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Guinea pig in a cage

Best Guinea Pig Cages: Exploring Top-Rated Cages for Your Pet

Guinea pigs make delightful pets with their sociable and gentle nature. Creating a comfortable living space for our furry friends is essential for their well-being and is among the costs of responsible pet ownership. The right cage is not just their habitat, but it also serves as a safe haven where they can eat, sleep, play, and explore in security.

The variety of guinea pig cages available can cater to the different needs of these little creatures, including traditional wire-top cages with a solid base, modular enclosures that allow for customizable layouts, and even deluxe hutches with multiple levels.

When considering which cage is the best fit, it's vital to assess the space, ease of cleaning, and the ability to interact with our pets. These enclosures should provide ample room for exercise and play, which is crucial for a guinea pig's physical and mental stimulation.

Size also matters when choosing a cage. Guinea pigs require space to move freely, so a cage that is too small could hinder their ability to be active and happy. Durability and ease of maintenance are equally paramount, ensuring the habitat remains safe and hygienic over time.

Paying attention to the materials used can help us avoid issues related to toxicity and durability, ensuring we choose a cage that stands the test of time and use.

We've dedicated hours to examining various models, taking into account design, comfort, and safety to find the best guinea pig cages that will enrich the lives of our pets. It's a decision that affects their daily existence, and we are here to guide you through making the best choice for your furry family member.

Top Guinea Pig Cages

In search of cozy and spacious homes for your furry friends, we've rounded up a selection of the top guinea pig cages for you to consider. These picks aim to offer comfort for your guinea pigs while also being convenient for you to maintain.

Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking for a housing upgrade as a gift idea for your pet, our list covers a variety of styles to suit your space and the needs of your guinea pig.

Guinea Habitat Plus

MidWest Homes for Pets Guinea Habitat Plus


If you're considering the best home for your furry friends, we definitely recommend the Guinea Habitat Plus for its space and convenience.


  • Spacious living and play area
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Quick assembly with no extra tools


  • Sides may be too low for active pets
  • Not suitable for outdoor use without additional shelter
  • Canvas bottom may be prone to chewing

After setting up the Guinea Habitat Plus, we were immediately impressed by its generous size. The ease of assembly meant we had it ready in no time, with no fumbling for tools or screws.

The divider is a handy feature – it helps us keep the living area distinct from the litter zone. The cleanliness of their space is so much easier to uphold, and when it comes time to wash, we just remove the durable PVC liner.

Even more, we love the accessibility the open top provides. Engaging with our guinea pigs is simpler than ever, and the full wire mesh means they're safe while we're not around.

Yet, we do keep an eye out, as we've noticed how our more adventurous pals are fascinated by the edges and might try to hop out or nibble on the canvas. For those with smaller pets or other critters, these features would strike the same chord of delight and practicality.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World Deluxe Habitat


We found this habitat to be a spacious and secure option for small pets, offering easy access and a comfortable living space.


  • Offers ample space for play and accessories
  • Effortless access with a wire door and a top that opens
  • Hassle-free cleaning thanks to external water and hay attachments


  • Assembly instructions could be clearer
  • The included hideout may be too small for some pets
  • The plastic base may not hold up against heavy chewers

The Living World Deluxe Habitat quickly caught our eye due to its large living area and smart design. The balcony and ramp give our guinea pigs a prime spot to survey their surroundings and get some exercise, while the secure food dish prevents those little scamps from tipping it over during their more enthusiastic moments.

Maintenance is also a breeze with the exterior water bottle and hay guard. It made routine care less of a chore, freeing up more time for us to enjoy watching our pets play. The open design means we did not have to reach awkwardly into the cage—just popping open the top or front door provided full access.

Most impressively, we assembled the entire structure in no time, and without any tools. While it did involve a bit of confusion due to less-than-perfect instructions, the assembly was largely intuitive. It's a relief to know we can disassemble it just as easily if we need to move or deep clean it.

To sum it up, the Living World Deluxe Habitat offers a blend of roominess, accessibility, and ease of maintenance that we find ideal for small pets. It's the upgrade they deserve, and it makes our lives a little simpler too.

VISCOO Guinea Pig Playpen

VISCOO Guinea Pig Playpen


We've assembled this playpen and found it to be a reliable option for your small pets, offering ample space and customizability.


  • Offers flexible partitioning to create distinct areas
  • Easy assembly with added stability features
  • Waterproof liner simplifies cleaning


  • May not be suitable for pets over 6kg
  • The wire can bend if force is applied
  • Requires level ground for optimal setup

Putting together the VISCOO Guinea Pig Playpen was a straightforward task, thanks to the intuitive design and helpful extras like the included wooden hammer. We appreciated being able to build it into various shapes to fit the space and our pet's needs.

