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German Shepherd inside a cage

Best Crates for German Shepherds: Great Homes for Your Canine Companion

When it comes to our canine companions, ensuring their safety, comfort, and security is at the top of our list, and this is especially true for larger breeds like the German Shepherd. It's not all about toys—crates play a vital role in providing a personal space for dogs where they can retreat to rest and feel safe and happy.

For a German Shepherd, choosing the right crate is crucial due to their size, strength, and high intelligence, which can make them more adept at escaping from less sturdy options.

After extensively researching and evaluating multiple crates, we've pinpointed top contenders that stand out for their quality, design, and usability. This ensures your German Shepherd is comfortable, secure, and happy, whether they're at home or on the go.

Top Picks For German Shepherd Crates

Whether you need durability for those with a penchant for chewing or require extra space for your pup to stretch out, we’ve got you covered. Check out our favorites below and give your German Shepherd the perfect retreat.

New World Dog Crate

New World Dog Crate


After setting this crate up for our German Shepherd, it's apparent this is a solid choice for keeping your dog secure and comfy.


  • Enhanced security with locking tips and Paw Block prevent smart pups from escaping.
  • Set-up is a breeze – it unfolds in seconds and is ready for your dog.
  • The plastic pan is resilient and just wipes clean, making accidents stress-free to deal with.


  • If your dog's a Houdini, the single door could limit flexibility in tight spaces.
  • The size may not suit all 'extra-large' breeds – it's important to measure your furry friend first.
  • It's sturdy, but not the lightest crate, so moving it frequently isn't ideal.

Our experience with the New World Dog Crate was impressive. The safety features really stand out – there was no worry about our Shepherd figuring out an escape, thanks to the Paw Block and secure latches. The round-edged clips eased our minds against any injuries.

The ease of setting this crate up made us fans. It folds out and is ready in a heartbeat, which means no frustrating assembly time. And when we were done, it collapsed just as quickly for effortless storage.

Cleaning was never a hassle. The pan caught any spills, and we simply slid it out for a quick wipe down. It's the kind of practicality you appreciate when house-breaking a puppy or during those unexpected sick days.

With any crate, there are considerations, of course. We'd recommend checking your space and verifying your dog's size to ensure a perfect fit before committing. But all in all, the New World Dog Crate holds its own as a dependable den for your dedicated companion.

MidWest Homes XL iCrate

MidWest Homes iCrate


If you're seeking a secure haven for your German Shepherd, this crate might just be the ticket with its robust build and thoughtful design.


  • Incredibly user-friendly setup; unfolds easily without the need for tools
  • Features not one, but two doors, amping up the convenience factor
  • Includes features like the Paw Block and locking tips for extra peace of mind


  • While spacious, the largest pups may require an even bigger size
  • Portability is somewhat compromised due to the crate's substantial build
  • Some may find adjusting the included divider a bit fiddly initially

German Shepherds, mighty as they are, deserve a crate that stands up to their strength and spirit. We've just had a chance to try out the MidWest Homes XL iCrate and it seems to tick all the boxes for what a Shepherd needs. The double-door design is a massive plus—no more awkward squeezes when it's time for them to bunk down.

The safety features gave us an immediate sense of relief. We're talking about the Paw Block and locking tips which are a breeze to engage. You're left confident that your furry friend is not just contained but actually safe.

We couldn't help but admire the extras, too. The divider allows you to adjust the crate size as your Shepherd grows, which is especially useful during their rocket-speed puppy months. And the leak-proof pan? A sanity saver for those inevitable messes. No more frantic scrubbing, just a swift takeout and clean.

In summary, the MidWest Homes XL iCrate feels like a solid choice for German Shepherd owners who prioritize security, convenience, and straightforward maintenance in a dog crate. It’s a robust safe spot that your Shepherd will love calling home.

MidWest Single Door iCrate

MidWest Single Door iCrate


We found this crate to be an all-around great choice for making your German Shepherd feel secure and comfortable.


