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baby fox walking on yard

Video: Fox Cubs Playing with Dog Toys

What happens when a couple of adorable baby foxes wander into your backyard and find your dog's ball? If you're like these two cute guys, you discover that there's nothing more fun than playing with a dog toy.

Fox Playing With Dog Toy

Watch as these fox kits practice their pouncing skills with a ball. Fair warning: watching this YouTube video might make you want a fox of your very own! They're just too cute!

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Can dogs play with foxes?

While there are instances where domestic dogs interact with wild foxes, it's safer not to let your pet near wild animals. Foxes typically aren't aggressive, but they may attack if they feel threatened, as with any other animal.

Are foxes and dogs related?

Yes, they are. They both belong to the Canidae family. 

Do foxes steal dog toys?

Foxes are very playful animals and, although wary at first, naturally curious too. If you end up leaving a dog toy in your yard, there's a chance it might pique their interest.

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