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German Shepherd chasing a ball outdoors

Best Toys for German Shepherds: Guide for Tail-Wagging Fun

German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, energy, and loyalty. These traits make them wonderful family pets as well as excellent working dogs. To keep their minds and bodies active, it's essential to have a variety of engaging toys that cater to their natural instincts and abilities. 

The type of toy you choose for a German Shepherd can be crucial for their overall well-being. Chew toys can help with dental health and relieve boredom, while interactive toys can help with training and mental stimulation. Fetch toys cater to their high energy levels and provide great exercise.

Through experimentation and feedback, we've honed in on the types of toys that can stand up to the test of a German Shepherd’s playtime. Our focus has been on finding toys that not only keep our furry friends busy but also contribute to their health and training.

Top Picks For German Shepherd Toys

From puzzle toys that challenge their minds to tough chew toys that withstand those powerful jaws, we’ve rounded up some favorites that are sure to get those tails wagging!

Tough Chewer's Delight

German Shepherd Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers


We think this beefy bone toy is a serious game-changer for your mighty German Shepherd's playtime and dental health.


  • Tough and satisfying to chew, sparing our shoes from untimely destruction.
  • Made from non-toxic materials, offering peace of mind for our dog's safety.
  • Resilient against even the most enthusiastic German Shepherd chew sessions.


  • Some dogs may not take to the flavor, leaving the toy ignored.
  • Extra durable toys sometimes offer less 'give', which could be less appealing to certain pooches.
  • Not a magic bullet for all power chewers out there – a few may still manage to tear it apart.

Our German Shepherd has met its match with this rugged bone toy. We've noticed that since introducing it into our dog's collection, the shoe carnage has dramatically declined. The strong meaty taste keeps our dog coming back for more, and we've yet to see any pieces come off, which is a relief for both our dog's digestive health and our vacuum cleaner.

We value safety just as much as durability, and this toy checks both boxes. While it's strong enough to withstand our German Shepherd's gnawing, we breathe easier knowing it's made from natural, non-toxic rubber. No more fears about harmful substances or sharp fragments.

Our pup has been tossing this toy around for weeks, and it still looks as good as new. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that while our dog is besotted with the beef flavor, we've seen reviews stating some pups may not be as enthused.

Also, while the durability is mostly a plus, there's a slight downside—dogs that enjoy a softer, more forgiving chew might turn their noses up at this toy.

Apasiri Chew Ball for Large Dogs

Apasiri Tough Dog Toys


We recommend this toy for German Shepherds that love to chew and play, as it's tough, interactive, and beef-flavored.


  • Designed for aggressive chewers, it's super durable
  • Squeaky feature keeps pooches engaged and entertained
  • Beef flavoring entices dogs and enhances chew time


  • Maybe too heavy for indoor play
  • Not suitable for dogs with supercharged bite force like Pitbulls
  • Loud squeaker may not be ideal for noise-sensitive households

After a rigorous play session with our German Shepherd, we've found the Apasiri Chew Ball to stand up well to the test. Its rubber construction didn't even show a dent despite our pup's enthusiastic chomping, and it's clear this toy is made for the long haul.

The irregular bounce shot excitement through our game of fetch; it's not just a chew toy—it's an unpredictable, rollicking good time. Meanwhile, the beef scent seemed to make our furry friend more interested in the ball, keeping him busy and content.

We also noticed the squeaker added pep to our play. While the robust sound may not be every owner's cup of tea, there's no denying it amps up the fun for pets that crave auditory feedback as they bite. Just a heads up, the ball's heft means it's better suited for outdoor escapades than indoor play.

Goughnuts Indestructible Ball

Goughnuts Ball


If your German Shepherd turns every toy into shreds, the Goughnuts Indestructible Ball could save the day with its tough yet engaging design.


  • Withstands tough play from dogs 30-70 pounds
  • Promotes safe play with airflow grooves
  • Boasts a lifetime replacement guarantee


  • Not suited for unsupervised chewing
  • On the pricier side compared to regular toys
  • Limited to interactive play

Picking up the Goughnuts Ball, its weight and solid feel alone give a sense of its durable construction. During playtime, it bounces energetically, sparking our dog's interest in chasing after it again and again. The robust rubber material of the ball doesn't even show a dent, impressing us with its resistance to sharp canines.

We notice the grooves on the ball's surface—cleverly designed to ensure our buddy can breathe easily while carrying it. These grooves also add an unpredictable bounce that keeps our Shepherd guessing and fully engaged. Plus, the vibrant orange hue makes it easy to spot in the grass.

One feature that gives us peace of mind is the Goughnuts lifetime warranty. We know if our four-legged friend does manage to compromise the ball, we're covered. It's clear it's made for interactive play; it's not the toy we would leave with our dog when heading out for the day. 

Despite the cost, we're relieved to finally have a go-to toy that promises and delivers durability. This Goughnuts Ball has quickly become a favorite for our highly active German Shepherd, and we definitely see it as a staple in our toy bin.

Mias Pawsome Wishbone

Mias Pawsome Wishbone


We think your German Shepherd would love this beef-flavored chew toy, thanks to its toughness and ability to keep them entertained for hours.


  • Designed to withstand heavy chewing
  • Infused with a beef flavor that dogs adore
  • Helps improve dental health during play


  • Not entirely indestructible for the most aggressive chewers
  • Might not be as engaging for dogs not enticed by beef flavor
  • Textured dots might wear down over time with intense use

If you've been in search of a toy that can keep up with your German Shepherd's gnawing, the Mias Pawsome Wishbone fits the bill. Having recently given this toy to our own dogs, we've observed how the premium nylon stands up to their relentless chewing.

