10 Cutest Pomeranian Pictures!


We all have our favorite dog breeds, and of course we know that all dogs are beautiful, but it is hard to deny the particular charm of the adorable Pomeranian. Pomeranians just have that certain something that makes you go aww. It’s the perfect combination of tiny size, major fluff, perky face, and then there’s that famous Pom attitude! Enjoy these photos of some irresistible Pomeranians…Warning: TCFW (Too Cute for Work)!


Pom puppy…or teddy bear?


Sweet profile


Hey, you're ruining my shot!


For me?


I love the snow!


Master of my domain


Little fuzzball


Thoughtful Pom in black and white


Behold the fluffiness


Photos top to bottom (all Flickr): Pomeranian by Thanate Tan; IMG_4537 by youngthousands; Pomeranian by Lydia Liu; Big Sister by Jeffrey; Life as a gaijin musician in Japan!! by James Gochenouer; Mr. Kavik by Aine; Autumnal afternoon with reflective Pomeranian by John Pemble; IMG_0397.JPG by youngthousands; Pomeranian Louie by Jaybee Bondoc; Pomeranian by Kent Wang.



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