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cute corgi puppy pictures

10 Seriously Cute Corgi Puppy Pictures


What is it about corgi puppies that’s so over the top cute? Maybe an easier question would be what’s not cute about them? Short stubby legs, pudgy little wiggle butts, big bat ears, and the sweetest faces in all of dogdom.

Whether you're a crazy dog lady or just a chill dog-parent, no one can resist the cuteness of these furballs. Enjoy these pictures of corgi puppies doing what they do best--being adorable. …you’re welcome!


Oh, Hi!


Time for a Belly Rub




Cute Coming and Going


One Floppy Ear


Going for a Walk


Toy Box


Just Try Not to Pet Me


A Corgi Nursery

It's Naptime



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Kimberly - August 12, 2015

I got a corgi/chi mix.

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