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Hiking with Your Dog: 5 Essential Tips 0

 Hiking with Your Dog

Ready to hit the trail with your four-legged BFF? Here are some tips for hiking with your dog to make sure that any hiking trip (big or small) goes smoothly for both of you.


1. Dog...

Puppy with Hiccups 0

puppy with hiccups

Ever come across a puppy with hiccups before? They are so cute and adorable! Here is a list of video, each presenting a puppy with hiccups.


1. Our number one puppy with hiccups is Buck! ...He thinks he can scare the hiccups out of...

6 Useful DIY Dog Grooming Tips 6

Does your dog need a haircut now that the warm weather is here? Experts have a lot of great dog grooming tips and advice to share. Here are some of the best DIY dog grooming tips so you can make your dog look like she just came back from the...

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5 Common Fears in Dogs and What to Do About Them 0

fear in dogs cover 

Have you noticed your dog being scared of a couple of things? Just like humans, it is normal and even common to find fear in dogs. To us, some are understandable (thunder) and some are silly (Christmas decorations). But if you notice any fear...

8 Classic Stupid Dog Tricks 0


The Stupid Pet Tricks segment on the David Letterman Show goes way back 30 years to the 1980s. With Dave retiring soon, it’s a perfect time to look back at some of the classics. If you’re too young to remember the hysterically funny early segments, take a...

10 Tips on How to Introduce a New Born Baby to a Dog 0

how to introduce a new born baby to a dog


Dog owners who are expecting a baby have a lot to do to prepare for the baby’s arrival. One important thing you want to learn how to do is how to introduce a...