Cats vs Mountain Lions


What happens when a big, scary mountain lion comes to the back sliding door of your house? There’s nothing to worry about if you happen to live with one of these brave kitties who faced off with mountain lions that dared to invade their home territories. These fearless housecats will be happy to scare off any and all intruders.


This close encounter between a cat and a mountain lion in Boulder, Colorado was captured on video. Cool to watch, but the guy telling his wife the kids were outside with the mountain lion? Not sure any mom would find that funny.


In this video, a woman recounts her Maine Coon cat’s face to face meeting with a mountain lion at the patio door…documented with still pictures. This also happened to be in Boulder, Colorado, aka mountain lion central.





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  • Aaron Seminoff
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  • bailey

    Wow!!!!!! thats crazy!!

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