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Is Fancy Feast Bad For Cats

Is Fancy Feast Bad For Cats?

Fancy Feast is Safe

Fancy Feast is a popular brand of cat food, but it might not be the best choice for your cat. However, this partially depends on which brand of Fancy Feast cat food you choose.

The classic brand of Fancy Feast cat food is generally regarded as nutritionally sound. In addition to concerns about how much nutrition is provided by other brands of Fancy Feast can food, there have been concerns raised on message boards about the safety of certain Fancy Feast products.

The Disadvantages Of Wet Foods

Many Fancy Feast wet food brands contain meat by products. These wet cat food ingredients generally provide a relatively low level of nutrition. In addition, some people have found that Fancy Feast cat food products weren't very appealing to their cat(s). This resulted in them not eating enough to have a nutritionally sound diet.

Safety Concerns

While the cause is unknown, some pet owners have reported that some batches of the Fancy Feast brand might have been contaminated. There have been cases of cats becoming ill after their diet was switched to Fancy Feast.

Some pet owners were concerned that their cats suffered long term health problems as a result of a switch to Fancy Feast.

In a few cases, cat owners were concerned that their pets' death could have been caused by a contaminated batch. Luckily, these reports appear to be quite rare, and it has never been verified that Fancy Feast was in fact the cause of the problems.

Mercury Containing Fish

Many of Fancy Feast's products contain a large amount of fish. If you feed your cat products with fish, it is important to ensure that the product doesn't contain high levels of mercury. Many fish products contain significant levels of mercury.

In fact, many Fancy Feast cat food products contain fish that may carry high levels of mercury. These products can cause the effects of mercury poisoning over a long period of time, and it can result in severe health problems. One common effect of mercury poisoning is kidney damage.

In addition, mercury can cause neurological problems. Unfortunately, if your cat suffered health problems as a result of mercury in pet foods, it would be difficult for vets to diagnose. Of course, mercury is not a concern for cats who eat Fancy Feast products without fish.

Fancy Feast is Safe

There are many different varieties of Fancy Feast recipes to choose from. This allows you to get the flavor that is preferable to your cat, even if he or she is a picky eater. You can choose from poultry flavors, beef flavors, or seafood flavors.

The food is fortified with vitamins, it has high protein and low fat. This helps to boost the nutritional content to some degree. Not all cat foods are fortified with vitamins. Some veterinarians feel that this will ensure that your cat has a nutritionally sound diet.

In fact, some vets even recommend the products for active cats, kittens, and adult cats.

Fairly Good Customer Reviews Overall

While there are some bad reviews of Fancy Feast, it is not an overwhelming number of them. On Consumer Affairs, Fancy Feast has a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars. Other review websites seem to give Fancy Feast reasonably good reviews as well.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Overall, experts aren't in agreement as to whether or not Fancy Feast cat food is a healthy product for cats. However, there are plenty of resources online where you can learn more.

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Chris F. - December 27, 2022

My cat ate FF wet cat food for 1O years. This year she vomits more, licks her fur and paws more, and has more diarrhea after eating. Then, 3 weeks ago I found an straw-like object almost the size of a nickle in the small can when I began to put it into her dish. The food consistency and color has changed. Why won’t Purina tell me what is going on at the manufacture level, and tell me what the object is, how often this happens, and what are they doing to prevent this going forward?

Ann - December 27, 2022

I got my cat the advent calendar from fancy feast. She has been fine with the soft food – today for the first time I gave her some of the treats and when I got home later that day she had vomited several times on the floor, has been vomiting up foam and there was diarrhea with what looked like blood in it in her litter box . I will call the tomorrow. Has anyone else had this problem?

Glennis Leech - December 20, 2022

Is Fancy Feast a spin off from Purina Felix that has got a bad reputation of making cats serousaly ill

Barbara Cuthbert - September 25, 2022

My cat, Toby, is over 19 years old and the only canned cat food he will eat is Fancy Feast. I have bought others due to the cat food shortage and he wouldn’t eat any of them. For dry food he now prefers Purina Pro Plan chicken over Fancy Feast dry cat food.

Susan - August 15, 2022

My cat has been eating Fancy Feast wet food his entire life… he is 17 yrs old. His sibling only eats dry, also Fancy Feast (no fish). She is approx 10 yrs old. After reading this, I will probably stay away from the fish flavors. Everyone has something bad to say, but hasn’t mentioned an alternative brand to switch to. My cat would not even touch Royal Canin and by the looks of it, I wouldn’t eat it either. It looked old and just wasn’t appealing. Wanted to try Rachael Ray but the reviews were not good.

Juliette Heim - August 15, 2022

I was wondering if anyone has opened any Fancy Feast Petites, and if it was runny and smelled sour? In the past few months I have run into some bad batches of this cat food which made my cats sick. They turn away from the food as soon as I open the containers.

Johanna Gerke - August 1, 2022

I will be taking back these cans of Fancy Feast and purchasing another brand of kitten formula. And wet treats

Laurie Petrosky - August 1, 2022

I don’t feed my kitty any kind of fish product. Chicken beef liver fancy feast and Rachel ray dry food no fish. He’s about 3 months old now. I worry so if I see signs of sickness I’m switching to Wellness food. Rachel ray wet food is crap its soupy less meat too. Its Thailand fish crap you don’t know what’s in it. Shame on you Rachel ray.

Pet Food Research - August 1, 2022

People! GO to a natural pet food store Or PETSMART Or PETCO and buy GOOD QUALITY WET CAT FOOD!!!!! Fancy Feast is NOT GOOD QUALITY!!!! IT’S JUNK FOOD FOR CATS AND NOT HEALTHY IN THE LONG RUN! It’s the same as humans eating McDonald’s EVERY DAY!!!!

Oz - August 1, 2022

My kitten had a pink ff can food he got so sick. I thought he was going to die. I didnt understand first but after healing I gave him a little bit of the same ff he got sick again. He is ok with other ff can food but I will never buy again this brand

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