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Lost Pet?  Tips on Finding a Dog or Cat Who has Gone Missing

Lost Pet? Tips on Finding a Dog or Cat Who has Gone Missing


Few things are more upsetting to a pet parent than suddenly realizing your pet is missing.  Whether you have a rambunctious dog who jumped the backyard fence, or an indoor/outdoor cat who’s been away too long, that terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach is something none of us wants to go through.  But sometimes bad things happen and your pet does get lost.  What can you do?



Here are some practical tips from the pet experts at the website


  • Make sure your dog or cat is microchipped, and that you keep the microchip service up to date on your current contact information.  Always keep your pet’s ID tags current as well.
  • Keep an eye on the last place where you saw your pet.  It helps to check back there frequently, and also to leave something with a familiar home scent there, like clothing.



  • Lost pet flyers posted in the area do work.  Make sure your pet’s photo and the print are large and clear, especially your phone number.  Offering a reward can help.  Besides posting on telephone poles, etc. hand them out at local businesses like vets and pet stores.
  • Call…or better yet…visit all local animal shelters and veterinary hospitals in case someone found your pet and brought her to an animal-related organization.
  • Use all of your social media accounts and other websites like Craigslist to spread the word that your pet is missing.  There are also lost pet-specific sites that can help you find your pet.  Check the Vetstreet article for a full list.



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