Big and Fluffy: Meet the Maine Coon Cat


What’s the one cat breed that dog people will most often admit to admiring? It’s the big and furry Maine Coon, one of the oldest and largest breeds of domestic cat in the U.S., perfectly adapted to the cold and snowy state of Maine, its original home. Experts believe the Maine Coon evolved through the interbreeding of local domestic shorthairs and long-haired cats brought from Europe…possibly the Norwegian Forest Cat, said to have crossed the Atlantic with the Vikings in the 11th Century.


Maine Coons, called “gentle giants” for their calm, affectionate, and friendly personalities, are the perfect breed for families with kids, dogs, and other cats.


They are also very intelligent, playful, and trainable.


The Maine Coon is one big cat. Full-grown males can weigh between 21 and 35 lbs., and full-grown females between 15 and 29 lbs. They are also among the longest cats. From nose to tail, a Maine Coon can measure up to 48 inches long.


And check out the size of those paws!


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Maine Coons are solid, sturdy, and muscular cats. Their physical characteristics make them perfectly suited to life in a cold climate. They have thick, dense, water-repellant fur and a long, fluffy tail that can be curled around the body for warmth.


Their paws have tufts of fur between the toes for warmth and to help them walk through the snow. Their ears also have attractive tufts of fur for added warmth.


The big beautiful Maine Coon…more cat to love!


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  • Aaron Seminoff
Comments 13
  • hingehead

    Vale Archie, our Maine Coon of seven years who died suddenly yesterday of HCM. Gutted. Best dog whoever owned me.

    Irreplaceable. I doubt we will ever get another cat. The heartbreak is too much.

  • lorence sing
    lorence sing

    We had a stunningly luxurious green eyed white maine coin, Frosty, that we list suddenly this past new years day, he was about 13. We’ve since another rescue maine coin, a red classic tabby kitten, about 7 months old. Teddy chirps constantly, loves took be held. He is also wonderful with his new big brother, Sooty, a loving glossy jet black dhs.

  • Angela Poe
    Angela Poe

    Love my Maine Coon Max. He is solid White. Had a previous one named Comet who was awesome also. When Comet died I had to have another. Such funny personalities they have.

  • AMY

    Love my main coon

  • Jennifer Rainwater
    Jennifer Rainwater

    I got my first Main Coon not quite a year and a half ago. He was so tiny we didn’t even realize he was a main coon at first. After a couple weeks he grew so dramatically – and he has all the distinctive markings – that my pet sitter (who used to be a Vet tech) told us he was a Maine Coon. Buddy is probably the coolest cat I’ve ever had (it’s a tie between him and my first cat, Harry, who was also huge and a big, dopey, mama’s boy)!! Everything he does is so cute and hilarious – like sticking his head under the faucet until he is just dripping wet and he’s the sweetest, cutest “little” guy! I absolutely adore him and after a year I still wasn’t over Harry’s death but my boyfriend brought him home anyway – he really has helped fill the gaping hole Harry had left in our family …. I haven’t weighed him recently but he was around 20 lbs when he turned a year old in December! Main Coons are the best cats!!

  • Edward Paton
    Edward Paton

    I have 2 Maine Coons. Out of all the cats I’ve had over the years I have to say these are my favourites! I have a female called Cookie ( she is a silver grey tortie mix). She has the craziest personality with the cutest little chirps and cheeps (she doesn’t meow) and the most caring nature! And she’s only 10 months old!

    The other is Fudge, A caramel blond(mum was cream dad a ginger). One of the dopiest soppiest and most loving of any male cat I have ever seen! Only 8 months old and already the same size as his dad with a maine any proud male would envy!

    Love them both to bits!!!

  • Wayne

    My favorite cats ever! I had two of them for 15-16 years.

  • Tracy Roberts
    Tracy Roberts

    I have 3 Maine Coons. Bryony (black and white), Lola (Black Tortie Tabby Bicolour) and Mercury (Black Silver Tabby).

  • Teresa

    Had a pair of Maine Coons for years- found as strays from a litter. Both classic tabby color, wonderful, gentle giants. They are the most amazing breed- loving, chirpy and intelligent. A once in a lifetime chance.

  • jana

    My girl is almost 10 years old and I love her. She knows when I walk in the door. She will find a space in my cabinets for a hiding space. She opens the door. She picked me out of the family to be her momma and her human. I am lucky. She is full of love and protective of us. She give our pit-bull a run for his money. She weighs about 18 pounds

  • Jahnie

    I have two big boys that are part Maine Coon.. the best cats I have ever had, and I’ve had plenty. They are the most vocal, most affectionate, loveable cats there are! Very different from the typical aloof cattitude. They want attention all the time… as I heard it said once, Maine Coons are the closet you get to a dog in a cat! They are so very special. My boys are brothers and were properly named at birth: Garfield and Bandit… both close to 28lbs. LOVE my boys!

  • Rodger

    I have a three year old Maine Coon names Sonny, he found me at the Rescue Shelter, and he is my best buddy
    bro, I would not trade him for a million dollars, he is so sweet and kind and most of all total dedication to me,
    and he is a real talker specially early in the morning or late evening time, very verbal.

  • emily
    I have a 10 year old an he is such a love at 25 lbs you know if he wants love.. best cat ever.
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