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Funny Yorkshire terrier from funny animal Vines

Funny Animal Vine Compilation Videos On Youtube

It's been some years since Twitter shut down this video-sharing app, so we thought it only necessary to pay tribute to the best and funniest posts there. Here is a video of our favorite funny animal vine compilation. From bloopers to cute fails, enjoy these pet clips of some of the internet's funniest animals!

What Is A Funny Animal Vine Compilation?

These videos are collections of short 6-second clips showing creatures doing hilarious things. It was a popular social media app that allowed people to share these mini-videos, and even though the platform is gone, the funny collections live on YouTube.

When you watch one of these, you'll see things like:

  • Dogs chasing their tails or barking at their own reflections.
  • Cute cats chattering at birds or jumping at the sight of their own shadows.
  • Birds bobbing their heads to music or parrots mimicking the sounds of cameras and phones.
  • Goats ramming into each other or fainting from excitement.

The clips are stitched together into a longer clip, usually 3 to 15 minutes of nonstop laughs. They're highly shareable, so your friends will definitely appreciate you sending them a hilarious clip to brighten their day.

Watching these hilarious creatures never fails to lift your mood and bring a smile to your face. So next time you need an easy pick-me-up or just want to kill a few minutes, search YouTube and enjoy the show.

The absurdity and unfiltered silliness will have you cracking up in no time! They're almost as some of our funny dog shirts.

Here’s some of them:


What kind of funny things can I expect to see?

You'll find all sorts of hilarious stuff in these compilations. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Dogs: Whether they're chasing their tails, barking at their own reflections, or struggling to navigate slippery floors, dogs are comedy gold.
  • Cats: Cats are the kings and queens of humorous viral videos. Watch them get spooked by cucumbers, try to cram them into tiny boxes, and generally cause chaos.
  • Birds: Parrots laughing, cockatiels dancing, and parakeets flying into windows - birds can be unintentional comedians.
  • Farm stuff: Pigs, goats, sheep, cows - they seem to find themselves in absurd and amusing situations frequently.

Are these appropriate for kids?

Most of them are family-friendly and kid-appropriate. However, some may contain language or situations unsuitable for children.

As a parent, you know your kids best. You may want to preview first before letting young kids watch to ensure the content is appropriate for their age.

Where can I find more of these to watch?

Once you start watching these, you'll want more! Here are some other sources for hilarious animal-themed clips:

  • YouTube: Search for tags relating to them and you'll find hours of content.
  • Instagram: Many influencers and rescues post funny short clips of their subjects. Search hashtags like #funnyanimals, #animalbloopers, and #comedypetvideos.
  • TikTok: TikTok is filled with these clips, especially of dogs, cats, birds, and other small pets. Check out popular hashtags to find those that will make you laugh.
  • Facebook Watch: Facebook Watch features many collections, clips, and live streams. Search for your favorites along with other specific tags.
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