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8 Reasons Why We Love Pomeranians

8 Reasons Why We Love Pomeranians


What is it about the Pomeranian that always puts a smile on your face?  Maybe it’s because they always seem to be smiling, too!  Or maybe it’s that perky, foxy little face surrounded by all that glorious, fluffy fur.

It’s easy to be smitten with the charming good looks and personality of the Pomeranian, but there’s lots more to this little guy.  Here are some interesting facts about the adorable Pom:



1. Pomeranians are part of the spitz breed type.  Spitz dogs first evolved in the cold northern regions of the Arctic and migrated to other parts of the world over time. Examples of the spitz include the Alaskan Malamute, the Norwegian Elkhound, the Samoyed, and the American Eskimo Dog.



2. The earliest Pomeranians were much larger than they are today, and they were utilized as working dogs. The toy Pom we’re familiar with in the modern era was “bred down” beginning in the 1800s when they became companion animals.



3. The name Pomeranian comes from a region of Germany/Poland called Pomerania.  It derives from the Slavic words for “land by the sea”—referring to the Baltic Sea.



4. History buffs know that there were more than a few pampered toy dogs sailing on the Titanic with their well to do owners when it sank, including Pomeranians.  Two Poms survived the sinking of the Titanic.



5. As if Poms weren’t cute enough, the name for a group of Pomeranians is a “tuft.”  The name for a pair of Poms is a “puff.”  Squee!!



6. Most early Pomeranians were white, with some brown and black ones too.  Queen Victoria owned a red Pom, and that color quickly came into fashion.  Today’s Pom comes in a huge variety of colors and color combinations, although the colors most frequently seen are the cream and orange shades.



7. Besides Queen Victoria, there have been a lot of famous Pom owners over the centuries, many of them royal.  They include Marie Antoinette, Empress Josephine, Mozart, Sir Isaac Newton, and Michelangelo.



8. The Pomeranian’s thick double coat is a legacy of its northern ancestry.  The undercoat is soft and fluffy and the outercoat is long and straight.  Classic Poms have a large amount of fur around the neck, shoulders and chest, and feathering on the legs, tail, and cute fluffy butt!

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Chris Van Camp - April 5, 2018

I LOVE Poms! On my 3rd one!

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