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Male Appaloosa Horse Names

The Most Famous Appaloosa Horse Names in 2022

Three Appaloosa Horses running on grass

The beautiful Appaloosa horse is a favorite of Americans; whether you are a cowboy, Native American, rancher, or horse lover.

Originally bred by the Nez Percé Indians; they are most recognized by their beautiful spotted coats and mottled skin, which are believed to be the result of the introduction of many different breeds over generations of breeding.

The gentle, hard working and easy to train qualities of the Appaloosa horse breed make them a favorite among horse owners. In the United States, they are used for farm work, racing, general riding, mounted athletics, dressage, as well as jumping and endurance.

Famous Appaloosa Horse Names

Naming a beloved animal whether a farm animal or pet; can be fun and exciting, especially if the breed has a special legacy attached to it as does the Appaloosa horse. Careful consideration to the horse's lineage should be considered.

Naming your horse after his parents or grandparents is a very traditional way of selecting a name. One might also consider the appearance of the horse, his role in life (whether he is to be a sport, working or leisure animal), male or female, or personal preference.

Be sure to pick a name that is easy to say, is a bit of fun and fits your horse's personality. This breed has inspired many famous Appaloosa names.

The Top 20 most famous Appaloosa horse names are the following:

  1. Clouds Legend
  2. Arfamous
  3. Hayes Roman Cloud
  4. Sprinkle Bars
  5. Arbright
  6. Clouds Fame
  7. Radio Rome
  8. Hayes Dakota Cloud
  9. Triple Chick
  10. Copper Echos
  11. Top Decker
  12. Ambright
  13. Hayes Roman Cloud
  14. Everett's Fame
  15. Roman
  16. Radio Time
  17. Thorched
  18. Dakota Sands
  19. Three Bars
  20. Chicago V

As you can see, legacy names are very important in Appaloosa breeding. Fun fact: Cochise was the name of John Wayne's Appaloosa in the movie 'Road to El Dorado'. How's that for a famous Appaloosa name?

Male Appaloosa Horse Names

Male Appaloosa horses are favored for their beautiful coloring, their sweet spirits, the heart for hard work, and their place in American history. Long beloved by the Nez Perce Indians, these horses were bred by the Nez Perce people for hunting, to promote tribal wealth, and travel.

At one point, they had the largest herd of Appaloosa horses in North America. The Appaloosa was made famous in a number of Westerns, and movies all about the Appaloosa called 'Run Appaloosa, Run', 'The Appaloosa' and 'True Appaloosa'.

These served to bring the Appaloosa to the forefront of the American imagination. Movie goers fell in love with “Holy Smoke”, and quickly became fans of “The Appaloosa”, Cojo Rojo, who did all his own stunts! 

If you are not inclined to get your male Appaloosa horse name from the movies, there are plenty of others from which to choose. A name should be befitting of the animal as well as its owner.

Many Appaloosa enthusiasts like to select a name that reflects the unique, spotted coat of these horses. A great male Appaloosa horse name should be fun, yet noble – a name befitting a horse with a great American heritage:

  1. Confetti King
  2. Dots and Dashes
  3. Freckles
  4. Johnny on the Spot
  5. Hot Spot
  6. Jokers Wild
  7. Constellation
  8. Hindsight
  9. Galaxy Cruiser
  10. Indian Blanket
  11. Splatter Back
  12. Spot-o-Rama
  13. X Marks the Spot
  14. Jester
  15. Rear Admiral
  16. Lakota
  17. Freedom Fire
  18. Starsky
  19. Top Dollar
  20. Indian Summer

Female Appaloosa Horse Names

It could be beneficial to let your horse go without a name for a few weeks as you get to know her. As her personality comes into focus, you might get ideas for some imaginative names that would be a perfect fit for her.

Because horse names are unique, your mare's habits, preferences, and actions may hold the key to discovering the perfect name for her.

Here are the top female Appaloosa horse names to consider:

  1. Emerald
  2. Chance
  3. Gracie
  4. Lola
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Tia
  7. Velvet
  8. Quinn
  9. Diva
  10. Destiny
  11. Amanda
  12. Dakota
  13. Aysha
  14. Star Power
  15. Celestial Collision
  16. Iris
  17. Paloma
  18. Amber
  19. Alegria
  20. Star

A Horse by Any Other Name

Of course, whatever name you choose for your Appaloosa will reflect the spirit of the animal and the relationship you share.

Whether you keep your horse for riding, working, showing or riding the range, your Appaloosa will work hard, keep you company, be a gentle spirit and an untamed American horse, all at the same time. Be good to your friend, the Appaloosa, and he will be good to you.

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A majestic Appaloosa Horse running on grass with a fence on the background

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Lilly - May 26, 2022

I think buddy, spot, dusty,envy,major, and Phoenix are good names.

Mark - January 16, 2022

I had a Appaloosa once that I never really gave her a name. When I would whistle she would come running. I had about a half mile walk to get on the school bus and about half that way was along her pasture. She would walk with me along the fence until she learned how to get out then she would walk all the way to the bus then turn around and run home and go back inside her pasture or stall. She was a sweetheart for sure. I called her Sandy but her paperwork had a different name.
I thought Chip would be a good name for a male Appaloosa.

Phoebe - January 16, 2022

Artax, Athena, Brindle, Apache, Spoon, Leo, Lulu, Lucky and Bandit are my favourite names for any horse

Poppy - January 16, 2022

The name should match with his/she personality as well as his/she looks.

Mia - January 16, 2022

I love rusty or spit fire freckles

Olive - January 16, 2022

I need the perfect name for my appaloosa mare, one name I do like is, Pepper, and storm

Nevaeh - October 26, 2021

I have a blanket Appaloosa Stallion and I need a name?

Robin - October 26, 2021

I like the name Splash back or Gemini or

Anna - October 26, 2021

For a black Appaloosa, you could name him/her Negru.

Mandy - October 26, 2021

I think cameo would be cute

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