chewer at home.

Apasiri Chew Toy for Power Chewers

Apasiri Tough Dog Toy


We find this toy to be a solid pick for our German Shepherd pups who just can't resist chomping down on something sturdy.


  • Highly durable for strong jaws
  • Teeth-cleaning design promotes dental health
  • Mint-flavored to keep interest high


  • Small pieces may chip off
  • Not suitable for extremely aggressive chewers
  • The rubber part may not last as long as the nylon

Ever had that moment when your puppy looks up at you, toy between its paws, urging you to join in the play? That was us with the Apasiri Chew Toy. The robustness of the nylon mixed with natural rubber gives it a resilience that withstands the enthusiastic gnawing of our German Shepherd puppy.

Imagine our relief when playtime doesn't end in a matter of minutes, thanks to a toy that barely shows a dent. It's really helpful in managing destructive chewing behavior..

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. We've noticed tiny pieces can chip away when our pup goes on a chewing frenzy.

We keep a close eye on that, ensuring no harmful bits are ingested. And let's be honest, while this toy is tough, an overly aggressive chewer might find its match in the rubber part, which hasn't proved as enduring as the nylon.

Overall, with the Apasiri Chew Toy, our playful pup stays entertained for hours, and it's a relief to have a reliable toy that endures beyond the usual wear and tear.

BETTEPROD Beef Flavored Chew Toys



We think these BETTEPROD chew toys are a solid pick for your German Shepherd puppy, especially with that tempting beef aroma that gets tails wagging.


  • Built with durable nylon, so it lasts through many play sessions
  • Beef scent lures pups in and keeps them engaged
  • Unique S-shaped design suits a dog's grasp and chewing style


  • Some pups might find the toy too tough and could hurt their gums
  • After heavy chewing, the ends may become sharp
  • The potential for small pieces to break off could pose a choking hazard

After trying out these BETTEPROD toys with our pups, we were quite impressed with their durability. The nylon material certainly stands up to the eager gnawing of our German Shepherd puppies.

It's delightful to see them so engaged, and the beef flavor seems to be an instant hit. Plus, the innovative S shape not only looks cool but makes it easy for our furry friends to get a good grip.

Despite this, we need to watch out for any wear that could result in sharp edges. No toy is fully indestructible, and over time, we've noticed that bits can start to come loose after serious chewing sessions.

It's reassuring to have a chew toy that our dogs love and can last longer than average. But always keep an eye on your pup to ensure safe play. Remember, no toy is perfect, and it's crucial for us to supervise our pets to ensure their safety and enjoyment.


MOXIKIA Indestructible Dog Chew Toy


If you've got a spirited German Shepherd pup that loves to gnaw, you'll want to give this chew toy a try for its durability and flavor.


  • Withstands the enthusiastic chewing of our German Shepherd puppies.
  • Bacon flavor keeps our pups interested and satisfied.
  • Designed to aid dental health and provide safe chewing.


  • Harder texture may not be suitable for all puppies.
  • Some dogs may not take to it immediately due to the plastic feel.
  • Durability might vary based on the intensity of your dog's chewing habit.

Our energetic pups can't seem to get enough of this chew toy. The bacon flavor got their tails wagging, and it's been holding up well even after weeks of rigorous chewing. We've noticed that the clever design of the chew toy makes it easy for them to hold and has helped prevent dental calculus, which is quite the relief.

We've given this toy a thorough test, and it has become a fixture in our pup's daily play routine. It's tough enough to take on our German Shepherd's teeth, but we did observe that some puppies may be a bit hesitant at first due to the toy's harder nylon texture. However, once they get going, it seems to be a non-issue.

Even with varied chewing habits among our pups, the MOXIKIA Chew Toy has proven to be robust. While no toy is truly indestructible as some enthusiastic reviewers might suggest, this one puts up an impressive fight.

Just keep in mind that even though this toy withstands quite a bit, it's always best to supervise your four-legged friends during playtime.

BETTEPROD Beefy Chew Bones



If you're on the quest for an engaging chew toy that stands up to the enthusiastic gnawing of a German Shepherd pup, this one hits the sweet spot with taste and durability.


