10 Important Pet Safety Tips for Summer


When the temperatures start to rise into the 90s (and in many places, the 100s) this summer, make sure you take some extra precautions to keep your dogs, cats, and other pets safe, cool, and hydrated during these warm months. Here are a few expert summer pet safety tips we’ve gathered, because all pet parents need to be aware of the hidden dangers of summer.


1. Never, ever leave your pet alone in a hot car, even with the window cracked and parked in the shade.


2. As with little kids, keep an eye on playful puppies and kittens and don’t let them overexert themselves in the heat.


3. Walk your dog on the grass and keep those delicate paws off of hot cement and asphalt.


4. Watch pets during outdoor parties and make sure they stay away from hot barbeque grills, alcohol, and insecticides.


5. Keep a close eye on overweight pets and dog with short muzzles, both are especially susceptible to heatstroke.


6. Keep sensitive dogs and cats in a quiet room during loud 4th of July fireworks events (and thunderstorms).


7. Make sure your dog knows how to safely find the stairs and exit the pool in case she falls in and panics.


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8. Don’t take your dog out for walks and play during the heat of the day. Limit physical activity to morning and evening.


9. Know the signs of heatstroke (vomiting, heavy panting, seizures, bright red gums, salivation, and inability to stand).


10. Apply pet-safe sunscreen to dogs and cats that spend time outdoors. Pets with sparse or light colored fur are at risk for skin cancer.




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