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Funny dog carrying a stick

5 Best Funny Dog GIFs To Look At

If you spend hours watching dog videos online like us, then you'll also love the funny dog gifs we've curated just for you. These are some of the best animated gifs out there, filled with cute internet pooches. Take a look and have fun!

1. Pooch Plays With Cat

There's nothing more heartwarming than a cute cat GIF of a husky roughhousing with a feline, and we're here to deliver. Keeping peace in a multi-pet can be tiresome, but as this clip proves, it's definitely not impossible!




2. Look At This Fine Young Doggie

This little golden retriever is ready for the rainy days with his charming rain coat! Who says that only humans get to wear this contraption? Also, where do you find more of this cute dog merch, because we need MORE.




3. Enter The Cool Pup

It's quite true what they say about how clothes make a man, and who could have expected it to apply to boxers as well? This pup has mastered not only the clothing but the air and the expression of coolness itself as well.




4. Please Take This Away From Me

It seems humans are not the only ones safe from the pain of leg day because this puppy is the picture of misery in exercise. Can some kind soul help this little pup, please?




5. Help!

It seems as if this adorable Pomeranian is in need of some saving from the Newfoundland dog! We have to say, this is maybe one of the cutest kidnapping attempts ever.

Interestingly enough, Newfoundlands are actually quite good working dogs, going so far as to officially work for coast guards and other such emergency services. You'll never have to worry about being in trouble with this big fluffy giant at your side.



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FAQ On Funny Dog GIFs

Can I use these dog GIFs?

While no one can really enforce things if you're using them privately, such as in messages or such, using these for commercial purposes might need some crediting at the very least.

How do I create my own GIFs?

Creating GIFs is not impossible, although properly editing one may be arduous. The first step is to find a video that you want to cut, after which you'll have to trim it with some video-editing software and convert the file or export it as a GIF.

How do I get my dog to act funny?

It is not recommended to attempt to make your pet (or any other animal, for that matter) act funny for the sake of online presence. Doing so may harm their mental well-being and result in the development of negative behaviors.

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