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Bluebird perched on a birdhouse, an adorable bird

Adorable Bird Pictures: Cute Bird Pictures To Make You Smile

There are tons of cute dog, cat, and bunny pictures out there, but bird lovers know that it doesn’t get much cuter than a sweet adorable bird…domestic or wild! Take a look at these cute bird pictures of our amazing feathered friends, featuring different species to brighten your day!


Cute hummingbird feeding off a flower

Who else finds themselves mesmerized by the beautiful eyes and wings of this amazing hummingbird? These amazing creatures can flap their wings for up to 70 beats per second, which is way faster than what the human eyes and most cameras can see.

Like seriously, you’ll have to invest in some pretty good equipment to capture their flight.

Northern Saw-Whet Owl

Northern saw-whet owl standing on a branch

Someone say hi to this handsome little fella over here! If you’re wondering why he’s called like that, it actually comes from the sound of their calls, which according to people, are like saws being sharpened on a whetstone.

Their feathers aren’t just for show, either. They provide good camouflage both for hunting and to avoid predators.

Black-Capped Chickadee

Blackk-capped chickadee perched on a branch with a seed in its beak

Just take a look at this adorable chickadee. It seems to have mastered the art of perching, even with seed in its mouth.

Interestingly, they're actually very well-known for their wide range of vocalizations, the best example of which is the "chick-a-dee-dee-dee" from which their name comes.

Although their size is quite small, don't be fooled, as these little birds are quite the fearless bunch (even around humans).


Bluebird couple chirping at each other while standing on the same branch

Spring has come with the sight of these two beautiful bluebirds. This couple seems to be gossiping about something very interesting, judging by the way they're so hung up on each other. Or maybe they're just in love?

Their cheerful plumage is so famous that it's become a symbol of hope for many cultures. Fortunately, conservation efforts maintained their population and numbers within the US. Making their nest is the perfect bird gift for anyone (as well as a help to preserve these little darlings).


American yellow warbler perched on a branch

Nothing screams energy than the bright plumage this American yellow warbler has, and we’re here for it! Speaking of energy, these birds actually need a lot of them, mostly because of the long-distance migratory journeys they attend each year.

An amazing sense of direction and some serious flying skills, what else does the warbler not have?

Atlantic Puffins

Three Atlantic puffins by the coast of a beach

Wait, are those some toys? Surprise, they’re actually real birds, specifically the Atlantic puffin. I know, even their name sounds a bit ridiculous.

Interestingly enough, their beaks (which is probably their most distinctive feature) actually have a color schedule. It turns into vibrant shades when it’s breeding season, fading off into a duller color as winter approaches.


Woodpecker parent feeding its chick

No curation of birds is complete without the adorable woodpeckers, infamous for their ability to drill and peck through the wood. If you’re wondering how they can maintain brain function even when they’re technically smashing their head to get food, then the simple answer is that they’re simply too small for it.

It’s not just for food, though. Woodpeckers also drum on the wood as a form of communication with others of their kind.


Ruby-crowned kinglet perched on a branch

Time to meet the mini royalty of the woods also called the ruby-crowned kinglet! While being quite small in comparison to other feathered beings, they dominate the scene in terms of their strong and melodious songs, which are really quite loud considering the size of their bodies.

They also have a visible patch of colored feathers on their crown, thus the name. It also comes in two colors, either yellow or red.

Dark-Eyed Junco

Dark-eyed junco perched on a branch

Bask in the grace of this wonderful snowbird, the dark-eyed junco. So-called for its soulful, dark eyes, these birds are known for their variety in plumage. They even have several subspecies, which are classified according to their color.

They’re also called snowbirds because you mostly spot them during the early start of snow. Their dark feathers make it so that they look starkly visible against the environment.

How To Save An Adorable Bird

Unfortunately, due to certain issues like climate change and deforestation, many of these feathered darlings continue to find their populations threatened. Our responsibility as humans is to ensure that they are properly taken care of.

We can help these adorable birds by taking up our rescue shirts and being more vocal about their plight. Moreover, we can also volunteer to do some animal rescue vacations for a hands-on approach.


Where can I find these birds?

You can find many of these birds in the wild or in conservatories.

Is it safe to feed a wild bird?

It is generally not safe to feed wild birds, as it can lead them to associate human hands with food and thus make them more likely to go to populous places (where accidents are much more likely to happen).

How do I take a picture of a bird?

Taking a bird picture takes some practice and good equipment, as many of them move too fast for normal phone cameras to follow.

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