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Best Training Treats for German Shepherds: Paw-sitive Pup Training

Training a German Shepherd, like any dog training, requires patience, consistency, and the right tools. One of the most effective tools at our disposal is training treats.

Choosing the right treats for training can make a big difference. Ideally, the treats should be small enough to be eaten quickly and not distract or fill up the dog too much during the training session.

Treats should also be made of high-quality ingredients to maintain the health of the German Shepherd. Safety is important, so we always look for treats that are free from harmful additives and preservatives.

With thoughtful selection, treats can enhance training sessions, making them more effective and enjoyable. After exploring a variety of options, we're ready to share our findings on which treats best meet these needs.

Top Picks For German Shepherd Training Treats

We've rounded up some of the best training treats that are not only delicious for our pups but also healthy and easy to use during training sessions. Whether we're teaching basic commands or doing advanced training, these treats are sure to make the learning process easier and more enjoyable for our furry friends.

Cloud Star Trainers

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers


We think these treats are a hit; they're perfect for training and your German Shepherd is likely to love them.


  • Just right for repetitive training with only 3 calories each
  • Soft and enticing, keeping pups focused
  • Free from artificial additives, makes us feel good about the reward


  • Might not suit dogs with strict grain-free diets
  • Strong fishy odor can be off-putting
  • Could be too small for larger German Shepherds, leading to overfeeding

From the first rustle of the Cloud Star Trainers bag, it's clear dogs are in for a treat. Their salmon flavor is a total crowd-pleaser, and we've noticed our furry friends responding quicker when they know these are at stake. They're so handy when out and about, or fitting in some impromptu training at home.

A major perk is the size of these morsels; they don't spoil appetites. When training our German Shepherds, it's essential not to overfeed, and with these, we strike the balance just right. They're the tiny but mighty rewards our big dogs need. Plus, their soft chewiness means we're not left with any crumbs – a clean treat pouch, at last!

However, they do come with a potent smell, though that's probably what makes them irresistible to pups. Some may balk at the inclusion of grains, and for those of us with sizeable German Shepherds, we need to be careful not to toss out too many. All said, they're a training staple for us.

Healthy Breeds Premium Bites

Healthy Breeds Protein Treats


If you're looking for a treat that's as nutritious as it is delicious for your German Shepherd, these bites are a no-brainer.


  • Perfectly sized for rewarding without overfeeding.
  • Made with high-quality beef, an excellent protein source.
  • Soft texture allows for easy breakage into smaller pieces during training sessions.


  • Limited to a single protein option, which may not suit all dietary preferences.
  • Some dogs might find the flavor less appealing.
  • Contains a small number of treats per bag, requiring frequent restocking.

Calling all German Shepherd parents! We've been on the hunt for treats that tick all the boxes: tasty, healthy, and perfect for training. It seems we've hit the jackpot with Healthy Breeds Premium Bites. Our furry friends couldn't get enough of the savory beef flavor, and we felt great knowing we were offering a high-quality, single protein treat.

Ever been in the middle of a training session and needed a quick, low-cal treat to keep your pup's attention? These treats come in handy. The soft texture means we can swiftly break them into smaller pieces without pausing the flow, keeping our GSDs eager and focused.

We also appreciate the commitment to healthy ingredients. With no fillers like corn, soy, or wheat, and no by-products in sight, we're happy to recommend something that's as good for our dogs as they seem to think it tastes. Our German Shepherds are always ready to perform for these bites, and that's made our training sessions more effective and enjoyable for all involved.

Healthy Breeds Protein Bites

Healthy Breeds German Shepherd Treats


With their palatable flavor and perfect calorie count, these treats have become a staple in our training routine.


  • Only 4 calories each, ideal for maintaining a healthy diet
  • Easy to break apart, perfect for portion control
  • Free from wheat, corn, and soy which is great for dogs with allergies


  • Some dogs might prefer crunchier treats
  • Limited flavor options available
  • Packaging might not be as durable as others

Training our German Shepherds with Healthy Breeds Protein Bites is always a joy. Their soft texture means we can easily snap them into smaller bits, which is handy for repetitive rewards during sessions. These tiny morsels are packed with flavor that has our furry friends wagging their tails in anticipation.

We value that they are low in calories; it's great to know we're not overfeeding while training. We don't have to worry about any adverse reactions either—absence of common allergens like wheat, corn, and soy is beneficial for sensitive stomachs.

Feeding these American-made treats feels good, too. Supporting local manufacturing and knowing the treats are made to high standards keeps our minds at ease.

Despite being soft, these treats have held their shape in our pockets, although a sturdier packaging would be beneficial to keep them fresh longer. Moreover, we've noticed some dogs may take a moment to get used to the consistency if they're accustomed to crunchier snacks.

Merrick Power Bites Beef Treats

Merrick Power Bites Beef Treats


We've been using these treats in our training sessions, and our German Shepherds can't resist the savory beef flavor – they're ideal for positive reinforcement.


  • Made with real beef providing high protein
  • Grain-free, supporting pets with sensitivities
  • Soft texture makes them easy to chew


  • Strong odor can be overpowering
  • Larger size requires breaking up for training
  • Premium quality comes with a higher price tag

The moment we opened the pack of Merrick Power Bites Beef Treats, our dogs' excitement was palpable. Their eagerness during training escalated, clearly motivated by the prospect of savoring these tidbits. The soft, chewy texture meant no crumbs and leftovers, keeping the training space spotless.