  • Enhanced security features for pet safety
  • Includes divider panel and leak-proof pan
  • Easy to assemble, portable, and sturdy


  • Can be too snug for larger German Shepherds
  • Locking mechanism may require a firm hand
  • Some dogs might chew on the crate material

The search for a reliable dog crate for our German Shepherd led us to the robust MidWest Single Door iCrate. Its enhanced safety features, like the slide-bolt latches with patented tips, offered us peace of mind knowing our furry pal was secure.

The assembly process was a breeze; we had it ready in no time, sans tools. The convenient divider panel allowed us to adjust the space for our pup's growing needs.

After weeks of use, the crate really held up. The leak-proof pan proved invaluable, keeping accidents contained and hassle-free to clean. The rubber feet were also a nice touch, sparing our floors from scratches.

During our time with the crate, we observed that while it's spacious for a mid-sized German Shepherd, owners of larger breeds might want to consider a bigger size. Additionally, while the security features are top-notch, securing the latch took a little extra oomph at times.

A point of caution: if your dog is a bit of a chewer like ours, you'll want to keep an eye out, as they might take a liking to the metal bars.

LEMBERI Heavy Duty Crate

LEMBERI Heavy Duty Crate


After setting up and using the LEMBERI Heavy Duty Crate, we're convinced it offers a secure and comfortable environment for large breeds like German Shepherds.


  • Incredibly sturdy construction
  • Easy cleaning with removable tray
  • Simplified assembly and mobility


  • Might be bulky for smaller spaces
  • Lock mechanism could feel flimsy
  • Potential for rust in screw holes as reported by some users

The LEMBERI Heavy Duty Crate has a steel frame and dual latches that give an impression of a fortress, ensuring our furry pal remains safe and secure. We've experienced firsthand how its non-toxic finish gives us peace of mind about our dog's health while they're inside.

Cleaning up after our Shepherd has become a breeze. We're particularly impressed by the slide-out tray under the floor grate. The mess simply falls through and we slide out the tray for a quick clean-up, no hassle. It's a game-changer for maintaining hygiene with such ease.

Assembling this crate was a walk in the park. The wheels and pre-assembled parts clicked together so smoothly it was ready for use in mere minutes. And when it's time for a change of scenery, locking wheels ensure it stays put or rolls away without drama. The convenience of this mobility can't be overstated, especially when we need to rearrange our space on the fly.

WOKEEN Heavy Duty Crate

WOKEEN Heavy Duty Crate


Trust us, if you're on the lookout for a fortress for your German Shepherd, the WOKEEN Heavy Duty Crate will not disappoint.


  • Robust build resists even the most energetic paw-ners.
  • Mobility is a breeze with the lockable wheels—say goodbye to heavy lifting.
  • Simple setup and cleaning makes our lives easier.


  • Bulkiness might be an issue in smaller spaces.
  • The industrial look may not blend with every home's decor.
  • Steel construction, while strong, means it's not the lightest option around.

As German Shepherd owners, we often stress about finding a crate that can withstand their might. I recently finished assembling the WOKEEN Heavy Duty Crate—one glance and you know it's like the tank of dog crates. It's incredibly sturdy, and our furry friend hasn't managed to make a dent in it—impressive, to say the least.

I've got to mention the wheels; lugging around a big crate usually feels like a workout, but these wheels glide smoothly across the floor. And when you find the right spot, just lock 'em down, and it stays put. A big win for convenience!

As for the cleaning aspect, it's often a dreaded chore, but this design makes it a lot less bothersome. Two removable trays mean you can keep it spotless without breaking a sweat. Whether it's dirt from a park romp or a water bowl spill, cleanup's a cinch. Our German Shepherd seems quite content in her new den, and that's peace of mind for us.

Amazon Basics Dog Crate

Amazon Basics Dog Crate


We think this crate is a solid pick for your German Shepherd, offering both durability and convenience for everyday use.


