“Mutual Rescue” Initiative Proves That Shelter Animals Rescue Us!


When you adopt a dog, cat, or other homeless pet from an animal shelter, you know that you are truly changing the course of an animal’s life by providing her or him with a real home and loving family.  But anyone who’s ever rescued a pet knows that opening your heart to an animal in need can transform your life too!

That’s where a great program called Mutual Rescue comes in!  Founded by Humane Society Silicon Valley, the mission of Mutual Rescue is to show that when you adopt a homeless pet from your local animal shelter, your life will be forever changed through the unconditional love of your new best friend.

The Mutual Rescue program celebrates the impact humans and animals have on each other by sharing heartwarming rescue stories and videos on their website.  Be sure to check out the incredibly moving and inspirational film called “Kylie & Liza.” 



Kylie was a lovely young girl who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  She asked for a kitten when she was brought home from the hospital for her final days.  Her parents got a little foster kitten from a rescue group and brought her to Kylie’s bed.  Kylie named her Liza, and little Liza remained by her side until the end.  Today, a grown-up Liza is a cherished member of the family and continues to provide comfort and love to Kylie’s parents and siblings.  Mutual Rescue's Kylie & Liza Fund has been established to help both homeless animals and pediatric cancer patients.

Watch “Kylie & Liza” now:




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  • Lisa Blanck
    Lisa Blanck

    more onions. What’s going on?? beautiful.

  • Griselda Enciso
    Griselda Enciso

    Thanks for sharing. Pets are angels.

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