What You Need To Know About Andalusian Horse Temperament

Andalusian Horse Temperment

Andalusian horses, also known as the Purebred Spanish Horse, are descended from the Sorraia horses of the Iberian Peninsula and North African horses brought to Iberia by the Phoenicians and Celts around 900 BC. For thousands of years, they have been beloved by their riders and prized for the incredible Andalusian horse personality. So if you are crazy enough about your Andalusian horse to wear these horse lovin’ shirts seven days a week then you might just be crazy enough to want to read all of these facts about Andalusian horse temperament.

A Courageous Spirit

In Spain, there is a form of bullfighting where the bullfighter takes on the bull in the ring from horseback. The horse is an Andalusian, the breed of horse with cat-like reflexes and an undaunted spirit even in the face of a charging, angry bull. It is a courage that made them beloved of Spanish cowboys working their lonely ranges, and cavalry soldiers throughout history. Their brave spirit was prized by many warriors, when they were cavalry horses of the Greeks, the Romans, William the Conqueror of England, and the Conquistadors who overran the New World. In 1667 the Duke of Newcastle wrote about the Andalusian breed "If well-chosen it is the noblest horse in the world, the most beautiful that can be. He is of great spirit and of great courage and docile."

Incredible Intelligence

It is a known fact by many who ride and love these horses that they are very smart. Much of that comes from their history, as a horse would survive and fight much better when they are intelligent enough to understand their training and use it to keep themselves and their riders alive even in the perils of battle. It was their intellect as well as their courage that made them so beloved of noble riders throughout history, and caused Napoleon to attempt to take them all during his conquests of Europe. No ruler could resist a horse with brains as well as bravery. Today, that intelligence makes them darlings of many show rings and dressage competitions, as the horses seem to love learning new things as much as their owners love to teach them.

Excellent Dressage Horses Who Love to Perform

Andalusian Horse Personality

Back in the day, their equestrian fighting skills aided Sparta’s victory over Athens. So just think, when your Andalusian does a really cool move in dressage, your horse’s hundred time great grandfather’s same brave spirit was doing the same thing while the Spartans were fighting the Athenians. The Andalusian, the Lipizzaner, and the Lusitano are among the rare breeds with the strength in their hindquarters to perform High Dressage, and the other breeds gained that ability from mixing with Andalusians long ago. Their ability to perform dressage reflects well on their overall temperament, which is a desire to please and perform at their very best.

Fact Four: Surprisingly Calm Demeanor

For a horse with so much spirit and courage, many people would expect Andalusian horses to be feisty or hard to handle. However, they are often spoken of with respect for their amazingly calm demeanor even in the face of a dangerous bull or the shouting, excited crowds of an equestrian competition. Again, this trait has been bred into them over a long history of working closely with their riders and owners even in very dangerous or challenging situations. William Shakespeare described the Andalusians almost perfectly when he wrote in Henry V, "he is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in him, but only in patient stillness while his rider mounts him; he is indeed a horse, and all other jades you may call beasts."

Even Miguel Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, spoke well of the Andalusian horse, declaring that their region is “the origin of the best horses in the world.” Few owners of these beautiful, intelligent and brave horses would disagree with him. The Andalusian horse temperament is a rare combination among horses, and something to be treasured by all who have them.

 Andalusian Horse Facts

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