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German Shepherd sleeping in dog bed

Best Dog Beds for German Shepherds: 2024's Top Picks for Your Loyal Companion

As with choosing the best collars for your German Shepherd, finding the right bed for them also contributes to their comfort and supports their health as they grow. The product category of dog beds encompasses a wide range of options, including standard cushions, orthopedic beds designed for joint support, and even luxurious, furniture-like pieces that blend seamlessly into your home decor.

When we are in the market for a dog bed for our German Shepherds, we look for a product that ticks all these boxes—spacious enough for a good stretch, made with supportive materials for joint health, durable for longevity, and easy to clean to maintain hygiene.

With the well-being of our furry companions in mind, we've taken the time to test a variety of dog beds to find the ideal ones that meet these high standards.

Top Picks For German Shepherd Dog Beds

We all want the best for our canine companions, and when it comes to finding the perfect spot for a German Shepherd to lay their head, comfort is key. These majestic dogs need a place to rest that will support their large frame and provide them with the ultimate comfort.

Our roundup includes a selection of beds that cater to the unique needs of German Shepherds, ensuring they can snooze in both comfort and style.

Furhaven Plush & Velvet L Chaise

Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed


We found the Furhaven L Chaise dog bed to be a cozy and supportive choice for your German Shepherd, making their rest time a luxurious treat.


  • Generous cushioning that pampers your pooch's joints and boosts relaxation
  • Cleaning's a snap thanks to its machine-washable cover
  • The supportive bolsters create a perfect nook that our furry friends adore


  • Not the best pick for dogs who like to chew, as they might damage the bed
  • The bed could take a couple of days to expand to its full size upon arrival
  • It may not withstand rough handling over a long period

Our German Shepherd loves nestling into the plush faux fur of this Furhaven bed, and honestly, we're a bit jealous of the comfort. Whether they're stretching out or curling up, the L-shaped bolster has got their back—and hips—supported.

Sometimes we worry about keeping dog beds clean, but this cover zips off easily and goes right through a wash with no fuss. We appreciate that because nobody has time for complicated cleaning routines these days.

The orthopedic support this bed offers is unmatched. After a long day of play, it's wonderful seeing our buddy plop down on the egg-crate foam and drift off into dreamland without any sign of discomfort.

Here's to happier naps and a well-rested pooch – we're glad we stumbled upon the Furhaven L Chaise. It's clearly more than just a comfy spot; it's a slice of doggy heaven.

Bedsure Comfy Couch

Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed


After lounging on the Bedsure Comfy Couch, we think it's a must-have for any German Shepherd owner looking for a mix of durability, comfort, and orthopedic support.


  • The egg-crate foam provides excellent joint support, easing our furry friend's aches.
  • It's quite a breeze to keep clean owing to the machine-washable cover.
  • The skid-proof bottom really keeps the bed from sliding, a bonus for our energetic pup.


  • Lowered entrance might not suit dogs that prefer raised beds.
  • The bed might take up considerable space if you’re short on room.
  • Waterproofing is good, but major spills still need prompt cleanup to avoid damage.

The moment we unboxed the Bedsure dog bed, the high-density egg-crate foam caught our attention. It seems to contour perfectly to our dog's body, offering the right balance between support and comfort. Our German Shepherd, who's on the senior side, took to it right away, and we've noticed she's more sprightly in the mornings.

We used to be bothered by the hassle of cleaning beds, especially after muddy walks. However, the zippered cover on this one simplifies the task. With just a quick spin in the washer, it's back to looking and smelling fresh, which is quite a relief.

Despite the substantial size, moving the bed around from the living room to the bedroom hasn't been an issue, thanks to the non-skid bottom. It stays put even when our pup hops on with gusto, which used to send her old bed skidding across the floor. Overall, our experience has been very positive, and we can see this bed being a cozy nook for our German Shepherd for years to come.

OhGeni Cozy Canine Bed

OhGeni Orthopedic Dog Bed


We think this bed is a great match for German Shepherds, offering a blend of comfort, durability, and easy maintenance.


