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German Shepherd inside a crate in a cozy living room

Best Travel Crates for German Shepherds: Wanderlust Essentials

Traveling with pets requires careful planning to ensure their safety and comfort. For owners of German Shepherds, one of the most critical aspects to consider is choosing the right travel crate.

A travel crate is more than just a temporary holding pen; it's a secure, personal space for your dog during transit. German Shepherds, as a larger breed, need a crate that provides ample space, sturdy construction, and adequate ventilation.

Just like when choosing a dog house, size is important when selecting a travel crate for your German Shepherd. It should be spacious enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

Ventilation is a critical aspect too; a good crate should have sufficient air flow to keep your dog cool and comfortable.

In our search for the best travel crates, we evaluated a range of options, considering the needs of German Shepherds specifically. We looked for crates that balance comfort, safety, and practicality to provide peace of mind for both the dog and the owner.

Top Travel Crates For Your German Shepherd

Here's our roundup of the top travel crates that will make traveling with your German Shepherd a breeze.

Feandrea Dog Carrier

Feandrea Dog Carrier


If you're looking for a convenient and comfy travel solution for your German Shepherd, this carrier has got you covered.


  • Sets up and collapses within seconds.
  • Extra spacious and ensures a hefty, happy pup.
  • Touts handy storage for toys and treats.


  • Zippers may not withstand a boisterous canine's antics.
  • If you have an escape artist, the mesh might not hold up.
  • Not suitable for dogs over 70 pounds.

We recently needed to transport our German Shepherd to a pet-friendly holiday spot, and the Feandrea Dog Carrier was a breeze. Its steel frame folded out smoothly, and within a minute, our four-legged family member had a cozy nook to call her own. The extra padding on the base seemed to give her the snuggly feeling she loves.

Journeys can be tiresome, but with the large mesh windows of this carrier, our pooch enjoyed the scenery as much as we did. The side pockets were a lifesaver for keeping her water bottle and munchies within arm's reach. Plus, the top handle made moving the lightweight crate from home to car ridiculously easy.

Yet, our furry friend's curiosity means she often has the zeal of an escape artist. Though the zippers initially held up, we soon noticed that they might not sustain against her determined pawing. And while the mesh windows are great for visibility, we couldn't help but worry she may tear through if left to her own devices.

Overall, the Feandrea Dog Carrier is a solid pick for pet parents. It's got space, portability, and convenience in spades, which is just what we want when we're on the move with our pets.

EHEYCIGA Travel Crate for Large Dogs

EHEYCIGA Travel Crate


If you're in need of a secure and comfy spot for your furry friend during trips, this kennel might just be the perfect fit.


  • Effortless folding and unfolding for convenient transport
  • Robust and breathable design keeping pets in comfort
  • Handy storage for essentials, including a side pocket and straps


  • Random shipping of old and new models could be a concern
  • Included mat may require additional padding for comfort
  • May not withstand heavy chewing or persistent escape artists

On our recent trip, we had the opportunity to test out the EHEYCIGA Travel Crate, and here's what we found: Setting up this crate couldn't have been simpler. With no tools needed, we had our pup's new home ready in no time, and once we were done, it folded down unexpectedly flat, freeing up precious space in the car.

Obsessed with comfort, we loved that while traveling, our German Shepherd could look out the mesh windows, which provided ample ventilation and a cozy den-like atmosphere. At rest stops, we appreciated the leash clip inside the crate for added peace of mind.

When the journey wrapped up, we easily toted the crate using the shoulder strap, and cleaning was a breeze—just pop off the cover and padding and into the wash they went. While our German Shepherd isn't much of an escape artist, we wonder how the crate would fare against a persistently pawing pup or one blessed with the jaws of life.

Lesure Collapsible Crate

Lesure Soft Collapsible Dog Crate


We found the Lesure Collapsible Crate to be a solid investment for our German Shepherds, making travel much simpler and their comfort a priority.


  • Collapses easily for great portability
  • Breathable design keeps dogs comfortable
  • Sturdy build with safety features like reflective strips and self-locking zippers


  • Limited to four sizes, so fit may not be perfect for all dogs
  • Soft material might not stand up to heavy chewers
  • Lack of a handle could make it tricky to move when set up

Setting off on a road trip with our German Shepherds, we were relieved to have the Lesure Collapsible Crate on hand. It folded up in a snap, fitting snugly in our trunk with plenty of room left for our other essentials. Upon arrival, the speedy setup had our furry friends settled in no time.

The plush mat inside became an instant hit with our dogs, enticing them to lounge for hours on end. The airy mesh panels ensured they stayed cool throughout our summer escapades, even with the sun beating down during our pit stops.

We must admit that the Lesure Crate held up impressively well, despite our concerns about its soft-sided design. However, if your Shepherd loves to chew, you might want to keep an eye on them. Although there's no top handle for easy lifting, the overall convenience and doggy-approved comfort make this crate a keeper for our travel needs.

Vari Kennel by Petmate

Petmate Vari Dog Kennel


Whether you're jetting off with your German Shepherd or taking a road trip, this crate ensures your companion travels in comfort and safety.


  • Effortless to clean with its sturdy plastic and moat design
  • Airline-friendly features make flying less of a hassle
  • Assembles quickly without any extra tools


  • A bit heavy, which could be a challenge for some pet owners
  • It may appear bulky in smaller spaces
  • If your pup is an escape artist, the latch might need extra securing

When we took our German Shepherd on a long-awaited vacation, the Vari Kennel by Petmate was a game-changer. It was spacious enough for our buddy to sit, stand, and turn with ease — ensuring a stress-free travel experience for the both of us. The durability of the crate is apparent; it held up well under the jostles and shifts of travel.

