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Big cats in boxes while playing with it

Adorable Video Of Big Cats In Boxes: Big Cats Love Cardboard Box Too!

An adorable video of big cats in boxes at a large cat rescue sanctuary proves large felines like boxes too! Not all cute things come in small packages. Watch these animals play and have fun with a cardboard box.

Watch These Tiger, Lion, And Leopard Have Fun!

Big Cat Rescue is among the best and largest sanctuaries in the world, located in Tampa, Florida. It’s dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned cats of all shapes and sizes.

Some of them are former performing cats from circuses and some are people’s former “pets” rescued from the exotic wildlife trade. The dedicated folks at this rescue know cats, so whenever a big cardboard box makes its way to the sanctuary, it’s immediately put to good use as a playhouse for the kitties!

Check out this adorable video compilation from the Big Cat Rescue YouTube channel of lots of beautiful big cats enjoying their boxes…just like your cat at home! Also, don't forget to take up your favorite rescue shirt and donate to their amazing cause!

Is It Safe To Put Big Cats In Boxes?

While cats like lions, tigers, and cheetahs may seem like cuddle bugs when they're young, they remain wild beasts that require special handling. Putting them in a box, even briefly, raises serious safety concerns.

These creatures have powerful instincts to hunt and kill prey. Even well-fed captive-bred cats retain these predatory instincts.

Their first reaction when put in an enclosed space is often to feel trapped and threatened. This triggers a fight-or-flight response that can lead to aggression and attempts to escape. 

Transporting through boxes is also stressful for them. Being confined goes against their natural roaming behaviors and desire for territory. 

While they may seem docile and manageable at times, they remain wild animals with instincts and needs we don't fully understand. Putting them in boxes for any reason - from moving to play - goes against their welfare and poses risks to both cats and humans.

Why Do Cats Want The Cardboard Box

Cat lying inside a cardboard box

Cats have a strange fascination with empty cardboard boxes. Whether it's a shipping box, appliance box, or moving box, felines seem to be instantly drawn to these hollow cubes. So what is it about cardboard boxes that cats find so irresistible? 

First, boxes provide the perfect sanctuary for cats. They offer privacy, protection from the elements, and a sense of security.

Cardboard boxes mimic the dark, enclosed spaces that cats naturally seek out, like under furniture and behind appliances. For cats, boxes satisfy that need for a safe, enclosed shelter. 

Second, boxes provide the perfect perch. They allow cats to climb up high and survey their territory. Cats are natural climbers and they love having an elevated vantage point, and they also like jumping from high places.

Third, boxes are irresistible toys. Cats love to pounce on, bat around, and chase boxes. The crinkly, rustling sound of cardboard seems to activate some primal hunting instinct in cats.

In the end, cats just think boxes are fun! They make great interactive toys while providing comfort and security.

So the next time you break down a cardboard box, don't be surprised if your cat comes running, ready to claim their new cardboard castle.  For cats, boxes truly are the simple pleasures in life, just like their strange affinity for toilet paper.


How much space do big cats need?

While many zoos keep these creatures confined in small areas, it is generally agreed that this is bad for their health. In general, large felines like tigers need hundreds of kilometers of free space in order to feel at home.

Are big cats pack animals?

Some of them, like the lion, for example, are pack animals. Others, like the cheetah, prefer to hunt alone.

Why are big cats called big cats?

This is to differentiate them from small cats like domestic and feral ones.

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