The semi-transparent panels allowed us to observe our pets' playful antics easily, and the separating partitions meant we could customize their environment into a play, eat, and rest zone. It wasn’t just functional; it looked rather modern sitting in our living room.

Cleanliness is often a concern with pet habitats, but the waterproof liner of this playpen made maintenance a breeze. Spills and messes were easily wiped away. We quickly noticed the deep design helped to keep the surrounding area free from stray bedding or food.

The cage's encrypted grid and rounded edges reassured us of our pets' safety, eliminating the worry of them getting caught or injured. It was a relief to see our furry friends could enjoy without us needing to keep a constant eye out for potential hazards. Plus, the reinforced ties gave the structure additional security.

When considering this cage, do remember that it's best for pets weighing less than 6kg. Larger pets might cause the semi-transparent panels to buckle under their weight.

In our use, while moving the components, we noticed that applying too much force could make the wires bend, so handle with care. Also, keep in mind it's optimal to set this playpen up on a flat surface to ensure stability.

Our experience with the VISCOO Guinea Pig Playpen has been positive. It's versatile, easy to clean, and safe for our pets, making it a great choice for other small animal owners.

Oneluck Guinea Pig Starter Cage

Oneluck Guinea Pig Cage


We think the Oneluck Guinea Pig Cage could be a hit for your furry friends, offering plenty of space and a convenient hideaway.


  • Spacious living area ideal for two Guinea Pigs
  • Includes a cozy hideout for privacy
  • Easy-to-clean with a waterproof liner and Velcro design


  • Assembly might be tricky with the partition
  • Received wrong-sized canvas bottom in rare instances
  • Potential for received boxes with no instructions or way to ask questions

Setting up our guinea pigs in the Oneluck Guinea Pig Cage was a breeze – once we got the hang of it. The size felt luxurious, giving our pets room to roam and play without feeling cramped. They seemed to appreciate the added hideout, darting in and out of it throughout the day, which also saved space.

Cleaning often feels like a chore with pet habitats, but this one was impressively straightforward. The waterproof lining brushed clean in a jiffy, and the Velcro attachments meant we could strip it down quickly for a deeper clean.

We did face a problem initially – the partition set-up was a head-scratcher. But once we figured it out, it added a nice touch to the overall layout.

Ferplast Cavie Cage

Ferplast Cavie Guinea Pig Cage


If you're starting out on your guinea pig parenting journey, we think you'll find the Cavie a solid choice with its thoughtful design and convenience.


  • Ease of access for cleaning and interaction with a fully opening top and side.
  • Ample accessories including hay feeder, water bottle, and a hide-out.
  • Deep base minimizes litter and debris spillage.


  • Not the largest cage option, which might require future upgrades.
  • The water bottle may be prone to leaking.
  • The plastic hide-out may be less durable than desired.

The Ferplast Cavie Cage will give you the ultimate convenience of cleaning access. The side and top openings are absolute game-changers, allowing us to reach in for quick maintenance without any hassle.

The inclusion of a hay feeder, water bottle, and a cozy hide-out was a pleasant surprise. It’s like a welcome kit for our guinea pigs, making sure they felt at home right from the start. The water bottle does its job but do keep an eye out for any potential leaks.

The deep, six-inch base of the cage is particularly good at keeping the bedding and other messes contained. It’s comforting to know that the area around the cage won't be littered with debris every time we come to check on our critters. Plus, this feature ensures our guinea pigs stay put in a secure environment.

It’s also worth noting that the cage might not be sizeable enough for guinea pigs long-term, especially if you plan on adding more to your family. While it’s been a wonderful starter home, we're thinking about the potential need for more space in the future.

In closing, for newcomers to guinea pig care, the Ferplast Cavie Cage offers a fantastic blend of practicality and accessories. It's a cozy abode our furry friends can enjoy from day one, making it well worth the consideration for your guinea pig’s first home.

Aivituvin 2-Level Guinea Pig Haven

Aivituvin Hamster Cage


We think this cage is a solid choice for anyone with small rodents, offering a spacious interior and durability with some minor drawbacks to consider.


  • The deeper tray makes cleaning less of a hassle and keeps shavings contained.
  • Aluminum alloy edges on the ramp and hideout pose a challenge to eager chewers.
  • Portable with sturdy wheels, making it a breeze to move or lock into place.


  • The size may feel limiting for growing or larger breeds of Guinea pigs.
  • Quality control issues have been noted, particularly with the finish and wood durability.
  • The cage's strong paint odor might be off-putting at first and requires airing out.

Our first impression upon assembling the Aivituvin cage was its practicality, especially the ease with which we put it together. Standing back to admire our work, we noticed the 2-level design offered ample space for our small fur friends to explore and the 2.36-inch deep tray promising a neater environment.

