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Two Friesian horses in a stall to represent their temperament

All About The Magnificent Friesian Horse Temperament

All horse lovers on Earth know the Friesian, the horse breed well-known for their majestic appearance and elegant movements. But while these horses are well known, their personality quirks aren’t. Read on to learn more about the Friesian horse temperament.

Friesian Horse Facts: The Steed Of Ages

Friesian Horses are one of the oldest horse breeds in Europe, dating back to Roman times. They were initially bred in Friesland, in the Netherlands.

Friesians have been influential in the development of a variety of breeds. Knights during the medieval era chose Friesians to ride because of their beauty, commanding presence, and elegance.

If you want to feel like the aristocracy, a Friesian Horse is a beautiful breed to go about it. We love horses and have the perfect horse top for anyone who loves Friesians.

Characteristics Of Friesian Horse Temperament

Friesian horse running in a field representing it's independent temperament

For a Friesian to be a desirable family horse, it must have a calm personality and be receptive to being handled by all family members.

The Friesian is a horse for all riders, including dressage, trail, sport, pleasure, and drivers. Friesians are highly intelligent and require a dedicated handler to keep them focused.

These horses are magnificent creatures with striking appearances and unique personalities. They're well-known for being gentle, intelligent, and eager to please, which is good for potential owners.

This breed is often compared to a sociable and well-behaved class clown regarding temperament. They are very willing to entertain their handlers, which partly makes them so good at performing.

They’re also more independent than others, making them stand out even among their peers. It’s also important to remember that they do best under consistent training mixed with positive reinforcement.

The Friesian is also reputed for being relatively low-maintenance in upkeep. Despite all their looks, they’re actually surprisingly low on grooming needs, unlike some breeds, which require a lot of hands-on care.

However, owners should still be reminded to prepare regular hoof trimming and dental care for this breed to keep their buddies healthy and sound.

With that said, if you’re looking for an intelligent ride that’s also very friendly to others, a Friesian horse may be the perfect fit for you. Their low maintenance is just another added bonus.

The Impact Of Interactions On The Friesians

The interactions surrounding a steed are crucial as it plays a prominent role in determining its overall personality and behavior. Friesian horses are no exception to this variable.

Suppose your horse is handled with gentleness and respect, alongside consistent positive reinforcement. In that case, they will likely grow to trust you as their handler and be more confident even in unfamiliar situations.

On the other hand, Friesans who are treated harshly or improperly could destroy the trust they built with you. It can also lead to other behavioral problems such as stubbornness, anger, aggression, avoidance, or all of the previous traits combined.

As such, giving these creatures plenty of love and attention is important. Let them feel cared for and earn their trust instead of forcing it.

Be patient. The more time you spend with your steed, the better the build-up of a relationship based on mutual understanding and respect. They’ll also be more likely to adjust easily to new environments.

It cannot be stressed enough that building solid relationships with your Friesian is the key to long-term success in horse ownership.

The Personality Of The Friesian

Man riding a Friesian horse in dressage

Within the Friesian breed, there are some different personality types as there are with people. Friesians are described as being mischievous, loving, and playful.

Horse lovers often describe them as being majestic with a commanding presence. Training Friesians takes a handler with experience and patience since some tend to be stubborn.

Horses are beautiful, gentle creatures but, like any other animal, can be insecure or frightened, especially by sudden, loud noises.

Friesians are brilliant animals, are sensitive, and can learn when handled by someone experienced with a genuine love for horses. One trait that many horse owners love about them is that they develop strong attachments to their owners.

Influences Of The Breed

The Friesian was initially bred as a hardy, forest horse ridden by knights in the Crusades. As the breed developed, they were bred with Andalusians.

They became the foundation breed of many horses in European countries. The breeds developed from Friesians are the Shire, Dutch Warmbloods, Oldenburger, Gelderlander, Old English Blacks, and Fell Ponies.

Some people believe that Friesians were the ancestors of the American Morgan Horse.

A Sought-After Breed

The Friesian horse breed is one of the most expensive there is. They are desirable for breeding and competing in various programs, including Western, trot, costume, English, and tandem competitions.

Considering their massive size, they are very agile and move gracefully. Friesian stallions are often ridden in competitions and games at Renaissance Fairs.

Just imagine riding on a carriage with these steeds strapped to the front, or even better, riding bareback and feeling all the power of their high-stepping trot.

Friesians are the choice of many production companies for use in motion pictures because of their spectacular coloring and appearance. Friesian Horses are famous in fantasy and historical films, including Alexander, Ladyhawke, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Mask of Zorro.

Horse trainers that work with production companies are partial to the Friesian temperament because they have calm, pleasant dispositions, are eager to please their trainers, and are easy to train.

Grooming And Training For The Friesian

Woman grooming a Friesian horse

Grooming and training this horse is a unique experience in itself. Like any horse, this breed must be treated with respect and care. Here are further tips and special considerations regarding the breed:


This breed has a long mane and tail, so it needs to be brushed regularly. They also have thick coats that need daily combing during the winter months. This is done to prevent shedding.

Friesians also need specialized hoof care and shoeing because of their equine conformation. 


Understanding and working on their temperament is critical to the successful training of this breed. While it may be challenging to work with at times due to its intelligence, it is willing to learn, making it a good student.

Positive reinforcement is infinitely helpful in aiding the processes such as reward-based learning. This is to focus on desired behaviors while eliminating undesirable ones. Reading up on good horse training books is also a good idea.

Remember that a trusting relationship between horse and rider is vital and will eventually get easier. And when it does, it will be rewarding for you and your Friesian.


Interested in these horses yet? Try checking out some of these amazing Friesian horse rescue groups for more information regarding these horses. Or if you want to learn more about horse personalities, check out our article about Andalusian horse temperament.


Are Friesian horses good for beginners?

This breed is considered a good starting horse due to its easy personality and intelligence.

Are Friesian horses good for riding?

Yes, these horses are very versatile and can be made to do various tasks, the least of all riding.

Do Friesian horses get along with other pets?

Yes. This breed doesn't get spooked easily, making it a perfect fit for other animals should you want it.

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Jenny Mehrtens - November 27, 2023

I have 2 Friesian mares that bing me joyand happiness. They are everything you say they are and more, especially the clown part lol They make me laugh every day.

Ray Hoh - August 1, 2022

We are very take by the movement of these majestic horses.

Emily - May 26, 2022

This are nice facts

Janie - January 16, 2022

I’m a very proud owner of friesian mare… lola red moon anouk……. she’s priceless to me x

Addy - October 26, 2021

i have a Friesian she is one of the best horses, i recommend them.

Leslie Douglass - October 26, 2021

horses are still today are trying to save my life because I come from a difficult back ground that’s hard to understand for me but the time I have spent with them has given me strength to keep going on. I don’t know were im going to end up but I have to be honest with every thing I do or im not going to make it and the horses aren’t going to except me.

Vanessa Kathryn - December 11, 2019

Want one !!! Vanessa Kathryn mulhollandStallwood,been wanting long enough

Sarwar Kazi - December 11, 2019

Absolutely a beautiful horse by any standard!
I also love Mustangs, both Spanish breed as well as non-Spanish.
Check out our movie documentary trailer, ‘Free Spirits-Saving America’s Wild Horses"

Kat - March 18, 2019

Friesians were developed by Man to carry armor into War. If ever a breed of what we bred, this horse was bred for majesty, strength, courage. stability and its ability, above any other of those I mentioned, to accept these truths. We influence every breed of domesticated animal. This horse of the wild grasslands is our creation.

ragghu singh - March 18, 2019

Lovely horse

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