5 Awesome Dog Bucket List Ideas


Is your dog getting a little grey around the muzzle? You may have noticed a certain trend among dog owners that’s getting a lot of attention lately…the dog bucket list. What’s a dog bucket list? Imagine taking your dog on an amazing series of dog-friendly adventures. The doggie bucket list can be a little bittersweet, as people usually think about doing it when their dog gets older, or perhaps if they got some bad news from the vet. But dog bucket lists don’t have to be sad...you can go on great adventures with your dog anytime! Here are some ideas….


Road trip

One of the most popular bucket list activities is to take your dog on a road trip to one or more dog-friendly destinations. Car rides, hikes in nature preserves, drive-thru fast food, hanging out at a motel…what could be better?


Hit the beach

Do you live in a landlocked state? Show your dog the ocean! Dogs love the water, so there’s lots of fun things you can do with your dog in and around the ocean. How about romping in the waves, going for a boat ride, swimming with dolphins, or surfing together?


Become a pet therapy team

Does your dog love people? Older dogs can make great pet therapy dogs with their gentle and patient temperaments. Consider taking your dog around to schools, nursing homes, or hospitals and spreading the love.


Romp in the snow

Dogs love the snow! If you live in a warm climate, take your dog on a trip to someplace cold this winter so she can have the chance to experience the joys of playing in the snow.


Go camping

Spend some quality time outdoors with your dog on your next camping trip. You can even rent an RV so he can travel in style if you do a tour of multiple campgrounds. Of course, your dog will be happy to spend time sleeping under the stars too…as long as he’s with you.



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