How to Puppy-Proof Your Yard


Getting a new puppy? You’ve probably heard a lot of advice about puppy-proofing all the rooms in your house. But what about making your yard safe and secure for a curious and adventurous new puppy? Here are a few easy tips to make sure your yard is ready for puppy playtime, courtesy of the experts at the website Labrador Training HQ:



  • Make sure you close off any gaps in (and under) fences that a small puppy can wiggle through. This includes fences around your property as well as deck and balcony fencing. Chicken wire is a good option.
  • Trade in your compost pile for a fully enclosed compost bin so your puppy doesn’t get into that nice, decomposing vegetable matter. All of your outdoor trash bins should be securely closed as well.



  • Put temporary fencing around pools, hot tubs, and ponds until your puppy is grown up and has been taught how to safely exit the water if she falls in.
  • Don’t leave any potentially dangerous garden tools lying around. Things like clippers, trimmers, or even metal rakes can be harmful to a curious puppy.



  • Make sure all of your lawn and garden products are clearly labelled as “pet safe”…this includes fertilizers, weed killers, insecticides, and pesticides. When in doubt, toss out your old products and buy ones you’re sure are safe to use around pets.
  • Keep your puppy away from heat sources like barbeque grills, fire pits, and even lanterns and candles when they’re in use.


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Remember, young puppies should be supervised when outdoors, especially if you have any concerns that your yard is not 100% puppy-proof. You can build an enclosure for your puppy if you don’t want him to have access to the entire property.



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