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A trio of panting Bernerse Mountain Dogs

List of Popular Bernese Mountain Dog Mix: Berner Breeds and More

Are you ready for a new canine companion for your home? Try getting a Bernese Mountain Dog mix! These unique hybrids blend the courage and loyalty of their parent breed with the rich background of another. They possess distinctive traits such as friendly personalities and cozy fur any dog-lover would enjoy.

There are various ways to choose the type of dog that will fit your household perfectly. It doesn't matter what exact breed you choose. All these dogs are lovable and excellent companions!

Each dog has unique traits, personalities, and looks that make them even more special!

In this article, we'll discuss all the essential information about these dog breeds, including their common health problems, recommended food, and popular types. So, let's begin!

What Is A Bernese Mountain Dog Mix?

A Bernese Mountain Dog mix is perfect if you're looking for an adorable pet. These crossbreeds combine the best qualities of their parents and are each unique and lovely companions in their own right!

There are many characteristics to consider when choosing the right mountain dog mix for your home. For example, some breeds are more friendly and eager to please, while others are more reserved. Additionally, some dogs may have shorter or longer coats that require regular grooming.

Mucky Saint Bernese puppy resting on the ground

Furthermore, specific Berner dog mixes may require more mental stimulation than others, and some may have higher energy levels. The key is to find a furry friend that's a perfect match for you!

As dog lovers, we understand the importance of recognizing that each dog is unique. The bond and connection you develop with your dog depend on how well you integrate their life into yours. With patience and effort, you'll undoubtedly find a furry companion that fits seamlessly into your life!

Breed Characteristics

The exact characteristics of a Berner depend on which parent mix it takes after. Though some Bernese Mountains Dogs may be stubborn or independent, mixed breeds could be anything from outgoing and energetic to quiet or aloof. 

Health and life expectancy also vary from one Mountain Dog mix to another. Some will live longer than purebreds, while others may be prone to certain health risks.

To get a better picture of your pup's unique traits, it's always recommended that you research both parent breeds before adoption. In addition, it's important to mention that the American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn't recognize hybrids. These dogs still make excellent family pets and can bring joy into any home.

Temperament Of Berner Dogs And Its Mixed Breeds

Knowing the temperament of Berner Dogs and its mixed breeds will help you decide if it's the right breed for you. Generally speaking, Berners are sweet and gentle, making them terrific family dogs. As with any breed, it's essential to socialize them as puppies to ensure they're well-adjusted to other animals and new people.

Black Berner dog lying on grass

Most Berner mixes will have fantastic temperaments like their parent breed. They're usually intelligent, friendly dogs that love spending time with their families, with whom they tend to form strong bonds. However, certain traits may vary depending on what breed they are crossed with.

Are Golden Mountain Dogs And Golden Retrievers The Same?

Now let's talk about the Golden Mountain Dog. You may have heard of this breed but not know it's a Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever mix.

You might be wondering if this means that the Golden Mountain Dog is simply another name for a Golden Retriever . . . so are they the same?

The quick answer is no; they're not the same. Although they share some common characteristics (like their love of playing and loyalty to their humans!), they have some distinct differences.

Their life span is about 9 to 15 years, requiring more attention than other dogs. Although they must be groomed regularly and require a lot of exercises, they're easy to train.

This Berner mix will keep you motivated if you're a sporty person. They love going out and joining their humans for a run and would love it even more if you played with them regularly. 

Additionally, the Golden Mountain Dog has very little white in their fur compared to the brown and black.

Popular Bernese Mixes

Berner mixes are all the rage right now, and you may be curious about which dog breeds make up the mix. Let's run through some of the popular ones.


White Bernedoodle lying on grass

The Bernedoodle is a mix of a Berner and a Poodle. Because a Poodle comes in three different sizes, Bernedoodles also come in standard, mini, and toy sizes.

The mini and toy Bernedoodles tend to be more hyperactive than the standard Bernedoodle.

These dogs are affectionate and playful. As for shedding, you shouldn't worry too much as their coat is hypoallergenic. They'll be great even for people with dog allergies.

Additionally, they're great with kids, like most Berner mixes.


The Bernefie is a Berner and a Newfoundland crossbreed. They're pretty large and are perfect for pet owners who already have experience handling bigger dogs. Bernefie dogs are harder to train, but it can be a rewarding experience if done right. Their lifespan ranges from 12 to 15 years.

