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Many different dogs sitting in a living room

8 Things Only Crazy Dog Ladies Would Understand

If you've ever been called a crazy dog lady, you know how hard it can be to explain to non-dog owners why you do what you do. From giving your pup kisses on the lips to spending too much on organic treats, there are some things that only fellow crazy dog ladies can genuinely understand.

Whether you own one pup or five, here are eight of the craziest, most hilarious dog lady habits that only us four-legged fanatics can relate to. From loyalty swears to fur-baby wardrobe changes, all crazy dog ladies know precisely what we're talking about when we say these six things. So read on and feel that sense of solidarity with your fellow canine companions in arms!

1. Talking To Your Dogs As If They Understand You

Do you talk to your pup as if he can understand you? Don't worry; it's normal for a crazy dog lady! After all, it's not so far-fetched to think that your favorite animal can comprehend and appreciate your conversations with him.

Talking to your dog keeps the two of you connected and can show him how much he is appreciated. Whether you are talking about how cute he looks in his new collar or detailing the day's events, your pup can benefit from hearing your voice.

2. You Know About Dog Weddings

Two French bulldogs dressed up for a wedding

Yes, it's true; people do host dog weddings. Of course, the first step is picking the perfect mate for your dog. It gets more elaborate: invitations, doggy gowns, tuxes, food for dogs and people, decorations, music, photography, you get the idea. 

One lavish New York dog wedding cost $270,000. Luckily this was all to benefit the Humane Society of New York, so we'll forgive them!

3. You've Got to Know Their Favorite Spot on the Couch

Do you know how it seems like every dog has that one favorite spot to lounge on the couch? And if you take it, that's when the head-tilting and sad puppy eyes come out? Yeah, that's something only a crazy dog lady would understand.

It doesn't matter if your dog is small or big. They all have their petite palace carved out on the couch. Whether it's the corner of the cushion next to you, a particular blanket they love just so, or an entire fold-out section to themselves—you know exactly which spot is off-limits in your house.

And if you dare to take their throne, expect some serious repercussions! Not only will your pup have a sit-in protest until you get off, but later, when you least expect it, they'll finally get back on and reclaim their spot again.

But what can we say? We may be crazy dog ladies, but we can't help but love them—and even make room for them on the couch!

4. You've Been In Dog Bakeries

Bakeries that create doggy treats designed to look like people's food have been around for a while. Some of them can get pretty fancy. Check out some of them on Facebook or Yelp!

Did you know that some bakeries will make a custom cake with a hand-painted portrait of your dog? They can also do party platters (perfect for that dog wedding) and holiday-themed treats. There are so many options that your pup will surely enjoy, whether it's for a bucket list or just a random treat.

If you've been to a dog bakery and left content with a good review for you and your furry friend, there's a good chance you're a fellow crazy dog lady!

5. You've Gone To Dog Resorts And Spa Services

Forget about pet sitting or doggy daycare. Instead of hiring a pet sitter while away, you cannot help but take your three dogs somewhere extra special! 

No need for your pampered pet to suffer when you go away on vacation. Some high-end dog boarding facilities have services including limousine pick-up, 24-hour care, grooming, and laundry service . . . all while he stays in the comfort of his very own luxury private room. It may even have their favorite music!

Staff in these dog resorts are first aid trained, so you can trust them to respond and help your dog in emergencies. However, we highly recommend having a fully insured pet for peace of mind even when you're away.

6. Adjusting to Accommodate Your Pooch's Behavior

Do you feel like you have to make a million different adjustments in your life to make sure your dog's happy, healthy, and feeling safe? If so, you're not alone. It can be exhausting trying to cater to the needs and preferences of a four-legged fur baby.

Brown dachshund puppy playing with yellow vintage clock

From changing up your walking schedule to accommodate them, regularly wiping down surfaces, so they don't bring home nasty germs, and having an organized car trunk for all their travel needs, it's no wonder that a life with a pup is full of adjustments!

7. Family Portraits With The Dog

Have you ever hired a professional photographer to take pictures of your dog? How about a portrait of you with your dog?

Pet photography is big business, and there seems to be no shortage of people willing to dress up, groom the dog, and sit for a formal portrait. But be careful, or you'll end up on a funny greeting card someday! Request for a more natural style portrait instead.

8. More Than Dog Walking: Dog Dates

Dog play dates are becoming increasingly popular. There are even websites offering dog matches for play dates. 

Companions help teach your dog to socialize. However, take some time to find the suitable friendly playmate for your dog before making a date. Observe how they interact with each other to make sure that your dog is having as much fun as you are!

Crazy Dog Lady FAQs

According to statistics, 36 million households in the United States have a dog! But of those millions of dog owners, only the truly dedicated ones can relate to the following questions.

What is a crazy dog lady?

A crazy dog lady (or CDL) loves their fur babies in ways that others might find strange and maybe even a bit excessive. They go beyond just giving their pets daily walks or exercise.

A few signs you might be a CDL are if you make unique "doggie desserts" for your pup, spend all your money on pet supplies, or use more pet-related emojis than human-related emojis in your texts.

What does it take to become a crazy dog lady?

It takes an incredible amount of love and dedication! Being a CDL means going to great lengths to ensure your pup has the best of everything, whether special treats or luxury bedding.

It also means you've got lots of patience for all their naughty behavior and can accept that there will be some accidents you must clean up occasionally.

Do all pet owners eventually become crazy over their pets?

No, but it certainly is tempting when you have such a fantastic connection with your furry friend! While not all pet owners eventually become a CDL, most can agree that dogs bring tons of joy into our lives, and anyone would be lucky to call one their own.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're a mom, a grandmom, or just a crazy dog lady, if you're like most dog owners, you've experienced the joy and craziness that comes with having a pup in your life. Owning a dog can be a bit of work, but it's also full of adventure, laughter, and awesome cuddles.

It's okay (and even kind of wonderful) to be a crazy dog lady. And the best part? You don't have to be alone. There are plenty of other dog owners out there who are just as crazy as you are.

So why not find an online forum or a local dog park to chat, share stories, and even get tips to provide your pup with a healthy and happy life? After all, the bond between a dog and its person is extraordinary—and worth celebrating.

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