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What Do Dogs Think About? 0



What Do Dogs Think Of


What do dogs think about? This question has baffled humans for as long as dogs and people have inhabited the earth together. This post will explore some of the research that has been done on this very interesting topic.



What Do Dogs See? 0

What Can a Dog See

The world through the eyes of a dog is an interesting and baffling thing. As you probably know, dogs do not see like we do. The things that their eyes pick up and the...

How Do I Know if My Dog is Constipated? 0

Dogs are humanity's best friend and are a joy to have around any family or home. They take care of us in ways we can't even begin to fathom, they're great with children and are the only beings happy to see us enter the door every single time. It never...

Bernese Mountain Dog Shedding 0

There is no doubt that Bernese mountain dogs are beautiful and make great companions, for some people. Before we talk about Bernese mountain dog shedding, let's take a brief look at the cute four legged companion.

Bernese mountain dogs, sometimes known as BMDs or Berners, are medium-sized working dogs with long...

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The 5 Top Dog Friendly Cities 0

top dog friendly cities 

What makes a city a dog-friendly place to live or visit? Experts point out several characteristics to look for when seeking out dog-friendly destinations. Check out the city’s available pet services like vets, kennels, trainers, groomers, and pet supply stores. A dog-friendly city should...

How to Read a Dog’s Body Language 0

dogs body language

Dogs and humans share a close bond, and you probably know your own dog pretty well, but we can improve our understanding of how dogs are feeling by getting to know the more subtle signs of canine body language. Here are a few indicators of...