This dog breed has high energy levels and loves playtime! They're great for active people who like to exercise with their dogs.


The Bernweiler, or Bernese Mountain Dog and Rottweiler mix, is a breed that honors both parental lines – it's gentle, loyal, brave, and protective. 

This hybrid is an excellent guard dog and a loyal companion, all in one. Bernweilers tend to weigh around 75-90 lbs. Their short coats can be black, brown, gray, or mottled.


Collie is another popular breed that's often used to create this hybrid. The Bordernese is an intelligent, eager-to-please breed that usually takes on medium-to-large-sized dimensions.

Bordernese mixes generally have thick coats ranging from white with patches of other colors to solid black. However, despite being friendly to kids and other animals, training Bordernese mixes can be challenging due to their independent streak.

Euro Mountain Sheparnese

Breeding a Berner and a German Shepherd creates a Euro Mountain Sheparnese. This dog breed is an excellent family pet.

The fact that both the Sheparnese's parents are working dogs makes them very smart and alert. They have a laid-back attitude despite being protective of owners.

Their coat can be light or dark brown with some markings here and there. They also usually weigh 65-80 pounds and are considered large breed dogs.


A Labernese is a hybrid that combines the playful, outgoing nature of the Lab with the loyal, calm personality of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

These unique breeds are medium-to-large-sized and can weigh from 60 to 95 lbs. They also have short but thick black-and-white coats that protect them from the weather and the environment.

Mountain Bulldog

Mountain Bulldogs have an athletic and muscular build. They have a dense coat that's usually tan or white. 

Despite its intimidating look, the Mountain Bulldog is a friendly and loyal pup. They can be fantastic family pets with the proper care and training. They're also great for active people who like to walk or jog outdoors. This Berner mix can weigh anywhere from 50-90 pounds.

They're great with kids and are easy to train. Unfortunately, they have a shorter life expectancy of 9 to 12 years.

They don't shed much, so anyone who wants a mountain bulldog doesn't have to deal with fur. They need to be trained, but the good news is it's really easy to do so!

It's also easy to determine this type of breed due to their coat color and physical resemblance to bulldogs.

Mountain Mastiff

The Mountain Mastiff combines the large, cuddly Bernese and the large, loyal Mastiff. Combined, these two breeds make a laid-back pup that's easy to train and loves to cuddle with its humans.

This Berner mix is incredibly rare and magnificent with its silky coat that is usually fawn, tan, or yellow. These pups can weigh up to 160 lbs. Some are even larger than that.

Saint Bernese

A Saint Bernard and Bernese Mountain Dog mix is called a Saint Bernese. These gentle giants make for perfect family pets. They can weigh up to 135 pounds and tend to have a thick—sometimes curly—coat. This dog breed has an attractive look, as its coat patterns and colors can come in different forms.

Saint Bernese dogs have a wide variety of personalities. Some have an inclination towards highly active games. Some like to be extra sweet and cuddly. Others can be protective or even aloof.

This dog breed is also perfect for motivation! Exercising is more fun when if you have your pet around. This activity won't just strengthen your bond with your pet but will also help you stay healthy!

Saint Bernese dogs can have characters that range from a fun-loving and affectionate pup to a more independent and protective one. They're also great for people who love being active and need a companion to motivate them.

Common Health Issues

If you plan on getting a dog of this breed, you must know about the common health issues associated with Bernese mixes. 

Health Issues

Hip dysplasia, heart disease, and cancer are among the most common health issues Berner dogs face.

Dog parents cannot predict when their beloved pets will get sick. Take note of behavioral or physical changes in your furry friend every day. See a vet immediately if you think they're in pain!

How to Prevent Health Issues

You can help prevent health issues by regularly providing exercise and a balanced diet to keep your dog fit and healthy. Feed them premium-quality dog food that contains beneficial proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and plenty of fresh water throughout the day.

You should also ensure your pet gets regular checkups and vaccinations from a veterinary professional. This is especially important if you have adopted an older dog from a shelter or rescue organization. Your dog will be handsomely fit for many years with proper care and nutrition!

Healthy Bernese Mountain Dog under blue sky

Recommended Dog Food For Bernese Mixes

When it comes to food for your Berner mix, you want to ensure that you feed them a balanced and nutritious diet. The best option is to look for dog food made from all-natural ingredients, as this will ensure your dog's diet is healthy and not full of fillers or byproducts.

