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8 Reasons Why Foxes are Fascinating Creatures

8 Reasons Why Foxes are Fascinating Creatures

A photo of a red fox on snow

Foxes are beautiful animals, with their delicate faces and bushy tails, but don’t just love them for their good looks. The fox species are intriguing animals, known for their intelligence, playfulness, and lithe athleticism.

Here are some gorgeous fox pictures, along with a few interesting facts about foxes, as if you needed any more reasons to love them.

1. Foxes can see the earth’s magnetic field

A photo or a side profile of a red fox crouching on snow

Scientists report that foxes can see the earth’s magnetic field as a ring of shadow that darkens as they head towards magnetic north. They use this shadow to hone in on prey before they get ready to pounce.

Foxes use the earth's magnetic fields to determine the direction and distance of their prey.

2. The Arctic fox has the warmest fur coat

The beautiful white coat of the Arctic fox provides great camouflage for hunting in the snow, but did you also know that it is the warmest coat of any Arctic animal, able to keep the arctic foxes warm in temperatures as low as -58 Fahrenheit.


3. Foxes are very similar to cats

A red fox resting on a plank of wood with trees in the background

The fox is the only member of the dog family to have retractable claws like a cat. They also have vertical pupils like cats and hunt like cats (stalking, pouncing, and even playing with their prey).


4. Domesticated foxes were created in the Soviet Union

Back in the 1960s, a Soviet experiment that interbred the tamest fur foxes created a true domesticated fox that is completely comfortable around humans. These foxes have developed interesting coat colors and patterns over time.


5. Foxes are solitary animals

Unlike their close relatives the wolves, dogs, and jackals, foxes are not pack animals. They live in small family units while raising their young, but otherwise live and hunt alone.


6. The Fennec fox is the smallest fox in the world

The cute little Fennec fox weighs just 2-3 pounds, with a body length of 9-16 inches. They are a desert fox, with soft, light colored fur to keep their temperature well-regulated, and 6 inch-long ears that also help regulate their body temperature.


7. The Grey fox can climb trees

The Grey fox is the only member of the dog family that can climb trees. They will climb trees to escape enemies, hunt prey, or even just take a snooze.


8. Fox kits just may be the cutest baby animals ever

We rest our case.

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Are baby foxes born blind?

Fox pups are born blind and do not open their eyes until they are nine days old.

Do red foxes grin?

Red foxes grin when they are afraid. It a sign of their submission, they lower themselves to the ground and lower their tails too.

Are grey foxes good climbers?

Gray foxes are expert climbers, known to scale trees and fences in search of food. Their whiskers may be found not only on their faces, but also on their legs. This allows them to move more easily in dark dens.

What are female and male foxes called?

A male fox is called a "dog," while a female fox is called a "vixen."

Credits:  Domesticated fox:  "Bella" by Todd Huffman on Flickr; Grey fox: "Grey fox" by Leonora Enking on Flickr.

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