5 Best Interactive Dog Toys


Looking for the perfect toy to keep your dog entertained? With so many different choices, how do you find the best toys for your dog? Experts note that a good selection of safe, quality toys can provide your dog with both physical and mental stimulation. Toys are important for exercise, intellectual stimulation, bonding between your dog and you (and other dogs), and good dental health. Check out some of these top picks that are guaranteed to keep your dog happy and busy.


1. The Kong

No list of best interactive dog toys would be complete without the classic Kong. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Kong is a “work to eat” chew toy made of strong rubber that you stuff with treats. The Kong’s tough texture and bouncy shape make it irresistible for dogs who love to chew and chase things. You can stuff the Kong with specially-made Kong treats, or other goodies like peanut butter. Some owners like to freeze their stuffed Kongs before giving them to their dogs.


2. The Busy Buddy Waggle

The Waggle is an interactive chew toy that also dispenses treats. It’s a flexible rubber toy in a barbell shape that is great for dogs who love to chew. You can stuff treats into the ball end of the toy and as your dog chews and shakes it, the “Treat Meter” doles out the treats. Although…we have heard that some smart dogs have figured out that if they roll it around with their paws the treats come out faster.


3. The DogFinder

Swedish dog and cat toy puzzle maker Nina Ottoson makes a great variety of interactive toys that are sure to challenge even the smartest dog. The DogFinder is a puzzle toy that allows your dog to find treats by moving blocks on tracks, revealing the treat underneath. You can vary the degree of difficulty by adding or removing the blocks. Helping your dog figure out how it works is a great way for the two of you to bond, too.


4. The Odin

The Odin is a modern, geometric dog toy that any stylish dog owner would be proud to place on the bookshelf or coffee table. This interactive toy has flaps you lift to insert treats and different sized holes that release the treats as your dog plays. The Odin is modular, so you can connect multiple toys together to change it up and keep your dog interested.


5. The Hol-ee Roller

The Hol-ee Roller is a combination ball, chew toy, and treat dispenser. It’s a hollow rubber ball with holes in the surface that your dog can use to chew on or play fetch with you. You can also insert things like dog biscuits or carrots into the ball and turn it into an interactive treat dispenser. The squishy, flexible texture makes it a great teething toy for puppies and also makes it safe to toss around in the house.



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