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Pictures of baby animals, specifically that of a wild boar walking on a stream

Cute Overload: Adorable Pictures of Baby Animals To Make You Smile

We know what you’re thinking…It’s time for more pictures of baby animals! Take a short break and enjoy this #CuteOff of cute baby animals. These adorable photos are sure to brighten your day and make you smile. 

Cute Baby Giraffe

Cute image of a baby giraffe walking into the sunset

This adorable baby giraffe just wants to enjoy some of that amazing sunshiney goodness. Incidentally, did you know that baby giraffes are born standing up? Talk about being born prepared.

These babies can easily walk within an hour of being delivered, and they can even start running alongside their mother in a matter of days. Must be nice for their moms.

Sadly, these creatures are in danger of being extinct due to climate change and other factors. Let's start being vocal about saving endangered giraffes today!

Image Of A Newborn Panda

Newborn panda sleeping inside an incubator in a research center

Take a look at this adorable newborn panda pictured in a Chinese conservation and research center for these creatures. Although the giant panda can get quite humongous in size, they're actually incredibly tiny at birth, weighing only about 3 to 5 ounces.

Unfortunately, their numbers have been consistently dwindling due to habitat loss caused by various factors such as climate change. Voice your support for these adorable animals!

Give A Smile For These Little Piglets

Little piglets suckling on their mother's breasts on top of hay

Piglets are probably one of the most underrated pets ever, perhaps due to the association of their name with nasty things (and the fact that many people eat them for breakfast). They are actually very smart and trainable, not to mention unrelentingly cute.

Admittedly, pigs may be too noisy, which is why it's important to have the right home for them. They also love digging up roots and other things, which, if untrained, can turn into destructive behavior in adulthood.

Pictures Of Baby Animals: The Sweet Lamb

Two lambs beside their mother, one is standing while the other one is lying on the grass

This sweet lamb knows that he's the star of the show, and we're all here for it! Much like giraffes, these darlings are born with the ability to walk around in just a few hours, albeit in a haphazard way,

Another interesting fact about these adorable creatures is that they have very good ears. They learn to identify who their mothers are through bleats and other vocalization techniques within a day, an ability honed for survivability.

Take A Look At This Curious Little Bunny

Wild baby rabbit in the middle of a grass field

This adorable wild baby rabbit will surely melt anyone's heart with its cuteness! Interestingly enough, these little darlings are born blind and deaf, and they have to depend entirely on their mothers for the first few weeks of their life.

Sadly, the mortality rate for wild rabbits is quite high, going up to eighty percent, according to a study on wild Cottontail rabbits. They often fall to predation, sickness, and other environmental hazards.

Here Walk 2 Adorable Baby Emperor Penguins

A pair of Emperor penguin chicks walking side by side

Who can say no to these adorable baby Emperor chicks? Not me, that's for sure! Their cute way of walking has made many go ooh and ahh over their pictures, even inspiring people to produce movies about their awesomeness.

While these two may seem happy-go-lucky, their creation is actually a kind of arduous process for both parents. After the female penguin lays an egg, she leaves it with her partner to go look for food.

The male will have to stand still over the precious egg for two months until his partner returns, even through freezing snow storms and cruel winds, all without eating.

Adorable Siamese Kitten Says Yum!

Siamese kitten lying on his back and licking lips

This cute Siamese cat has clearly just had her fill of goodies, as we can see from this unmistakable look of satisfaction on her face. Cat tee owners all over the world will instantly have their fill of happiness with just one look at this furry darling.

With that being said, did you know that these babies are actually born completely white? The colorings on their coat are actually indicators of temperature, and it darkens where it's coldest.

Get Your Day Going With This Little Elephant Picture

Baby elephant running on an open field

We all need that dose of cuteness overload every once in a while, and this lovely elephant calf is more than happy to deliver. Put away that frown and get the full experience of serene satisfaction from this little darling!

Although he may look tiny, don't be fooled because calves don't stay babies forever. These creatures can grow up to 13 feet in height, depending on what breed they are.

Happy, Pretty Foal

Brown foal running on a grassy field

Make sure to keep your eyes open because this beautiful foal is here to dazzle everyone's eyes! You can't find anyone more confident than some cute baby horses, and to be honest, it's very well-earned.

Fox Kit Says Hello, World!

Fox kitten sitting beside a tree

Last but not least is this gorgeous tiny fox. Interestingly enough, baby foxes are actually called kits or kittens. Let yourself be drawn in by the charm of this awesome guy!

Check out these cute animal photos if you're itching for more wholesomeness.


Is it ok to redistribute these photos?

No, proper crediting is still required.

Can I adopt baby animals?

Yes, adopting a shelter pet is almost always the best option, especially if you have the resources for it.

Can I hold baby animals?

Most baby animals are best left with their parents, although in some cases, such as sickness, they may have to be moved.

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Cathey - August 12, 2016

Thank you for posting such cute animals. It is nice to see happy pictures made my day

Cecile Lemay - August 27, 2015


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