Rolling the cage to the perfect spot in our home was simple, thanks to the built-in wheels. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet's home is secured with just a quick flick to engage the brakes is invaluable. We also appreciated the anti-chewing features and the clear acrylic walls allowing us to watch our pets without disturbing them.

Nevertheless, we did encounter some concerns. The cage's dimensions seemed to somewhat restrict our fluffier guinea pigs. We'd also prefer if the cage’s finishing were cleaner; some areas were not as smooth as expected. Lastly, be prepared to give the cage a good ventilation period before introducing it to your pets due to the initial paint smell.

GuineaLoft Acrylic Haven

GuineaLoft ™ Guinea Pig Cage


We absolutely recommend this cage for its ease of maintenance and clear views, enhancing your pet's living space.


  • Simple cleaning with disposable bottoms
  • Reduces the need for excessive bedding
  • Expansive space and clear acrylic design


  • Initial cost may be higher than other options
  • Disposable parts can add to long-term expenses
  • Assembly required, which might be a hassle for some

Our experience with the GuineaLoft Acrylic Haven was delightful. Right off the bat, we noticed the visual appeal; its clear walls offered an unobstructed view. It allowed us to interact with our furry friends without the bars of a traditional cage getting in the way.

GuineaLoft's claim of effortless cleaning is spot on. We switched out the disposable paper bottom, and it made the process smoother than with our previous setups. There's a noticeable decrease in the mess around the cage, thanks to the high acrylic walls.

Another aspect we appreciated was the spaciousness. Our guinea pigs roamed their new habitat excitedly, which reassured us that the size was great for them. Connecting two cages for even more room is something worth considering for the future.

Despite these benefits, we acknowledge the GuineaLoft Acrylic Haven does have its downsides. The price is a bit steep compared to standard wire cages, and though we're saving on bedding, the recurring cost of disposable bottoms will add up. That said, we felt the pros outweighed the cons, given the time saved on cleaning and our guinea pigs' happiness.

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Buying Guide

Space Requirements

When selecting a cage, it's crucial to ensure ample space for your guinea pig to move, sleep, and play. Here’s a quick reference for minimum size:

Number of Guinea Pigs Minimum Cage Size
1 7.5 square feet (minimum), but more is preferable.
2 10.5 square feet (minimum).

Remember, larger cages are always better for your pet's well-being.

Cage Material and Construction

We focus on the durability and safety of the materials. Wire cages with a solid base are popular because they provide good ventilation and are easy to clean. Plastic cages can be lightweight and easy to move. Avoid cages with mesh or wire flooring, as they can hurt guinea pigs’ delicate feet.

Accessibility and Cleaning

Our ideal cage has doors that allow easy access to the interior for interaction with our pets and hassle-free cleaning. Look for cages with a removable bottom tray which simplifies the cleaning process.

Expandability and Layout

We appreciate cages that can be expanded or have modular designs which allow for customization. Providing separate areas for sleeping, eating, and playing can enrich our guinea pigs' environment.


Proper ventilation is essential. We always ensure that the cage allows for adequate airflow to keep the living space fresh and to help prevent respiratory issues.

Guinea pigs are adorable creatures (also great pets for kids!) and deserve all the love and care they need. By keeping these key features in mind, we can make an informed decision about the best habitat for our beloved pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll cover some of the most common questions about guinea pig cages that will help you make the best choice for your furry friends.

What should I look for when choosing a cage that's easy to clean?

We should prioritize cages with a removable bottom tray, which makes disposing of bedding and waste a breeze. Look for materials that are durable yet non-absorbent to odors and moisture, like coated wire or plastic.

How much space is needed in a cage for three guinea pigs?

For three guinea pigs, we need a cage that's at least 10.5 square feet, but opting for a larger space, around 13 square feet, allows more room for exercise and play.

Can you recommend some ideas for building a DIY guinea pig cage?

We can create a customized DIY cage using materials like cubes and coroplast (C&C), ensuring ample space for play and rest. Incorporate plenty of hides and safe chewable items to enrich their environment.

What are some popular large guinea pig cages on the market?

Some widely-loved large cages are the MidWest Guinea Habitat Plus and the Living World Deluxe Habitat, known for their roomy designs that provide lots of space for guinea pigs to roam.

Are multi-level cages suitable for guinea pigs?

Yes, multi-level cages can be suitable, provided the ramps are gentle and the platforms are securely fixed. We need to ensure there are no steep drops where our guinea pigs might fall and get injured.

What are the minimum cage size requirements for a pair of guinea pigs?

For a pair of guinea pigs, we should ensure a minimum of 7.5 square feet of cage space. More space is always better to help prevent territorial disputes and encourage exercise.

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