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crazy dog ladies

6 Things Only A Crazy Dog Lady Would Understand

crazy dog lady

Are you a crazy dog lady? You’re not alone! Be proud of your love for your dog and see how many of these doggy things you’ve done. Here are 6 things that only crazy dog ladies will understand:

1. Dog Weddings

crazy dog lady dog wedding

Yes it’s true, people really do host dog weddings. Of course, the first step is picking the perfect mate for your dog. It gets more elaborate from there…invitations, doggy gowns and tuxes, food for dogs and people, decorations, music, photography…you get the idea. One lavish New York dog wedding cost $270,000. Luckily this was all to benefit the Humane Society of New York, so we’ll forgive them!

2. Making Up Songs About your Dog

crazy dog lady singing to dog

Come on, you know you do it. Maybe you even post them on Twitter #doglyrics. Like this one from @Fentonthedog: "I need a collar, collar, a collar is what I need / and if I share my story, will you spare my owner a lead (uh-huh)." Well, if you post them as your dog, that’s probably OK.

3. Dog Bakeries

crazy dog lady bakeries

Bakeries that create doggy treats designed to look like people food have been around for a while. Some of them can get pretty fancy. Did you know that some bakeries will make a custom cake with a hand painted portrait of your dog on it? They can also do party platters (perfect for that dog wedding) and holiday themed treats.

4. Dog Resorts And Spas

crazy dog lady dog spa

No need for your pampered pet to suffer when you go away on vacation. Some high-end dog boarding facilities pull out all the stops. For the right price, your dog can be picked up by limousine, have 24 hour care, grooming, and laundry service…all while he stays in his very own luxury private room.

5. Family Portraits With The Dog


crazy dog lady family portrait with dog

Have you ever hired a professional photographer to take pictures of your dog? How about a portrait of you with your dog? Pet photography is big business, and there seems to be no shortage of people who are willing to dress up, groom the dog, and sit for a formal portrait. But be careful or you’ll end up on a funny greeting card in the future! Go for a more natural style portrait instead.

6. Dog Dates

crazy dog lady dog dates

Dog play dates are becoming increasingly popular. There are even websites designed to match dogs up for play dates. Before making a date, take some time to find the right playmate for your dog and observe how they interact with each other to make sure that your dog is having as much fun as you are!

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