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Outdoor Pet Enclosures for Cats

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Cats love to wander around and explore the outdoors, but it's not always safe for them to be outside unsupervised; which is why we will be talking about outdoor pet enclosures for cats. Among the dangers for free-roaming cats are attacks from other animals, risks caused by your cat ingesting pesticides and chemicals, and traffic.


Ensuring Your Cat's Safety

Cats can have a happy life indoors, but if you want your cat to experience the outdoors in a controlled environment, buying or building an enclosure will provide your cat with a safe way to play and get exercise. Outdoor pet enclosures for cats are the best way for your cat to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air in a safe place. 

Features Of Cat Enclosures

Pet enclosures for cats are available in a variety of styles and price ranges. Companies sell enclosures that run from simple to elaborate. Many of the pre-fabricated runs, enclosures, and pens for cats feature tunnels, perches, and enclosed spaces for extra protection. Several styles feature tarps that serve as a roof to protect cats from the elements.


We have gone through a lot of outdoor pet enclosures for cats and we have helped you narrow your choices down to these few.

1. Cat Pet House Outdoor Run Enclosure Wooden Fun Small Animal Shelter Tunnel

Outdoor Pet Enclosures for Cats wooden

The small animal enclosure and run is the ideal enclosure for keeping your cat safe when it's outdoors. The roomy outdoor enclosure has two stories. The second level has an indoor section where several cats can relax and stay out of the elements. The retreat is accessed by a ramp. The shelter allows cats to stay inside or relax in the sun and can house several cats. The kit comes with an instruction manual. 


2. LAZYMOON Pet House Outdoor Run Wooden Cat Rabbit Home w/ Outside Fun Run Small Animal Shelter Cage

Outdoor Pet Enclosures for Cats lazymoon

The Lazymoon Outdoor Shelter is designed for the cat owner who wants a safe place for their cat in the yard or on the patio. The retreat for cats has a wooden roof to keep out the elements and has multiple perches for cats to relax and nap in a safe place. The shelter has a front door that can be locked from the outside for additional safety. The enclosure is easy to clean with warm water and a mild soap and is assembled in about 30 minutes.


3. Protective Catio Cat Cage - Lucky Cat Large Heavy Duty Gable Covered Protective Kennel

Outdoor Pet Enclosures for Cats Protective catio

The Catio Cat Cage is one of the top quality, outdoor pet enclosures for cats that has heavy-duty components. The cage is designed to allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors and be safe from larger predators. One of the best features of the Catio Cat Cage is that it's modular so you can make it larger to accommodate several cats, and has a free-swinging gate.


4. Do It Yourself Options

Another option for outdoor pet enclosures for cats is to build one yourself. If you have a small spa outdoors or want your cat to enjoy being outside without worrying about traffic or coyote attacks, this is an easy and cost-effective way to construct a sturdy enclosure for your cat for under $200. The do-it-yourself cat enclosure is created from wire storage cubes and zip ties. You'll need several bags of the ties.

Constructing Your Cat's Enclosure

You'll have to install a cat door or panel on one end for the cat to access the enclosure. Design the kitty playpen to suit your cat's needs, but don't build it any higher than four cubes high. The wire cubes are secured with the zip ties. Don't install a wire bottom. You may either use the grass in your yard for the bottom or install a wooden floor constructed with plywood. One of the best things about constructing a cat enclosure using wire cubes is that you can re-design it or make it larger for several cats. 

Letting your cat out into the yard has never felt safer. With our selection of outdoor pet enclosures for cats, you should be able to find one that suits your need and your cat's personality. Installing an outdoor pet enclosure is the best way to make sure your feline friend has a cozy den to enjoy the outdoors and be safe.

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