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Horse Big Head Disease: What You Need To Know 0

Horse Big Head Disease

Horses tend to be less prone to disease when compared with other domestic animals such as the clear majority of dog breeds. Besides the normal bumps and bruises, less normal disorders such as colic and founder, there are also rare diseases that affect less...

7 Interesting Andalusian Horse Facts You Might Not Know 0

Andalusian Horse Facts

With royal good looks and a commanding presence, the Andalusian is a prize horse's prize horse. The tale of this breed carries stories full of mystery and romance. Throughout history, the Andalusian's charm has captivated breeders with its obedience. It has enchanted poets with its...

The Most Famous Appaloosa Horse Names 5

Names of Appaloosa Horses

The beautiful Appaloosa horse is a favorite of Americans; whether you are a cowboy, Native American, rancher, or horse lover. Originally bred by the Nez Perce Indians; they are most recognized by their beautiful spotted coats...

What You Need To Know About Andalusian Horse Temperament 0

Andalusian Horse Temperment

Andalusian horses, also known as the Purebred Spanish Horse, are descended from the Sorraia horses of the Iberian Peninsula and North African horses brought to Iberia by the Phoenicians and Celts around 900 BC. For thousands of years, they have been beloved by their riders...

Nine Interesting Appaloosa Horse Facts You Might Not Know 3

Appaloosa Horse Facts

The majestic horse ranks above other livestock in terms of romance and public affection. One of the more distinct and identifiable breeds, the Appaloosa horse is ubiquitous wherever horses abound. Whether ranch and rodeo; equestrian event and horse show; or raceway and breeding farm, these...

How Big Should a Horse Round Pen Be? 1

 how big should a horse round pen be display photo

Horse pens are essential for training; they help horses improve their attention span and have marked benefits on their cadence and balance. They also facilitate a better relationship between the horse and its trainer because the enclosed nature...

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