We appreciated the grain-free formula, recognizing it as especially beneficial for pups with food sensitivities or those on a specific dietary regimen. Having treats that don't upset their stomachs makes all the difference during intensive training.

The distinct meaty aroma made these treats irresistible. However, we found it a tad strong for our human noses – something to keep in mind if you're sensitive to smells.

Sure, the treat size is intended for any breed, but for repetitive training, breaking them into smaller pieces helps maintain portion control without lessening their enthusiasm.

Despite the price skewing towards the upper end, the ingredients' quality and our German Shepherds' health make it a worthy investment.

Buddy Biscuits Bacon Flavor

Buddy Biscuits Training Treats


We think these Buddy Biscuits are a game-changer for training sessions, offering the perfect balance of taste and nutrition.


  • Ideal size for repetitive reward-based training
  • Low in calories, which is great for frequent treating
  • Wholesome ingredients without any artificial additives


  • Bacon scent might be strong for sensitive noses
  • Some picky eaters may not favor pork liver base
  • Soft texture may not suit dogs who prefer crunchy treats

When you're in the thick of training, having treats that are both enticing and small enough to avoid extra calories is crucial. Our experience with Buddy Biscuits Bacon Flavor treats was nothing short of fantastic. The 1.5 calorie count per treat meant we could keep the positive reinforcement coming without worrying about overfeeding.

Their soft consistency is a winner, too. They're easy to handle and don't crumble in our pockets when we're on the move. Our pups responded immediately to the yummy bacon scent, making obedience work a breeze.

Finally, we felt good about the ingredients. It's refreshing to have training treats without corn, soy, or artificial flavors, especially when you're doling them out generously. Sure, the pork liver smell is noticeable, but it's a small price to pay for high-quality training treats like these.

iPaw Chicken Bites

iPaw Dog Treats


We've found that iPaw Chicken Bites are a delightful reward that our German Shepherds simply adore, making training sessions more effective.


  • Made with human-grade ingredients, ensuring high-quality treats
  • Packed with proteins and Omega-3 for healthier snacking
  • Soft texture and easily digestible, perfect for German Shepherds of all ages


  • The quantity in one package might feel insufficient
  • May be on the pricier side compared to other treats
  • Not available in other flavors which may be a downside for variety-seeking pups

Our pups have been more attentive and eager to learn since we introduced iPaw Chicken Bites into their training routine. The treat's size is ideal for quick rewards, and the soft texture means they don't get distracted chewing for too long.

These treats also work wonders for their coat and overall health, thanks to the bonito and milk powder that boost protein and calcium intake. We've also noticed a happier tummy, which is a big win especially for pups with sensitive stomachs.

However, we've had to restock more often than anticipated – it's like these treats vanish into the ether! And while our wallets have noticed the difference, the happy wags we get in return make it worthwhile.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Bits


We've found these treats to be a fantastic choice for keeping our German Shepherds focused during training sessions, thanks to their wholesome ingredients and appealing taste.


  • Real chicken is the main ingredient, a huge hit with our pups.
  • The added DHA is a boon for our dogs' cognitive development.
  • Appreciate that they're grain-free and full of healthy omega fatty acids.


  • Can be on the larger side, which might not be perfect for smaller dogs or for quick treat rewards.
  • They're priced higher than some other treats on the market.
  • Some bags have arrived harder than expected, possibly due to storage and shipping issues.

When training our German Shepherds, we look for treats that offer both taste and nutritional value; that's why we lean on Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Bits. Their high-protein, grain-free formula is a pleasure for us to handle and a delight for our dogs to eat.

These treats' size and semi-moist texture are especially great for keeping our dogs' attention without causing any mess. It's incredible how motivated they become when they know one of these treats is on the line.

We've also noticed that our dogs' coats seem shinier since we've incorporated these treats into their diet, likely thanks to the rich omega fatty acids in the treats' recipe. It's reassuring to know we're not just giving them empty calories but something that contributes to their overall health.

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Buying Guide

Identifying Your German Shepherd's Preferences

We'll start with the fun part: figuring out what flavors and types of treats our German Shepherd pals enjoy most. Some prefer meaty treats, while others might have a taste for cheese or peanut butter flavors. Here's a tip: consider variety packs to test which treat gets the best tail wags.

Nutritional Value

It's crucial to look for treats that offer nutritional benefits, like added vitamins or dental support. Check the label for high-quality proteins and make sure they're low in calories. This helps maintain a healthy weight.

Nutritional Aspect Why It's Important
High-quality protein Supports muscle growth
Low-fat Maintains healthy weight
Fiber Aids in digestion
Vitamins/Minerals Promotes overall health

Size and Texture

Considering the size and texture of the treat is important. We want something that’s just right for our German Shepherds' large bite. Small treats work well for training, while larger, chewier ones can provide a longer-lasting reward.

Ingredients and Allergies

Always opt for treats with all-natural ingredients and no artificial additives. We need to be mindful of potential allergies, especially with ingredients like wheat, corn, or soy, which are common allergens for dogs.

Rewards vs. Training

Lastly, decide if we're looking for a quick reward treat or something for training purposes. Quick-dissolving or small treats are usually best for training so we can keep our German Shepherds focused without getting too full.

Remember, choosing the right treats is as important as choosing the right dog food for our German Shepherd's health and happiness. Keep these tips in mind, and we're sure to find treats that are not only delicious but also beneficial for our four-legged friends.

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