Cute Videos: Cats Chattering at Birds


Does your cat like to watch birds out the window? If so, you’ve probably noticed that cute kitty “chattering” that seems to happen when cats get excited about seeing birds. What’s chattering all about anyway? Scientists have some interesting theories. Based on observations of cats in the wild, some experts believe that the cats are mimicking the birds in an attempt to draw in their prey. Others believe that when housecats chatter, they’re exhibiting signs of frustration, anticipation, or even a surge of adrenalin.


Whatever the reason, it doesn’t get much cuter than videos of cats chattering at birds out the window. Enjoy these excited kitties!


Fluffy duet


Chattering Bengal


Classic chatter


3 Maine Coons chattering at city birds


3 cute Domestic Shorthairs chattering at birds


One excited kitty




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