In particular, you should look for foods high in proteins and low in grains, as these will give your Bernese the most energy without exposing them to unhealthy carbs or fats. It's also essential to ensure that any treats you're giving your Bernese are healthy and not full of harmful ingredients.

By researching and finding quality dog food, you should be able to keep your Berner happy and healthy throughout your life!

Where To Find Mountain Dog Mix Puppies For Sale

You may be wondering where you can find Berner mixes for sale. Whether you're looking for a purebred pup or a mixed breed, plenty of reputable breeders and rescue organizations are out there.

Local breeder

It's always best to check out local breeders first, as these are the closest to you and most likely the ones that have raised the puppies from birth. Before selling, a good breeder will subject their puppies to proper screening, health checks, and genetic tests.

Rescue centers

When adopting from a rescue center or animal shelter, you won't have access to as much information about the puppy or its parents as you would from a breeder. This often discourages people from adopting.

However, rescuing pups from shelters can be extremely rewarding since you're giving an abandoned pet a new home! Before taking them home, learn about your potential pet's breed, what it eats, and its previous environment. This way, you know you'll be a perfect fit together!

Online Sites

Many online websites give platforms to dog breeders and sellers in your locality. However, remember that scammers exist and are more rampant today—research before buying anything online.

Tips For Owning A Berner Mix

Here are some tips for owning a Bernese Mountain Dog mix.


Due to their size, Berner dogs need a lot of mental and physical exercise. Ensure your pup gets at least an hour of physical activity daily and other activities that challenge their minds. This could include active games like fetch or puzzles to get their brains going!


Bringing home a new puppy can be exciting and overwhelming! Make sure your puppy is socialized enough if you want them to be around many people.

Early introduction to new surroundings can help dogs learn how to adjust. Doing so also makes them comfortable around new faces.

Health Screenings

Your Berner dog should have regular vet checkups so you can ensure they're healthy. Due to their typical health risks, you must detect any possible complications early.

Additionally, don't forget the required vaccines and preventive measures against parasites.


Finally, you must ensure you provide your Berner mix with the right nutrition plan. Ensure their diet covers all their nutritional needs. Give them plenty of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats that provide all the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy into old age.

Remember that the diet of one dog breed isn't always the same as another. Research to ensure you're giving your furry friend the best care! You can also check out our list of best life hacks for dog owners for more ideas to take care of your dog!


What was the Berner initially bred for?

The Bernese Mountain Dog was originally bred to serve as a farm dog in Switzerland. It was used to pull carts and drive livestock.

Bernese Mountain Dog pulling cart with milk churn

Are Berner dogs good with kids?

Berner dog breeds can make great companions for children, but a lot depends on how the dog is raised, its temperament, and socialization from a young age. Supervise kids and their canine friends to ensure everyone is safe and happy.

What dog is similar to a Berner?

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is one breed similar to the Bernese Mountain Dog. These dogs are large, strong, and devoted family members that are gentle with kids and other pets.

How much do Bernese dogs shed?

Berners are heavy-shedding dogs and require regular slicker brushing to keep their double coats looking nice. Depending on your climate, they may need to be brushed more frequently during seasonal changes.

What is the longest-lived Berner?

The longest documented life span of any Bernese was reported at 15 years old. With good nutrition, preventive care, exercise, and lots of love, your Berner can remain happy and healthy for many years.

Berner mixes are great dogs to have because of their demeanor. They tend to be very affectionate and friendly toward people. They live longer than some breeds, making great guard dogs or playing buddies.

If you're looking for a loyal and loving animal companion, a Bernese Mountain Dog mix is a great choice. They're lovely animals that are fun to be around!

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Pet Palace - November 27, 2023

As a reader, I couldn’t agree more with your statement! Bernese Mountain Dog mixes truly make for adorable and lovable pets. The blend of qualities from their parent breeds creates a unique and wonderful companion. It’s essential to consider the specific characteristics of each individual mix when choosing the right one for your home. Whether you prioritize friendliness, trainability, or coat maintenance, understanding these traits can help ensure a perfect match between the dog and your family. With their endearing personalities and distinct coat variations, Bernese Mountain Dog mixes offer a delightful range of options for prospective pet owners.

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