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The 5 Top Dog Friendly Cities 0

top dog friendly cities 

What makes a city a dog-friendly place to live or visit? Experts point out several characteristics to look for when seeking out dog-friendly destinations. Check out the city’s available pet services like vets, kennels, trainers, groomers, and pet supply stores. A dog-friendly city should...

How to Read a Dog’s Body Language 0

dogs body language

Dogs and humans share a close bond, and you probably know your own dog pretty well, but we can improve our understanding of how dogs are feeling by getting to know the more subtle signs of canine body language. Here are a few indicators of...

5 Reasons Why Dogs Love Car Rides 0

dogs ride in the car

Is your dog crazy about going for a ride in the car, preferably with the window open? Why do dog love riding in the car so much? Dog behavior experts have lots...

15 Interesting Information About Dogs That May Surprise You 0

interesting information about dogs

Whether you just got a new puppy or have an elderly companion dog, chances are there are still information about dogs you haven't learned. Here are 15 interesting information about dogs - how many of them do you know?

Interesting Information About...

How to Find the Perfect Dog Fitness Tracker 0

Dog Fitness Tracker

Dog fitness trackers, also called activity monitors, are becoming increasingly popular. Like fitness trackers for people, the canine version is great for tracking your dog’s daily activity. They attach to your dog’s collar and send lots...

18 Tips on How to Introduce Your Dog to Other Dogs 0

how to introduce your dog to other dogs

Are you bringing a new dog (or puppy) into a home that already has one or more dogs living in it? Or maybe you just want things to go smoothly when you introduce your dog to...

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