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10 Fascinating Facts About Dogs

10 Fascinating Facts About Dogs


Attention dog lovers—think you already know everything there is to know about dogs? Sure, you know a lot, but there are all kinds of interesting facts about dogs that not everyone knows…even crazy dog people. Here are some fascinating (and not widely known) facts about man’s best friend…so you can impress all your friends at parties!


1. A dog’s shoulder blades are not attached to other bones in the skeleton, only muscles.


2. Guide dogs for the blind originated in Germany after World War I, to aid blind soldiers.


3. A 4 inch high Chihuahua named Boo Boo was declared by Guinness to be the world’s smallest dog.


4. Dogs with pointed faces tend to live longer than dogs with flat faces.


5. 30% of Dalmatians are deaf in one or both ears.


6. Poodles originated in Germany, not France, are were originally called pudlehund—splashing dog.


7. The earliest European images of dogs date back to 12,000 year old cave paintings in Spain.


8. The world’s oldest living dog was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey who lived to 29 years, 5 months.


9. Helen Keller brought the first Akita to the United States in the 1930s after a trip to Japan.


10. The Newfoundland breed has webbed feet to aid in swimming.


Credits:  Guide dog:  "Opas Finna" by smerikal on Flickr; Cave painting:  Man and dog, Altimira, Spain, artist unknown.




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