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Cruelty-Free Cat Toys

Cruelty-Free Cat Toys


Have you ever thought about where those cat toys you have around the house really come from? Some of the most popular cat toys are fur mice and feather wands, mostly made in China. Cats love them and we’ve all bought them at one time or another. If you’re vegan, you’ve probably already started buying fur and feather-free cat toys. But if you’re not, there are a few important things every pet owner should know about the Chinese fur industry and cat toys.


China is the world’s biggest exporter of fur products. Rabbits, foxes, minks, dogs, cats, and other animals are kept in inhumane conditions. The animals are bludgeoned and skinned, often while still alive, according to undercover investigators. Cat and dog fur is commonly used in fur trim, trinkets, and yes…even cat toys. Cat and dog fur products made for the export market are often intentionally mislabeled as other species.


There are many great alternatives to fur and feather cat toys. Here are just a few resources to check out when shopping for cat toys.



There are lots of talented crafters selling handmade, animal product-free cat toys on Etsy. The hardest part will be deciding between the dozens of cute hand sewn, knitted, and crocheted toys. How about a crocheted baby turtle or a felt sushi roll filled with catnip?


PETA-Approved Cat Gear

Check out PETA’s list of cruelty-free cat toys and gadgets HERE.


The Mouse Factory

The Mouse Factory online store sells a large variety of cat toys. While a few are made with feather and fur, most are not made with animal products. Replace your feather wand toy with one made with polar fleece. There are also lots of cloth sacks and fleece/fake fur toys filled with catnip.


Ethical Products

Visit the SPOT brand cat toy section of the Ethical Products website where a majority of the items are fur and feather-free. Many of the toys are also made from natural materials like corduroy, burlap, jute, corn husk, sisal, and terry cloth.



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Debby - March 18, 2019

Does the feather wand have real or fake feathers?

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