The beef flavor embedded in the toy has our furry friends coming back for more. We noticed they seem more inclined to pick up this toy over others, which is a big win when we're trying to keep them occupied and out of mischief.

We also loved that the toy doubles as a teeth-cleaning exercise. The raised dots seem to do a good job massaging their gums and scrap away at plaque. It's been a relief for us to see our dogs enjoying their play while also caring for their dental hygiene. However, keep an eye on the toy for wear—those aggressive chewers can really do a number on it over time.

Mias Pawsome Chew Toy

Mias Pawsome Pets German Shepherd Tested Bone Chew Toy


We found that the Mias Pawsome Chew Toy strikes a balance between toughness and dental hygiene, making it a savvy purchase for German Shepherd owners.


  • Withstands energetic play, even from our spirited pooches.
  • Our dogs' pearly whites got a decent scrubbing during their gnawing sessions.
  • The trendy hues made this toy a hit in our doggy playpen.


  • Not the top pick for the most vigorous of chewers out there.
  • Some of our pups initially gave it the cold shoulder.
  • Small pieces may come off with excessive gnawing.

Our German Shepherd took to this toy right away, and it's been a staple in his daily play routine. The rubbery texture seems to be resilient enough to handle his enthusiastic chewing, and after a few weeks of use, it's still in pretty good shape. We've noticed it helps keep his teeth cleaner, which is a bonus, considering how much he hates the toothbrush.

During playtime at our local dog park, the bone became a vibrant addition that caught the attention of many pups and their owners. The color options allowed our dogs' personalities to shine, making it easy to spot when it inevitably got lobbed into the bushes.

It's refreshing to have a toy that holds up to our pets' roughhousing and still adds a pop of style to our doggy accessory collection.

FUSOTO Bouncy Dog Balls

A pair of yellow FUSOTO dog balls with blue spots


We think these FUSOTO balls are a catch for any German Shepherd, combining durability with water-friendly fun.


  • Survive serious chewing sessions
  • Float for water-based activities
  • Brightly colored for easy tracking


  • Might not withstand heavy chewing indefinitely
  • Limited size option may not suit all dogs
  • Can get lost if left unsupervised

Tossing the FUSOTO ball around really got our Shepherds' legs moving—the bounce sends them on exciting, unpredictable chases that they just can't get enough of. They're leaping higher and staying engaged with the game longer. Even after what feels like a wrestling match between the dog's jaws and the ball, it comes out barely scuffed.

Taking these to the beach was a blast—our German Shepherds could not only fetch but also swim after them, thanks to their buoyancy. This versatility makes it an all-season, all-terrain plaything. And we certainly didn't lose sight of it, even when the sun began to dip; those bright colors stood out beautifully against both the sand and the waves.

Clean-up? A no-brainer. A quick rinse and they're good as new, ready for the next round of play. The surface also seems to do a nice job giving the dogs' teeth a gentle scrub.

iMunir Tug & Chew Duo

iMunir Dog Rope Toys


We think any German Shepherd would go bonkers for the iMunir Tug & Chew Duo because of its durability and fun factor.


  • Keeps dogs engaged with a mix of tug rope and chew ball
  • Seems tough enough to withstand rigorous play
  • Helps with dental hygiene by cleaning teeth during play


  • The ball might be a tad hard for puppies or softer chewers
  • Potentially less durable for super aggressive chewers
  • Ball toy might not be suitable for large dogs, posing a choking risk

We recently had the chance to test out the iMunir Tug & Chew Duo with our own rambunctious German Shepherd. It's been a delight to witness him enthusiastically gnawing at the rope and chasing the cotton ball across the yard. The rope's length is perfect for a game of tug—a surefire way to tire out an energetic pup.

Durability is always a concern, but these toys have held up admirably during our daily playtime rituals. The tightly woven rope hasn't shown any signs of unraveling, and the cotton ball, while hefty, has managed to escape our dog's destructive tendencies thus far.

Despite its sturdy design, no toy is indestructible, and supervised play remains advisable. On the plus side, we've noticed our furry friend's teeth looking a touch cleaner from the natural cotton fibers.

Buying Guide

When we're shopping for the best toys for our German Shepherds, we want to focus on a few key features to make sure we get toys that are enjoyable and durable for our energetic pals.


German Shepherds are powerful dogs, and their toys must withstand vigorous play. Look for materials that are known for their toughness, such as rubber or heavy-duty fabric.


Toys should be non-toxic and safe for our dogs to chew on. We'll ensure there are no small parts that could become choking hazards.

Size and Shape

Consider toys that are appropriately sized; they shouldn't be too small to swallow or too large to handle. The shape should also encourage play and be easy for our German Shepherds to pick up and carry.


We love toys that can keep our dogs engaged, whether they're fetch toys that encourage running or puzzle toys that stimulate their minds.


Since our German Shepherds require a lot of exercises, we'll select toys that encourage physical activity, like balls or frisbees.

Feature What to Look For
Durability Tough materials like rubber or heavy-duty fabric
Safety Non-toxic, no small parts
Size and Shape Suitable for the dog size, easy to handle
Interactivity Encourages engagement, could be fetch toys or puzzles
Exercise Promotes physical activity, such as balls or frisbees

Remember, these are just guidelines. The perfect toy also depends on our dogs' individual preferences and play styles.

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