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Jack Russell Terrier doing stupid dog tricks

Stupid Dog Tricks: Top Stupid Pet Tricks From David Letterman

The Stupid Pet Tricks segment on the David Letterman Show goes way back 30 years to the 1980s. With Dave retiring soon, it’s a perfect time to reflect on some of the classics. If you're too young to remember the hysterically funny early segments, take a look at some of our favorite original stupid dog tricks!

Dog Plays Dead

Bailey the Beagle knows just how to entertain the masses with her cool trick of playing dead (only until the treat comes tho). Interestingly enough, did you know that this breed is very cat-friendly? No wonder she's fun to be around.

Pup Buys A Beer

Buddy the Mutt is not just adorable, he's also wickedly smart. He is smart enough to buy beer for himself, that's for sure. Sadly, mutts are very underappreciated in this day and age, as evidenced by their high numbers in the NAIA animal shelter survey.

Take A Look At This Talking Fur Baby

Who would have thought Disney wasn't lying to us after all: talking pups do exist! Odie the Pug is the perfect example that love conquers all, even interspecies communication barriers.

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FAQ On Stupid Dog Tricks

Who is David Letterman?

He hosted the show from which all these clips came, titled The Letterman Show. Unfortunately, he retired from it starting in 2015. We still have these precious video clips, though!

What are other stupid tricks to teach my pup?

Some other stupid yet funny tricks for your canine friend include blowing bubbles, jumping rope, reading a book, snoozing on command, and many others.

How do I train my pet for tricks?

Positive reinforcement is the key, as well as consistent training. Patience is also necessary.

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