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Pet urns for cats with statue memorials in a Japanese park

Pet Urns for Cats: Cremation Urns For Ashes To Honor Your Cat

We've rounded up some of the best urns for cats so you can find the perfect final resting place for your furry family member. Read on to find the best cat urns for you to memorialize your beloved friend

Owning a cat is one of the most rewarding experiences a human can ever have. No other pet can match them for sheer personality, independence, and companionship.

Their only downside is being unable to be with us for the duration of our lifetime. Eventually, as sad and soul-crushing as it is, every cat owner will have to say goodbye to their wonderful furry friend.

Death doesn't have to be the end, though. There are a multitude of different ways to keep your cat with you for time immemorial. Pet urns for cats are available in a variety of styles and prices. They will provide you with at least some comfort knowing your whiskered pal is still with you, always and forever.

We have taken time to review a lot of pet urns for cats and the following urns have made it to the top of our list.

1. VALYRIA Stainless Steel Pet Urn

The VALYRIA Stainless Steel Pet Urn is affordable and durable. It is made out of stainless steel, is completely waterproof, and has five different options for engravings on its face side. This product is a gift to animal lovers who are a bit tight on budget.

2. Near & Dear Pet Memorials MDF Pet Photo

If you want a more personal urn, the Near & Dear Pet Memorials MDF Pet Photo has a sliding photo compartment that lets you insert your favorite picture on the front of it so you'll always see and remember your cat as if it were still curled up next to you. Made out of medium-density fiberboard, this urn will stand the test of time well.

3. Perfect Memorials Bronze Cat in Basket Urn

Cat sleeping on a wooden table

Featuring a beautifully realistic sculpted cat sleeping in a basket on the top, this item is an elegant and eye-catching urn. The sleeping cat is sure to bring back fond memories of your own fuzzy feline curled up and napping every time you see it. This urn is made out of gold cast resin and has a volume of 25 cubic inches.

4. GiftsForYouNow Ceramic Personalized PetUrn 

This item is another great option for personalization, it allows you to immortalize your cat's name and memorial dates next to a pair of adorable paw prints on the face side. This urn is made to last and is made out of a sturdy ceramic material blend. It has a holding capacity of up to 3 pounds of ash.

5. Near & Dear Pet Memorials Elite Cat Resin Urn

The Near & Dear Pet Memorials Elite Cat Resin Urn is beautiful and stylish that has a versatile feel to it. The entire urn is a very lifelike silhouette of a gorgeous resting cat that can be painted black, fawn, or sable. This urn could be used as a piece of natural décor just as easily as it is used as a memorial. Crafted out of tough resin, this urn will last for years.

6. AngelStar Pet Urn for Cat

AngelStar is one of the unique entries on this list, featuring an intricately sculpted cat resting on top of a rocky surface. Engraved into the face of this are the words "I came, I purred, I conquered... And left a trail of beautiful memories". The sentimentality of this memorial is hard to match.

7. Pet Memorial Angel Cat Sleeping Urn

An adorable sleeping kitten with angel wings adorns this container. It also features a bronze plate that can be engraved with whatever heartfelt message you'd like to be seen on it.

This urn is made out of a hardy gold cast bronze and then hand polished, giving this item a real sense of quality and durability. It has a holding capacity of 30 cubic inches.

8. Near & Dear Pet Memorials MDF Box Pet Urn

If you prefer modesty and simplicity, then the Near & Dear Pet Memorials MDF Box Pet Urn will probably be your best choice. This simple yet eye-catching box comes with either a cherry or natural finish and can hold up to 25 cubic inches. It is made with strong, medium-density fiberboard and features a nice sliding panel for easy access.

Having to say goodbye to a wonderful cat is never easy. The best you can do is remember them for all the joy they brought to your life and all of the joy they will bring every time you glance at one of these pet urns for cats, remembering how amazing they were. To celebrate your furry companion, please check out our beautiful feline collection of cat lovers apparel.

Why Choose Urns For Cats?

Cat sleeping on a pink blanket

Why choose an urn specifically designed for cats? There are a few good reasons:

  • Sentimental value. An urn is a touching way to celebrate your cat. Keeping their ashes close gives you comfort knowing they're still with you.

  • Customization. Cat urns come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. You can choose an urn that captures your cat's unique spirit, whether that's a playful catnip toy urn or a dignified wooden urn.

  • Memorialization. An urn allows you to create a lasting memorial for your cat. You can display photos of happy remembrances along with the urn. Some people choose to bury the urn in their yard under a tree or plant.

  • Closure. For many cat owners, an urn provides closure after the difficult loss of a pet. The cremation and urn selection process helps give you time to say a proper goodbye.

Losing a cat is incredibly painful. An urn may seem like a small gesture, but it can help ease grief in a meaningful way. Your cat was a beloved member of the family, so they deserve a special place of honor. An urn for their ashes is a touching tribute that allows their memory to live on.

Personalized Cat Cremation Urn Options

When it comes to celebrating your beloved cat, a personalized urn is a touching choice. You have many choices to create a meaningful memorial.

  • Custom engraved urns allow you to add your cat's name, dates, and personal message. Some even offer the opportunity to upload a photo of your cat to be engraved onto the urn. Nothing could be more special than that.

  • Decorative urns come in a variety of styles to match your cat's personality. From playful feline shapes to zen-inspired designs, you'll find an urn as unique as your cat. Consider a colorful stained glass urn or one accented with paw prints or fish motifs.

  • Keepsake urns are smaller in size but allow you to keep a symbolic portion of your cat's ashes close by. Some are designed to hang or sit on a mantle, while others can be buried in your yard under a planted tree or favorite spot where your cat likes to lounge.

Cat Urn Alternative: Classic Keepsakes For Our Friends

Cat playing with toy on a couch

Photo Album or Slideshow

Putting together a photo album or slideshow of pictures of your beloved cat is a wonderful way to celebrate their life. Look through old photos and pick out your favorites that capture your cat's personality and the joy they bring to your life.

Paw Print Keepsakes

Get your cat's paw print immortalized by having it cast in plaster, clay, or wax. Many vets and pet crematories offer paw print casting services, or you can do it yourself at home with a DIY kit.

Fur Clippings

Save clippings of your cat's fur for a simple but meaningful keepsake. Place the fur in a small decorative box or pouch along with your cat's name and date. This is especially effective for furry breeds such as the Maine Coon or a Persian.

You can also have the fur spun into yarn to knit or weave into other mementos like blankets, clothing, or wall hangings. Fur clippings provide a lasting physical connection to your beloved companion.

Keeping mementos of your cat, like photos, paw prints, or fur, can help ease the grieving process by giving you tangible reminders of the happy moments you shared. These keepsakes will allow your cat's spirit to live on even after they have crossed the rainbow bridge.


Can I get my cat urn engraved?

Yes, many cat urns can be engraved with your cat's name, dates, or a special message. Engraving a cat urn is a touching way to create a lasting tribute to your feline friend.

Do you put ashes directly in the cat urn?

The cremated remains, or ashes, are placed directly into the cat urn. However, the ashes are usually not loose but instead contained in a sealed plastic bag first before being put into the urn. This prevents any ash residue from sticking to the sides of the urn.

What size urn do I need for my cat?

The dimensions are heavily dependent on the size and weight of your cat. In general, for an average-sized adult cat (8-12 lbs), a small to medium-sized urn (100-200 cubic inches) should be sufficient. However, if you want an urn with extra space, consider going one size up.

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