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Three brown puppies in a cage in a shelter

Adorable Shelter Dog Photo Booth Pictures

Welcoming a shelter dog to your home is a big decision and takes some thought. You want to make sure that the pup you bring home will fit perfectly into your family. But sometimes, it's love at first sight that tells you that this pup is the one for you.

In this blog post, we'll show you how one organization shone the spotlight on adorable adoptable pups. We'll also tell you how to find your perfect shelter dog—with or without the benefit of love at first sight.

Shelter Dog Photo Booth Pictures

What's a great way to bring attention to all the sweet adoptable shelter animals out there just waiting for their new forever homes? The Humane Society of Utah, together with photographer Guinnevere Shuster, came up with a brilliant way to showcase some of the irresistible shelter dogs available for adoption. Photo booth-style shots that perfectly capture the charm and personality of each dog!

Shelter Dog in a Photo Booth book

The program has been a resounding success . . . the Humane Society of Utah reports that 93.26% of the dogs are finding their new homes. Just look at some of Shuster's adorable pictures from the Humane Society's Instagram page, and you'll see why!

What To Know Before Adopting

If you're considering opening your home to a shelter dog, congratulations are in orderyou're ready to give a pup in need the loving home they deserve. But before you look for your very own Mr. Softy or Fluffy McFlufferson, there are a few things to know about shelter dogs first.

Keep in mind that the pet you choose could be with you for years and years to comeso it pays to do your research first and don't fall victim to stereotypes! Spend time getting familiar with their unique personalities to make sure your potential pet is actually going to be the right fit for your home and lifestyle.

Next up is health and exercise requirementssomething often overlooked by people eager to bring their dream pup home. Different breeds have different energy levels, so make sure you are prepared (mentally and physically!) for an active pooch if that's what they need. The same goes for medical history – check that all vaccinations are up to date and inquire about any pre-existing conditions that may cost extra care down the line.

Bottom line: take your time choosing a shelter dog, educate yourself on their needs, avoid breed stereotypes, and don't underestimate how much work it is!

Visit In Person

Two puppies reaching over a fence

Visiting a shelter in person is a crucial part of the pet adoption process. It's like going on a first date—you might not find "the one" when you walk through the door, but take your time, say hello to all the pups, and you'll end up with someone special (who will be very happy to come home with you). Besides that, it's also a way to avoid being a victim of pet flipping.

Don't just pick the frisky pup throwing their paws up in the air first. Spend time with each one and get to know their personalitiesget down on the ground with them, pet them, and observe how they interact with other animals. See who loves your attention and who wants to snuggle up. Or filter out breeds you like (and don't like). It'll be easier for both of you if you get along well from the start.

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What is the best age to adopt a dog?

Well, that depends on your lifestyle, energy levels, and schedule. If you're up for puppy training, adopting a pup aged 8 weeks or less might be best. However, if you want to skip the raisin' part and go straight to the lovin', then an adult dog (2 years and over) may be more suitable.

How do you know if a rescue dog likes you?

Look out for signs like tail wagging, snuggles, and sloppy kisses—the usual suspects for most of us when it comes to telling if someone's in our corner. Rescue pups love showing affection as much as anyone else, so don't be shy to give them some love!

How long does it take for a dog to adjust to a new owner?

Sometimes longer than we'd hope, but, in general, it takes 2-3 days for your pup to feel comfortable in their new home with you as their rightful leader. With patience and consistency, soon, your bond will become unbreakable and unconditional!

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