One aspect we truly appreciated was the Ventilation. Whether it was a hot day or a long flight, the airflow kept our Shepherd cool and comfortable. And as someone who dreads assembly, we were thrilled with how intuitive and quick it was to put together.

However, it's worth noting that the weight of the crate might make it less ideal for those who have to move it frequently. But overall, our travels were made much easier with the Vari Kennel by our side.

SportPet Rolling Travel Crate

SportPet Rolling Travel Crate


After thoroughly testing the SportPet Rolling Travel Crate with our own German Shepherds, we consider it a robust option for your pet's traveling needs.


  • Assembly is a breeze, hardly taking any time to set up.
  • Wheel attachments enhance portability, crucial for maneuvering through airports or hotels.
  • Airline approved, making it suitable for both car and air travel.


  • Size might be too constraining for larger-than-average German Shepherds.
  • Wheels can feel a bit flimsy, requiring careful handling.
  • Only suitable for kennel-trained pets, as it could be stressful for others.

SportPet's Rolling Travel Crate has been a revelation for us. Its plastic construction gives off an impression of durability right out of the box. Trust us when we say it's robust enough to handle the vigor of travel. After several trips, we found our German Shepherd remained calm and secure, which speaks volumes about the crate's comfort level.

We absolutely appreciate the wheels on this travel crate. They snap right off when not needed, but when they're on, getting through the terminal is almost effortless. Moreover, the kennel assembly felt intuitive, giving us more time to focus on other travel preparations.

What stood out as a huge plus was the crate's airline compatibility. When traveling cross-country, we didn't encounter any hiccups during check-ins. However, do measure your German Shepherd beforehand, even though the crate is marked XXL, because comfort is key on long flights.

The kit even came with handy accessories like dishes for food and water and 'Live Animal' stickers, further simplifying the travel process. Now, we did observe that the wheels might not endure rough handling, so we've learned to navigate bumps with care.

MidWest Double Door iCrate

MidWest Homes for Pets Crate


We've just put the MidWest Double Door iCrate to the test, and it's clear this crate stands out for its convenience and durability, making it a solid choice for German Shepherd owners.


  • Ample space to accommodate a fully-grown German Shepherd comfortably
  • Inclusion of safety features like Paw Block and secure latches for peace of mind
  • Easy to clean with its removable leak-proof pan


  • Considerably heavy when transporting, despite the carrying handle
  • Requires some space to set up due to its large size
  • Not as cozy as plastic or fabric crates due to its metal construction

Upon setting up the iCrate, we're immediately taken with how smoothly everything comes together. There are no tools needed; it simply unfolds into place, which simplifies things whenever we're on the move.

Its sturdiness isn't up for debate and when it's time for a cleanup, the removable pan is a godsend. Spills and accidents are part of life with dogs, but this crate minimizes the hassle. Pull out the tray, give it a wash, and you're done. Our floors have also remained unscathed thanks to the protective rubber feet.

One caveat we've noticed, though, is when it comes time to move the crate. The handle is useful, but due to its size and weight, it's still a bit unwieldy. Another point to consider is the space you'll need to set it up in your home—it's not insignificant. Lastly, if your pup loves a cozy den, you might need to add some bedding for extra comfort due to its metal build.

Amazon Basics XL Travel Crate

Amazon Basics Travel Crate


We found this travel crate to be a convenient solution for our large canine companions, offering comfort during travels and peace of mind for us.


  • Easy to set up and collapse
  • Spacious and airy for comfort
  • Durable zippers and secure fasteners


  • Not suitable for dogs that chew
  • Fabric can be harder to clean
  • Only one color option available

Having recently used this crate with our German Shepherd during a weekend getaway, we were pleased with the no-fuss setup right out of the back of our SUV. The spacious interior allowed our large buddy to turn around and lie down comfortably, without feeling crammed.

The mesh windows on all four sides provided excellent ventilation, which is a major plus on warmer days. In addition, the top and front doors gave us flexible options for loading and unloading our pup, which was an unexpected convenience at rest stops.

However, we noticed the tan fabric could be prone to showing dirt more easily, and while the crate is definitely sturdy, it's not made for dogs who have a habit of chewing on their enclosures. Lastly, while the neutral color has its appeal, it might not be everyone's first choice.

Overall, despite a few minor drawbacks, the Amazon Basics XL Travel Crate kept our German Shepherd secure and content during our journey. Its lightweight construction and ease of use definitely won us over.

Buying Guide

Size & Comfort

When we're picking out a travel crate, size is key for our German Shepherds. They need enough room to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Sometimes we also need space for dog bedding for extra comfort.

As a general rule, measure the length of your dog from nose to tail and add 4 inches for the ideal crate length. For height, measure from the top of their head to the ground and add 4 inches as well.

Material & Durability

There are two main materials we come across: plastic and metal. Our choice depends on our needs:

  • Plastic: Good for flights and car travel; provides more warmth.
  • Metal: Offers better ventilation and visibility; usually foldable for easy storage.

Durability is a must so our companion stays safe. We look for heavy-duty materials that can withstand wear and tear.


Proper airflow is crucial for any dog crate. We look for crates with ample ventilation to ensure our German Shepherd doesn't overheat and can breathe easily, especially during long trips.


We check the locking mechanism carefully. It should be strong and easy to operate, yet secure enough to prevent any Houdini-like escapes.

Feature What to Look For
Size Enough for dog to stand, turn, lie down
Material Durable, appropriate for travel type
Ventilation Adequate airflow
Security Reliable locks


We want something that's easy to move around. Features like handles and wheels come in handy. But remember, the more portable it is for us, the more comfortable the travel will be for our furry friend.

Cleaning Ease

Lastly, we're practical about hygiene. A removable bottom tray or liner makes the crate easier to clean because let's face it, accidents happen.

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