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A Welsh Corgi that looks like Stephen King's dog

Stephen King’s Dog Molly Takes Over Twitter! Funny Tweets From A Corgi

Attention dog lovers! If you’re not already one of the followers of Stephen King's dog, then it's time to start now! Nicknamed Thing of Evil by Stephen King himself, take a look at his cute pet Molly as she takes the internet by storm with her super adorable story and tweets.

Who Is Stephen King's Dog?

So who exactly is this pooch? She's the adorable Corgi named Molly that took over Stephen King's Twitter account for a day in 2021, and she's hilarious.

At 13 years old, Molly is a sassy senior dog who loves naps, snacks, and going for walks around the famous writer's Maine property. For April Fool's Day 2021, King let Molly take control of his Twitter account for the day.

What followed were dozens of tweets 'written by' Molly with her doggy thoughts and observations about life in the King household. Molly tweeted about chasing squirrels, begging for treats, and wondering why the 'tall man' (King) was always tapping on the 'clicky machine' (his laptop).

If there's anything we learned from the #CuteOff challenge, it's that people love cute things more than anything. By the end of the day, #MollyKing was trending on Twitter.

Molly brought some humor and joy to the writer's fans during a difficult time. Her presence is a reminder that dogs really do make everything better!

Molly isn't very tech-savvy, so King still controls his own Twitter account. But for one day, she was the star of the show and brought lots of smiles to people's faces. We should all thank her for having such a fun character!

Hilarious Doggy Demands and Snarky Comebacks

Molly doesn’t mince words on Twitter. This sassy pup lets her owner Stephen King know exactly what she wants when she wants it. And her demands are hilarious.







Molly’s hilarious and snarky tweets provide an amusing glimpse into the life of this feisty fur baby. Her doggy demands and comebacks are sure to bring a smile to any dog lover’s face. Now if only she’d share some of those treats...

What To Know About Corgi

A Spunky Breed

These dogs are a spirited breed known for their fun-loving and energetic personalities. Originally bred as herding dogs in Wales, corgis make great companions and family pets.

However, their spunky nature means they require daily exercise and attention, or they can become bored and develop behavioral issues.

Short but Mighty

Don't let their short stature fool you. They are athletic, sturdy dogs and need room to run and play. They do best in homes with dog-proof yards so they can zoom around, but also need to be taken on daily walks.

They can live in apartments if their exercise needs are met, but they are not ideal for small living spaces.

Double Coated Cuddlers

With their fluffy double coat and stubby legs, they make adorable cuddlers and love being around their owners. However, they shed heavily year-round, so frequent brushing and vacuuming are a must.

Big Dog Trapped in a Little Body

They have big personalities for their small size, being intelligent, confident, and stubborn at times. Proper training and socialization from an early age are important to help corgis become well-adjusted, obedient companions. Without it, they may nip at heels, bark excessively, or try to herd small children and other animals.

While they require an active lifestyle and patient, experienced owners, their playful and affectionate nature makes them a joy to have around. With the right care and attention, corgis can make wonderful lifelong friends.

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Common Questions About Stephen King And His Pet Molly

Does Stephen King hate dogs?

No. In fact, he even owns one.

Is Molly still alive?

Yes, she is.

How old is Molly?

She is thirteen years old.

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