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Squee Alert! 10 Adorable Baby Horses

Squee Alert! 10 Adorable Baby Horses


Awww…what’s not to love about baby horses? They’re cute and dainty and are prone to getting the crazies and romping around the farmyard out of sheer joy. Did you know that a baby horse of either sex is called a foal, while a young male horse is called a colt and a young female is called a filly? Whatever you call them, they’re all pretty much adorable. Here are the 10 most adorable baby horses!




Fuzzy little guy


A perfect day


I'll grow into my legs


Little beauty


In the meadow


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Pretty like mom


Just resting


A wild pony


Sweet face


Images top to bottom: Made on Dartmoor by Miles Wolstenholme; Space Kadett Kyle by smerikal, Foal by Ben Stephenson; with Big Mama by daita saru; Another baby horse by Peter Burka; Foal Portrait by Harry Thomas Photography; DSC_0117 by Glen Dahlman; 7628539_20 by SMALLORBIGOFMEN; New Forest Foal by Stuart Webster; Wild Exmoor Pony Foal by Michael Bailey; Symphony's Face by tiny dragons (all Flickr).


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