6 Important Pet Safety Tips for Fall


Pet owners know how important it is to keep their pets cool and hydrated in the hot summer months, and protect them from cold temperatures and icy conditions in the winter, but what about the autumn months?  Fall has its own unique set of challenges for our dogs and cats too.  Here are a few key reminders to help keep your pets safe when the leaves start to fall.


1. Keep an eye on pets around those back-to-school supplies. 

If you have school-age kids, you probably are used to seeing all those new school supplies lying around the house.  Just be sure to tell kids to keep certain things away from curious pets.  Glue sticks, magic markers, crayons, and other art supplies like yarn can be a safety hazard for playful kitties and hungry pups.


2. Get reflective collars and leashes for your pets.

The end of daylight savings time means that it will start getting dark for those late afternoon dog walks.  Keep your dog safe by getting her a reflective collar and/or leash.  Cats are safest indoors, but if you do let your cat outside, a reflective collar can be a life-saver at night.


3. The hazards of Halloween.

Sensitive cats and dogs can be frightened by all the doorbell ringing, excited kids, and extra activity associated with Halloween trick or treating.  Keep them indoors, preferably in a quiet room away from the action.  Be sure to keep chocolate and other candies away from inquisitive pets.


4. Watch out for fleas and ticks.

Fleas and ticks can still be a problem for pets in the autumn.  Keep up your routine of checking pets for parasites when they come in from outside, and continue with the flea and tick prevention treatments recommended by your vet.


5. Keep pets away from rodent poisons.

It’s not uncommon for critters like rats and mice to seek out the warmth of your home when the weather gets cooler.  Before you reach for that dangerous rodent poison, consider using other non-toxic and humane methods to keep rodents out of your house.


6. Note any changes in your pet’s health.

A change of season from summer to fall could trigger certain health conditions such as creaky joints due to cold temperatures and skin irritation and breathing problems from seasonal allergies.  Talk to your vet if you have any concerns about changes in your pet’s health or behavior.


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