Cat Enclosures Let Indoor Kitties Enjoy the Great Outdoors


Indoor cats live longer, safer, and healthier lives than outdoor cats. Cats allowed to roam outside face all kinds of dangers…from being hit by a car, to getting attacked by other animals, to picking up diseases and parasites. But if your indoor kitty can’t get enough of open windows and doors, there are ways to safely let her enjoy the pleasures of being outdoors. Check out some of these very cool cat enclosures you can set up for your nature-loving kitty!


Catio Spaces: If you live in the Seattle, Washington area, you can contact Catio Spaces to install a cat enclosure at your home. Don’t live near Seattle? You can still order one of their DIY Catio Plans and make one yourself. Both custom and DIY catios come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.


Kittywalk Systems: This company has developed a unique set of interconnecting enclosures, so you can create a customized outdoor space for your cats, ranging from small and simple to big and fancy. They also make safe and enclosed pet strollers too.


The Cat’s Den: Part of the pet enclosure company called Habitat Haven, The Cat’s Den provides a variety of pre-designed cat enclosure kits. You can also choose from different components and create a custom enclosure that suits your needs. They’ll even install it for you if you live near their Toronto, Ontario location.


C & D Pet Products: These sturdy cat enclosures can be either free-standing or attach to an outside wall of your house. You can also choose the size you want, with dimensions ranging from 6 to 16 feet. An economy cat enclosure kit is also available.


Cat Solarium: You don’t need a backyard to give your indoor cat a taste of the outdoors. Even apartment cats can feel like they’re outside with this neat product. The Cat Solarium can be inserted into a window so your city cat can safely enjoy the outdoors.


Embrace your inner feline & shop our entire cat collection - 25% of all proceeds go directly to no kill animal shelters!



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