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Baby hedgehog being held on hand, one of the cutest baby animals

10 Cutest Baby Animals: Cute Pictures To Melt Your Heart

Sometimes you just need to take a break from your problems, take a deep breath, and smile. What better way to do that than by looking at some adorable baby animals? We’ve gathered some of the very cutest baby animal pictures out there because taking a look at these sweet, innocent little guys is sometimes the best way to get through a rough day!

1. You'll Melt With This Cute Baby Elephant

Cute baby elephant with mother

Seems like this little mister over here is excited about something! Elephants are some of the most social creatures in the world, typically spending the rest of their life in a single herd. This makes sense within the context of powers with numbers.

Calves, in particular, such as the one in this image, are particularly dependent on their mothers as well as the protection of their herd. Still, that doesn't mean they're entirely helpless at birth. In fact, they can stand and start walking just a few moments after delivery.

Sadly, reports from the Great Elephant Census show the dwindling number of these amazing creatures. Show your support for the conservation of their population today!

2. The Most Adorable Baby Owl Ever Seen

Baby eagle-owl in its nest

Not even all the feathery fluff can hide this adorable bird from our eyes, and how fortunate are we for that! Owlets are born with their eyes closed, which means that this particular birdie must be more than a week old.

While owls are born needing care and protection from their parents, it only takes them several weeks to learn how to fly and fend for themselves. Born to be wild, indeed!

3. You Can't Deny This Baby Hippopotamus

Young hippo walking with its mother

This cute little hippo is out with his mama, probably to search for some food. Aside from what their big teeth and enormous weight would suggest, these animals are primarily herbivorous, although they have also been observed at times to practice omnivores.

Moreover, did you know that many hippo mothers actually give birth underwater? That's right, although they do have to push their baby upwards to allow for proper breathing, as baby hippos can only survive for 40 seconds at most.

4. Little Giraffe Will Make You Make You Go Awww

Baby giraffe close-up while eating leaves

Nothing is quite as fetching as a close-up shot of a baby giraffe as he munches on some grass for lunch. Just look at those soulful eyes, don't they want to make you say awww in reflex?

Also called calves, these little darlings are born tall, around six feet in height. However, even though they're blessed with this size at birth, it doesn't make them any less safe from their natural predators. They have to quickly learn how to walk and run in order to not get left behind by the herd.

5. Baby Kitten Wants Some Company

White baby kitten crying

Hearing a kitten cry is one of the most heart-wrenching sounds ever. It just makes you want to scoop them up in your arms and keep them close to your side forever.

But why exactly do kitties cry? It may be due to different reasons, and it is important for you as an owner to understand what this means, alongside other body language methods our adorable little felines use.

6. Cutest Hedgehog Ever

Tiny baby hedgehog sleeping on the palm of a human hand

Can you see just how irresistible the charm is of a little baby hedgehog? Just seeing how small they are is enough to set off some very protective instincts among some of us.

Also called hoglets, these darlings are actually born with their distinctive spines underneath their skin. It only starts appearing about hours after birth. They're also born blind and deaf, which is why their mothers have to be extra careful not to let them get lost from their nests,

7. Sweet Little Ducklings

Herd of ducklings swimming on water with their mother

Seeing a herd of cute little ducklings in your local lake or pond is always a welcome sight to behold, not to mention a wholesome one! The sounds of their quacks piercing the morning air is like a balm to the soul (although some people might argue about this).

Ducklings are also famous for imprinting, which is a survival instinct wherein they follow the first moving object they see upon birth. This is usually their mother, although in some cases, it can be other ducks as well.

8. Cutest Baby Piglets

Two piglets playing on a grass field

Seeing these two baby piglets playing in the field under the sun can make anyone feel a craving for the simple things in life.

9. Adorable Baby Turtle

Baby turtle crawling across the sand

This hatchling is determined to make it across the beach and survive on his way to adulthood. They generally prefer moving in groups in order to increase their chances of survival. Let's cheer for all the little turtles out there!

10. Curious Penguins

Four Emperor penguin chicks socializing in the snow

Last but not least, this curious band of penguins will make your heart melt with their sweet antics. Unfortunately, this amazing species is currently being threatened by environmental shifts due to climate change.


What are your favorites among these cute baby animals? Share some of your thoughts in the comment section. Alternatively, you can check out some of our cool animal rescue tees (we donate a fourth of the proceeds to no-kill animal shelters).

FAQ On Cutest Baby Animals

Where do I find cute baby animals?

You might find some of these animals in your local zoo or, better yet, some natural reserve near your town.

What do I do if I find a baby animal in my yard?

Keep them away from immediate predators while still keeping them near their original nest. If not possible, contact a professional to get expert advice.

Why do baby animals cry?

They do this in order to communicate their needs to their mothers.

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