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Essential Facts About the Adorable Cockatiel

Essential Facts About the Adorable Cockatiel

A photo of a cockatiel bird


Is there any bird that puts a smile on your face quicker than the perky little cockatiel? What’s more irresistible than that cute yellow face with the bright orange cheek feathers, topped by a jaunty crest? Yes, we’re pretty much smitten with the charming cockatiel.

If you are already owned by one, you know what we’re taking about. If not, here are some facts about this bird species to get you started.


A grey cockatiel on a tree

The cockatiel is originally from Australia, first discovered by westerners back in 1770, becoming a popular pet in the 1900s during the Australian gold rush.

They are also one of the parrot species in the cockatoo family.


Two cockatiels on a tree branch with their tail feathers hanging

Cockatiels are very sociable birds, they will flock together in the wild, and pet cockatiels do not like to be left alone for extended periods of time. Pet owners need to make sure to get a pair if they will be away from home a lot.

A pet cockatiel standing on a human's finger

Cockatiels can live up to 25 years, although 15 years is the average age. Proper care increases a cockatiel’s lifespan.

In their natural habitat, cockatiels primarily consume grass seeds; in captivity, captive cockatiels may consume dried, sprouted, or soaked seeds.

Cockatiels can be harmed if placed in a cold, drafty area of your house. Be sure to keep your cockatiel away from things like air conditioning vents.


In the wild, the male cockatiel performs to entice the female. They are more likely to attract a desirable companion if they make their show bolder and bigger. Even while in captivity, male cockatiels keep their bold prowess.

Male cockatiels will whistle and talk more than female cockatiels. Hand-fed cocktails make better talkers than those raised by their bird parents.


Young children and cockatiels don’t always make the best combination because cockatiels can get startled by overly-excited little ones. Cockatiels do better with calm, older kids.

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