  • Plush support that seems to pamper our furry friends
  • Maintenance is a breeze with the machine-washable cover
  • Waterproof lining keeps the foam protected from accidents


  • The cushioning may not be as thick as some might expect
  • May not stand up to determined chewers
  • The initial shape takes time to settle after unpacking

After laying out the OhGeni Cozy Canine Bed in our living room, our German Shepherd didn't hesitate to claim it as his new favorite spot. The bed's plush fleece surface seemed to instantly invite him to curl up and relax. Its egg crate foam interior provided a sweet balance of support and softness, which is especially beneficial for our dog's joints.

The upkeep of this bed really impressed us. The removable zippered cover made laundering straightforward, so keeping our pup's sleeping space fresh and inviting couldn't be simpler. Even when he came back from a muddy walk, the bed was soon as good as new, thanks to a quick spin in the washer.

An unexpected delight was the bed's portability. We've since moved it around the house and even took it with us on a weekend getaway. Our pooch seemed to appreciate having the comforting scent and familiarity of his bed in a new environment, which helped him settle in more easily.

Bedsure XL Orthopedic Dog Bed

Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed


If your furry companion could talk, they’d thank you for the unmatched comfort and support of this bed.


  • Ample space for your German Shepherd to stretch out
  • Versatile use throughout the seasons
  • Offers excellent orthopedic support for aging dogs


  • Takes up significant floor space
  • May retain odors over time
  • Cover can be challenging to get back on after washing

Our German Shepherd has never looked more content than since we introduced him to the Bedsure XL Orthopedic Dog Bed. The size is just right, allowing him the freedom to stretch out and relax without any part of him hanging off the edge. We've placed it in the living room, and it seamlessly fits in with our decor.

We've noticed a distinct difference in his vigor after a night's sleep on this bed. The orthopedic foam has been a godsend for his joints, providing that essential pressure relief every older dog deserves. And flipping the bed over for a cooler or warmer surface depending on the season? Genius. Our pup has been kept cozy during the nippy months and didn't overheat when summer rolled around.

The bed's ability to withstand the daily wear and tear impressed us, but its true value shone through during clean-up time. The zip-off cover makes it a breeze to take off and toss into the washing machine. The only snag we hit was wrestling the cover back onto the foam pad — it's a snug fit, so set aside some time and patience for that bit. Despite regular cleaning, we found it hangs onto his doggy scent more than we'd like.

In summary, the Bedsure XL Orthopedic Dog Bed has made our four-legged friend's relaxation and sleep time much more enjoyable. It's big, supportive, and an all-season rest spot for dogs like ours who are part of the family.

Cozy Canine Couch



After cozying up on this plush retreat, we're convinced any German Shepherd would be in for a treat, finding both comfort and support.


  • U-shaped bolster offers great neck and head support
  • High-density egg foam provides relief for achy joints
  • Waterproof cover eases cleaning woes


  • May appear too firm initially until fully expanded
  • Takes up to 48 hours to decompress fully
  • Not suitable for dogs over 50 lbs without a size upgrade

The moment we set this bed down, we appreciated the U-shaped bolster—it's like a built-in pillow! The egg foam hugged our pooch in all the right places, clearly soothing their muscles. It's a substantial feeling, ensuring the bed isn't just a soft spot to land but a therapeutic space for an active Shepherd.

The soft plush cover felt luxurious to the touch, and it's a godsend for dogs prone to anxiety. We've noticed quicker settle-down times before naps, making us believe in the calming magic of this bed's texture. Despite its fluffiness, we didn't see any pile of shedding, which is a clear win in our book.

We were relieved to find that clean-ups are a breeze. Accidents happen, but the waterproof feature means spills sit atop, not soak in. Unzipping and stripping the bed for a wash was hassle-free—a major pro for a house proud of its cleanliness. Plus, the non-slip bottom kept the bed from turning into a magic carpet around our floor.

EHEYCIGA Orthopedic Dog Bed

EHEYCIGA Orthopedic Dog Bed


After having our German Shepherd try out this bed, we can confidently say it promotes restful sleep and joint relief.