  • Withstands vigorous chewing, a godsend for spirited pups
  • Tempting beef scent keeps our dogs coming back for more
  • Designed thoughtfully to make it easy for dogs to grip and chew


  • Small pieces can come off with extreme chewing
  • Pieces might be too tough for less vigorous chewers
  • Scent may fade, diminishing our pet's interest over time

Within moments of giving the BETTEPROD chew bones to our pups, we noticed how the beefy smell immediately caught their attention. They were utterly fixated on their new toys, barely giving us a glance as they settled down to a good chew session.

The shape is a win too—it's cleverly designed to fit snugly in our dogs' paws, making it much easier for them to hold and gnaw on without it slipping away. Navigation around this well-crafted toy seems natural to them, just like a real bone.

While the durability is impressive, no toy is truly indestructible. That's something we've learned to keep in mind, especially with a breed known for its powerful jaws.

We've noticed small bits coming off when our German Shepherd puppies got particularly enthusiastic, so supervision is essential to ensure they're chewing safely.

Apasiri Puppy Chew

Apasiri Puppy Chew Toy


If you've got a feisty German Shepherd pup at home, we recommend giving this chew toy a try for their biting needs and dental health.


  • Withstands endless gnawing from our energetic puppies
  • Beef flavor catches their attention immediately
  • Massaging dots on the toy seem to soothe our pups' gums


  • Could be too tough for the smallest breeds or very young pups
  • The red rubber center might come off with excessive chewing
  • Some pups might lose interest if they prefer softer textures

We've noticed our German Shepherd pups have an insatiable need to chew, especially during the teething phase. The Apasiri chew toy appeared to be a robust solution and, yep, it has largely lived up to that promise.

The combination of nylon and rubber materials not only survived our pups' dedicated chewing sessions, but it also seemed to provide a satisfying outlet for their teething discomfort.

When we came across this chew toy, the beef flavor was an instant hit with our pups. They picked it over their usual favorites, carrying it from room to room, showing it's got some serious canine appeal. It's not just a chew toy; for our pups, it's a treasure.

After several play sessions, we found the varied textures on this toy beneficial. The rubber dots aren't just for show; they gently massage the gums which can be a huge relief for teething tots.

And while it's sturdy, it's worth noting that the toy might be too hard for some, and there is a risk the red rubber might not withstand a supremely determined chewer. However, for our German Shepherd puppies who are moderate chewers, it's been a durable and much-loved addition to their toy box.

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Buying Guide

Understanding Chew Toy Materials

We want our German Shepherd puppies to have durable and safe toys, so first, we need to consider the materials used in chew toys. Here’s what we look for:

  • Rubber: Generally strong and flexible.
  • Nylon: Tough for persistent chewers.
  • Rope: Good for dental health but should be monitored for fraying.
  • Fabric: Softer option, but less durable.

Size & Shape Matters

We need to ensure the toy is right-sized for our pups:

  • Small Enough: To be chew-able without strain.
  • Large Enough: To avoid swallowing hazards.

Chew Toy Hardness

Chew toy hardness is crucial:

  • Just Right: Enough to withstand chewing without being too hard on teeth.
  • Too Hard: Can cause dental injury.
  • Too Soft: Easily destroyed and possibly ingested.

Interactive Features

We look for toys that do more than one job:

  • Texture Variety: Promotes dental health.
  • Puzzle Toys: Stimulate their minds.
  • Compartments for Treats: Keeps them interested longer.

Recognizing Signs of Wear

Regular inspections are key to maintain safety:

  • Cracks or Tears: Time to replace the toy.
  • Worn Down: Can become a choking hazard.

Price Point

Even though we have a budget, quality and safety come first. Affordable doesn’t always mean safe, and expensive doesn’t guarantee durability. We find a balance.

Table of Key Features

Feature Benefit
Durable Long-lasting
Safe Materials Non-toxic
Appropriate Size Prevents choking
Various Textures Reduces plaque
Interactive Engages pups, prevents boredom
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