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Cute Pomeranian pictures of two puppies running on a grass field

Cute Pomeranian Pictures: Browse Pomeranian Puppy Images And More!

We know that all dogs are beautiful, but it is hard to deny the particular charm of the adorable Pomeranian. Pomeranians just have that certain something that makes you go aww. It’s the perfect combination of tiny size, major fluff, perky face, and that famous Pom attitude. Enjoy these cute Pomeranian pictures!

Find Some Cute Pomeranian Pictures

Sleepy time for the Pom

Pomeranian puppy sleeping on a couch


White pomeranian smiling at its owner

Are they doing a jig or just competing in height?

Two Pomeranians jumping on a grass field

Ahh, someone give me water!

Pomeranian walking on the street during daylight

What To Know About Pomeranians

Pomeranians are a toy breed of dog that originated in the Pomerania region of Germany and Poland. Here are some interesting facts and information about Pomeranians.

Originating from the far lands of Germany and Poland, this cute toy dog has enjoyed international popularity by dint of its amazing personality and beautiful looks. Funnily enough, they descended from some large sled dogs but were bred to be smaller due to popular demand.

As of now, the breed standard from the American Kennel Club weighs them to be around three to seven pounds and only standing six to seven inches when measured from the shoulder.

This breed has a double coat of thick, fluffy fur which makes it the perfect cuddling companion for many, It comes in many colors, such as black, white, orange, cream, sable, and even blue.

These dogs are also renowned for their temperament. They are famous for their lovely and outgoing personalities, being particularly sweet towards their owners.

However, they may be quite wary of strangers. Moreover, if not trained properly, they may become very vocal and bark frequently, a habit that can carry on towards adulthood.

While many Poms enjoy a healthy life in general, there are certain health conditions to which this breed is predisposed to having. Some of these include tracheal collapse, patella luxation, and severe hair loss syndrome.

Overall though, Pomeranians have a lifespan of around twelve to sixteen years, which is a testament to the longevity of this breed.

How To Raise A Dog: Pomeranian Puppy Special


One important factor in feeding pets is their age. Puppies may need more nutrient-rich food than adults, whereas senior dogs may need specific nutrients to boost their energy. Customize their food depending on their needs.

Moreover, Pomeranians have small stomachs and may not be able to digest that much food at once. Feeding them in intervals may be necessary, although consultation with a professional should take precedence.


While there are several variables in the amount of exercise a dog should need, such as age and health conditions, in general, Poms only need moderate activities.

This means that taking them to short walks every day should suffice to keep them healthy, around fifteen to twenty minutes in length only. Too much exercise can cause wear and tear on their bones or cause them to overheat.


Bathing requirements vary and should ideally be asked from the breeder themselves. Many people typically bathe their pets once a month.

Regular brushing is also important in order to keep their thick, fluffy hair free from all those tangles and matting. Try investing in a slicker brush as it can help remove the excess hair from their coat.

You should also avoid using human hairdryers, in spite of what you might see from videos online. This has a high risk of burning your pup!


The wariness inherent to many Pomeranians has already been mentioned earlier in this article. As such, early training should include social enrichment as much as possible in order to make them get along with others.

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How do I get a Pomeranian pet?

You can get a cute Pomeranian either by buying from a reputable breeder or adopting from a shelter. Try to do the latter if possible, as there are many good reasons why shelter dogs can make awesome pets.

Are they good with children?

While not the best, they are definitely not the worst either. They are affectionate with their owners though, which is a certain point to their favor.

Are Pomeranians okay with hot weather?

Not really. These fluffy beings can easily overheat when exposed to too much sun.

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