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Orange striped cat looking from a window while chattering at a bird

Cute Videos: Cats Chattering at Birds

Does your cat like to watch birds out the window? If so, you’ve probably noticed that cats may begin to chirp and make other chattering noises upon seeing birds or other small animals. Here are some cute videos of cat chattering with birds and other information to help you learn more about this curious cat behavior.

Why Is My Cat Chirping?

Cats are descended from natural predators, and although they have been domesticated for quite a long time now, they still have some of those hunting instincts from their ancestors.

As such, they may become excited whenever they see prey (it doesn’t have to be a bird either) and start chattering at them. This vocalization is quite unusual from their regular meows and sounds suspiciously similar to chirping.

This chattering behavior is often seen among cats who are watching their prey. Many think it is a sign of frustration for not being able to catch the bird they are watching.

Similarly, other experts believe that chattering is a way for cats to practice their hunting skills. The theory that they’re just doing it to communicate with other felines has also been raised.

Additionally, others think that cats try to mimic the sound of a bird to help them get closer to their prey without being noticed. However, considering the stark difference in sound between the two, this explanation seems far more unlikely than the previous ones.

It is also important to note that not all felines chatter at birds. Some may watch them silently, while most will go for the hunt and pounce on their prey without making any noise.

Additionally, indoor cats that are never allowed to hunt may display this behavior when watching birds inside their homes. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t get much cuter than videos of cats chirping at birds out the window. Enjoy these excited kitties!

Cat Chattering At Birds Compilation

Fluffy duet

Chattering Bengal

Classic chatter

3 Maine Coons chattering at city birds

3 cute Domestic Shorthairs chattering at birds

One excited kitty

Keep Your Felines From Catching Birds

Calico cat carrying off a bird he hunted

You’re probably thinking how angelic your little kitties are every time you look at them, but the truth is far from what you think. If left unchecked, cats have the capacity to destroy the local wildlife, hunting down birds and other small animals to extinction.

Cats have been kept by humans mostly as pest controllers. The lack of selective breeding among them is one of the biggest reasons the trait remains alive.

The frustration that your furry friend shows is just one of the many reasons why you should keep your pet indoors. Most cats will have to kill ten to twenty small animals each day in order to sustain themselves. We can see how this can run up a tally among large stray cat populations.

The domestic cat has been listed as one of the worst invasive species in existence. In the United States alone, free-ranging domestic cats are said to kill an estimated 1.3 billion to 4 billion birds annually.

Their effect on small mammals such as rats is even larger, estimated to be around 6.3 to 22.3 billion prey killed annually. As much as we love to see these kitties prosper, it’s important to keep their number in check and let other wild animals live.

This is why it’s important to neuter and spay strays in order to keep them from reproducing too much. Luckily, there are many organizations that seek to help contain this problem, some of which you can join yourself.

Additionally, all cat owners should do their individual part and keep their lovely kitties away from hunting the precious few wildlife we have left. 

Enhancing Your Cat's Environment To Keep Them Sufficiently Stimulated

Two cats looking outside the window for birds to chirp at

Now that we’ve mentioned the importance of keeping our kitties safe in our homes, you might think, “What do I do if they get bored?” Fret not, however, for there are plenty of activities that you, as an owner, can do to keep your pet happy and stimulated.

Admittedly, some of these may take some effort. Still, they are worthy investments to keep your cats from being depressed and withdrawn.

Wear your cat lover shirts with pride as you follow these helpful tips to keep your beloved feline sufficiently stimulated:

Provide outdoor views

Cats are natural explorers. They love seeing new things and observing their environment. Providing a place in your home that can let them look outside is a great way to stimulate your darlings.

Suppose you have some space outside; even better! You can invest in some nice catio and let your pet enjoy the breeze and nature for some time.

Offer toys and other exercise outlets

Any cat owner knows how much felines go crazy over toys. Remind yourself to buy some playthings for your pet and to allot at least fifteen minutes of playtime with them at least once a day.

It may also be worth it to consider building an indoor cat garden for your kitty to lounge around. Aside from bringing more color into your house, it’s also a good way to encourage your pet to play and exercise.


Why do cats chirp at birds?

They are probably very frustrated that they are unable to perform their hunting skills on these creatures, and they express it through their vocalizations.

Do all cats chatter at birds?

Not all cats chatter at birds.

Is chattering normal?

Yes, it is normal behavior.

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