  • Offers robust support with its memory and egg crate foams
  • Features bolsters on three sides for additional head and neck rest
  • Waterproof layer and a non-slip bottom enhance functionality


  • Sides and linen material are not waterproof
  • Inner foam cannot be machine washed
  • May need 24-48 hours to fully expand and be usable

Sleep is crucial, and seeing our dog comfortably snuggled into the EHEYCIGA Orthopedic Dog Bed reassured us it was a good choice. The bolstered edges provide a nice pillow for lazy naps, which our canine friend seems to get plenty of lately.

The non-slip bottom kept the bed exactly where we put it. Regardless of the playful energy or the mad dashes around the living room, it stayed put, providing a safe and stable spot for downtime.

The waterproof film saved us a few times already—spills and drool were no match for the protective layer. However, we learned quickly not to rely on the sides being waterproof. In caring for the bed, the removable cover made cleaning practically effortless, albeit the core foam is to be spot-cleaned only.

Living with big dogs means accommodating their needs. We've rotated through various dog beds, but the EHEYCIGA's commitment to comfort with its memory foam and thoughtfully designed features wins our seal of approval. Our home feels even cozier with our pooch sprawled out, snoring away in serene, supportive slumber.

BFPETHOME Orthopedic Bed

BFPETHOME Orthopedic Dog Bed


We found this dog bed to be the perfect blend of comfort and support for our German Shepherd.


  • Remarkably cozy with its rose pattern plush surface
  • Waterproof and easy to clean because of the removable cover
  • U-shaped design with side pillows offers excellent head and neck support


  • Might be too small for German Shepherds over 50 lbs, especially if they prefer more space to stretch out
  • Foam thickness may not suit every dog's preference
  • Strictly rectangular shape might not fit all room arrangements

When we first introduced this bed to our German Shepherd, we immediately noticed the plush surface that seemed to invite him in for a restful sleep. The U-shaped design with bolstered sides provided a secure feeling, and it was heartwarming to see our pup resting his head on the pillow-like edges. We didn't have any difficulty cleaning the bed since the cover slipped off with ease and the waterproof inner layer kept the foam protected.

With the 3-inch egg crate foam, our German Shepherd's weight was nicely distributed, which visibly eased his joints, and that's a big deal for our aging friend. At times, though, we did wonder if a thicker base would further enhance his comfort.

One thing we wished for was a bit more space - it's suitable for medium to large dogs, but if your pal likes to sprawy out fully, you might consider stepping up a size. We also found the shape quite handy for a corner placement, although it's a point to consider based on your available space.

In sum, if you're in search of a dog bed that strikes a balance between support and snuggle-factor, this BFPETHOME Orthopedic Bed could be just the spot your furry companion will adore.

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Buying Guide

When selecting a dog bed for a German Shepherd, it's important to consider the specific needs of the breed, known for their size, strength, and sometimes, susceptibility to joint issues such as hip dysplasia.

Size & Comfort

We'll want to ensure the bed is large enough for our German Shepherd to lie down and stretch out comfortably. Ideally, find one that's a bit larger than our dog's full length from nose to tail.

  • Measure our dog in their sleeping position to get the right size.
  • Cushioning should be ample to support joints.


Our German Shepherds are big and active dogs, so durability is key.

  • Look for heavy-duty fabrics like canvas or denier nylon.
  • Removable covers are a plus for easy cleaning.


German Shepherds can develop hip and joint issues, so support is crucial in their bed.

  • Orthopedic foam can help alleviate joint pain.
  • Elevated beds offer a firmer base and can enhance airflow.

Temperature Regulation

Keeping our dog comfortable year-round is important.

  • Breathable materials for summer.
  • Insulated beds or heated options for colder climates.


As dogs age, they may find it difficult to get on and off high beds.

  • Low-profile beds are easier for older dogs to access.
  • Step-on design can also be beneficial.
Feature Why It's Important
Size Must fit our dog comfortably
Durability Should withstand wear and tear
Support Prevent joint issues
Temperature Comfort in all seasons
Accessibility Easy access for aging dogs

By focusing on these key features, we can find a bed that suits our German Shepherd’s size, supports their joints, and provides comfort for a good night’s rest, be it in the living room or in their doggy crate.

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