  • Simplifies training and provides a secure space
  • Easy to clean with a removable tray
  • Folds flat for convenient storage or travel


  • Might be too small for large German Shepherds
  • Metal wire design may not suit every home aesthetic
  • Lock mechanism may require familiarization to avoid mishaps

Let's talk about how handy this crate can be. We've recently given it a go with our own pups and appreciated the peace of mind it provides. The sturdy build means you won't come home to a breakout artist's handy work. It sets up in a snap, and when you're done, it collapses just as quickly. That top handle is a godsend for when we need to shift the crate from room to room without wrestling with an awkward, bulky frame.

Whether it's after a muddy walk or an unfortunate accident, cleaning some crates can be a nightmare. Thankfully, this isn't one of them. The plastic tray slides out easily, so wiping it down is a breeze. For dogs that tend to push around their bedding and make a mess, there's a handy hook to keep everything in place.

Now, while the crate's size is decent for medium breeds, we've found it might cramp the style of a larger German Shepherd. Plus, the aesthetic won't blend seamlessly into every living area; it's got that utilitarian vibe. And a heads-up for first-timers: the locking mechanism is secure, but it takes a couple of tries to get the hang of it.

Overall, if you're in the market for a reliable, no-fuss crate, this Amazon Basics model could be exactly what you're after.

New World Double Door Crate

New World Double Door Crate


We found this crate to provide a comfortable and secure environment for our German Shepherd, reflecting thoughtful features and sturdy construction.


  • Enhanced security with added locking tips and Paw Block
  • Convenient double-door design for flexible placement
  • Folds flat for easy transport and storage


  • May require upsizing for larger German Shepherds
  • Heavy to move around due to robust construction
  • Assembly can be a little strenuous for some people

Our first impressions of the New World Double Door Crate were of a solid home for our furry companion. Once we unfolded the crate and latched it securely, we felt relieved to see our dog settling in easily. The slide-bolt latches with their additional locking tips offered extra peace of mind that our German Shepherd would stay put.

Next, we were truly appreciative of the double-door feature. The flexibility this offers can't be overstated – being able to position the crate in various spots around the house without worrying about door access is fantastic.

Transporting the crate is where the design really shines. We had to take our German Shepherd on a road trip, and the fold-flat feature was a lifesaver. It's straightforward to collapse and set up again, which helps when you're trying to wrangle an excited dog and their accessories.

On the flip side, for owners of particularly large or long German Shepherds, we'd recommend measuring your pooch and considering the next size up. While the dimensions are spacious, every dog prefers a little elbow room.

The crate doesn't win any awards for being lightweight, but then again, that speaks to its sturdy construction. We had to put our backs into it when moving it from room to room due to its solid build.

Finally, while the assembly didn't give us much trouble, some users should prepare for a bit of a workout snapping the pieces into place. Overall, the New World Double Door Crate was well-received by us and our canine pal, offering both comfort and security.

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Buying Guide

Size & Strength

We'll start with size because it's crucial. Our German Shepherds need ample space to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. We should look for crates that are at least 42 inches in length. Remember to account for their growth if you're getting a crate for a puppy.

  • Length: 42 inches (minimum)
  • Height: 30 inches (approx.)
  • Width: 28 inches (approx.)


Durability is next on our checklist. A heavy-duty metal crate is often recommended because it withstands chewing and lasts longer.

  • Metal: Heavy-duty for strength
  • Plastic: Lighter, but not for chewers


Proper airflow is essential to keep our buddies cool and comfortable. Look for a crate with ample ventilation on all sides.


If we plan on traveling with our furry friends, portability becomes important. Folding crates with handles are convenient for transport.

  • Foldable: Yes, for easier transport
  • Handles: Yes, for better grip

Cleaning Convenience

We want to keep our German Shepherd's crate clean with minimal hassle. Look for crates with removable trays or floors that are easy to slide out and clean.

  • Tray: Removable for cleaning

Safety Features

Our dog's safety is a top priority. Locks should be robust and free from sharp edges to prevent any injury.

  • Locks: Heavy-duty and safe
  • Edges: Smoothed out to prevent harm

With these features in mind, we'll be able to select a crate that offers comfort, security, and functionality for our German Shepherds.

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