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Pet Proof Home

16 Tips For Pet Proofing Your Home

pet proofing your home

It doesn’t matter whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, reptile, bird, or any other type of pet. All of the rooms in your house or apartment should be checked to make sure there are no hazards that could harm your pet, especially small things that they could eat, chew on, or even swallow accidentally while playing. Here’s some advice on making sure your home is a safe haven for your pet.

Pet-Proofing Your Kitchen

  pet proofing your kitchen

  1. Don’t leave out foods that are toxic to pets, such as chocolate, garlic, or grapes.
  2. Put knives away and stash that random stuff that always ends up in the kitchen in the junk drawer (twist ties, batteries, twine, etc.)
  3. Keep pets out of the kitchen when you clean the oven, both with chemicals and the self-cleaning method.
  4. Put child locks on your cabinets if your clever pet has figured out how to open them.
  5. Birds are especially sensitive to fumes from preheated cookware, so keep them out of the kitchen.


Pet Proof Your Bathroom

pet proofing your house


  1. Don’t leave out dental floss, medicine, or cleaning supplies.
  2. Look for lidded waste baskets if your pet likes to poke around the trash.
  3. Close the toilet lid so no thirsty pets drink out of the toilet.


A Pet Proof Living Room

cat proofing your house


  1. Cover your fireplace with a screen and keep lighters out of reach.
  2. Keep sewing and craft supplies like needles and yarn away from pets.
  3. Cover wires and cables if your pet likes to chew on them, especially in homes with rabbits.
  4. Put away any children’s toys, games, or puzzles that have small, easy to swallow pieces.
  5. Make sure none of your houseplants or cut flowers are toxic to pets.

Pet Proofing Your Bedroom

Pet Proof House


  1. Don’t leave out small, tempting objects like hair pins and bands, jewelry, or coins.
  2. If you use mothballs, make sure they are well out of your pet’s reach.
  3. Put shoes with laces and drawstring laundry bags behind closed closet doors.

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