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Kitten laughing at funny cats video

Best Funny Cats Compilation: Funniest Animal Videos On YouTube

Having a tough week? Here are some of the best funny cats compilations for you to watch! These videos feature our favorite funny animals and some of the cutest internet cats.

Funny Cats Video Compilation

If you're in need of some comic relief, look no further than funny kitten videos on YouTube. This compilation of hilarious feline clips will have you laughing in no time.

First up, we have the classic kitty vs. printer battle. Who will emerge victorious in this epic struggle? Watch as Mittens valiantly tries to defeat the evil printing machine. Spoiler alert: the printer ultimately wins, but Mittens puts up a good fight!

Next, there's the fur baby who just can't figure out how mirrors work. This confused kitty is determined to get behind the glass to find that other kitty! After several failed attempts, he finally realizes it's his own reflection and walks away, utterly perplexed.

Then we have the ninja in action. This stealthy feline attempts to sneak some attacks from the cupboard, Mission Impossible style. The funniest thing, though, is that he actually succeeds, much to the ire of the second kitty.

And we can't forget kitties chasing their own tails - Round and round they go, trying in vain to catch that elusive tail. No matter how many times they spin, they just can't seem to grab it!

With so many funny felines, you'll be entertained for hours. Be sure to share your favorites with friends for some extra laughs. The comedy gold in these feline clips will brighten anyone's day. Meow for more!

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Are kitties silly?

They may act silly at times, but these felines are actually pretty smart. They can even copy some behaviors from their owners.

How do I know if my pet is comfortable?

You can see how your pet is feeling by reading their body language. Cats also express their emotions, albeit in a different way from us humans.

Can a kitty laugh?

Felines can't laugh. They simply do not have the facial muscles for it. Luckily, they can still show happiness through other means, such as purring or head bumping you.

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